SAP PS Module Terms & Full form

Full form of PS is Project Systems. SAP PS is one of the largest and widely used functional modules in SAP ERP software. Here is a list of important SAP PS module related terms and their full form. This list will be useful for beginners and those who are trying to familiar with Project System module.

SAP PS Full form
  • PS: Project Systems
  • WBS: Full form is Work Breakdown Structure
  • FS: Finish – Start (Used in Network Activity Relationship)
  • SS: Start – Start (Used in Network Activity Relationship)
  • FF: Finish – Finish (Used in Network Activity Relationship)
  • SF: Start – Finish (Used in Network Activity Relationship)
  • EIS: Executive Information System
  • PRT: Stands for Production Resource Tools

CTC: Costs to Complete

MTA: Full form is Milestone Trend Analysis

EAC: Expected cost At Completion /Estimated cost at Completion

POC: Full form is Actual Percentage of Completion

SV: Schedule Variance

CV: Cost Variance

EV: Earned Value

BCWS: Full form is Budget Cost of Work Schedule

BCWP: Stands for Budget Cost of Work Performed

ACWP: Stands for Actual Cost of Work Performed

EPS: External Project Software

OLE: Object Link Enabling

MPX: Microsoft Project Exchange

RFC: Remote Function Call

CLM: Claim Management

PT: Periodic Transfer

WFP: Full form is Work Force Planning

HLP: Handling Large Projects

It’s not a complete list. We will add more PS terms and it will be great if you can share some missing terms with their full form. (Can send to the mentioned contact email address in site bottom / contact page). If you want to see some other useful PS module references, please refer PS Tables, PS Transaction Codes & Project Systems Module Tutorial. Also refer about the following important sub modules coming under SAP PS module.