SAP Revenues and Earnings in PS (PS-REV) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 66 SAP standard tables used with SAP Revenues and Earnings in PS component (SAP PS-REV) coming under SAP PS (Project Systems) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP PS-REV tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Construction Progress Report Indicator for WBS Element

Construction Progress Report

Definition of planning type for construction progress report

Constr.Progr. Report/Plan Data: Definition of Cost Elements

Construction Progress Report: Definition Offsetting Account

WBS Elements for which a CPR has been created

Construction Progress Report: Determination of CO version

Construction Progress Report: Assignment BDS Document

Planned Revenues/Costs: Determination of CO Version

Planned Revenues: Assignment BDS Document

Planned Costs: Assignment BDS Document

Construction Site Valuation

C Progress Report: Group Characteristics for Cost Elements

C Progress Report: Group Characteristics Cost element-Text

Constr.Progress Report: Definition Consolidation Account

Constr.Progress Report/Plan Data: Controlling Consolidation

Contract values: Definition of CO version

Construction Progress Report: Assignment BSP Application

DIP profile: Characteristics

DIP profile: Check function

DIP profile: Check function texts

Apportionment reason

Apportionment reason text

DIP profile: Material determination

DIP profile: Material determination criteria

DIP profile: Usage

DIP profile: Texts

DIP profile: Sources

DIP profile: Selection criteria

Dynamic items (DI)

DI flow: Individual flow

DI Flow: Totals Flow

Filter Variants

DIP: Saved settings for user 1

DIP: Saved settings for user 2

DIP: Sources

Residence Time for DIP Sources

DIP: Source Texts

Structuring Variants

Variant Master

WIP Details

WIP Details

Sales Order Value Revenue

CO Object: Sales Order Value Line Items

DIP Profile: Profile Header Enhancement

DIP profile: Header

CO/SD document flow: billed portions of expense items

Transfer Price Agreement: Allocation History

Clearing Amounts in Various Currencies

Document Header: Transfer Price Agreement/Allocation

Document Header: Transfer Prices for Tasks

Index of Transfer Price Agreements for an Object

Document Item Amounts in Different Currencies

Individual Tasks for Collective Agreements

Transfer of planned data from sales document

Usage of condition types

CO/SD Interface: Product Number Determination from CO

Transfer Price Document Types

Texts for Transfer Price Document Types

Incoming Orders: Cost Element Assignment

Incoming Orders: Settings for Key

Sales Pricing Dynamic Items

Sales Pricing Header Data

Sales Pricing Header Data (Specific to SD)

Sales Pricing: User-Specific Data (GUI)

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