SAP PS Tutorials – Project Systems Module and components

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Some Basic Questions & Answers

What is the full form of SAP PS?
SAP PS stands for SAP Project Systems. It is one of the important functional module in SAP.
What is the full form of WBS?
WBS stands for Work Breakdown Structure.
What is a Work Breakdown Structure?
WBS is a hierarchical structure model of an entire project by dividing each single task & activities. It will specify the time, cost & effort required for each stages of a project. A proper Work Breakdown structure of a project will make further planning & implementation of the project easier.
What is EAC & CTC in Project Cost forecast?
EAC stands for expected cost at completion and CTC stands for cost to complete. These two terms mainly used with SAP project cost forecast process.
What is MTA in SAP PS?
MTA stands for Milestone Trend Analysis. MTA is a method to compare between the scheduled dates of a project with real implementation dates.Its a graphical representation with two types of available views. Available views are historical curve or historical milestones.
Which are the main components of SAP PS module?
Project Budgeting, Payments, Claim Management, Confirmation, Costs, Resources, Dates, Document, Project Execution,Handling Large Projects, Information System,Material, Progress,Revenues and Earnings, Simulation, Structures, Versions etc are the components coming under PS module.