SAP Material Requirements Planning – PP (PP-MRP) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 158 SAP standard tables used with SAP Material Requirements Planning – PP component (SAP PP-MRP) coming under SAP PP (Production Planning) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP PP-MRP tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Document log header

Document log item

Versions of Table MDLG

Versions of Table MDLV

Versions of Table MDMA

Version Management for MRP Area Changes

Material Index MRP Area for Forecast

Planning File Entry, MRP Area, Long-Term Planning

Planning File Entry, MRP Area

Material Consumption for MRP Area

Blocking argument for MRP

Individual Customer Plng File Entry, MRP Area Long-Term Plng

Individual Customer Planning File Entry, MRP Area

Individual Customer Planning File Entry, Long-Term Planning

Individual Customer Planning File Entry

User Settings for Graphic in MRP

Table with Range of Coverage Information

Mapping Table for External User for MRP Evaluations

Mapping Table for External User/Vendor with Default Setting

MRP firming date

Firming Data of MRP – MRP Area

Cluster Table BOMs Explosion (Shared Buffer)

Header Data for MRP Document

Header Data for MRP Document

Customizing: MRP Area Storage Location

Customizing: MRP Area Subcontractor

Customizing MRP Area

Customizing: MRP Area Plants

MRP Area for Material

Multilevel Delay Calculated via Order Report

Intra-Material Parallelization: Affected Materials MOD

Customizing: Scope of Planning MRP Unit

Customizing: Sequence of MRP in Scope of Planning

Simulative dependent requirements

Cluster Table Initial Screen SRList/MRP List (Shared Buffer)

MRP Table

Aggregated MRP table items

Planning file entry for long-term planning

Entry in MRP File

Key User Table for Parallel Import in MD07

Material index for consumption of planning

Conversion table for PKPS / please do not use

Planned Order

Long-term planning: Independent requirements versions

Long-term planning: Plants of planning scenario

Index of the production/delivery plant in the planned order

Planning scenarios in long-term planning

Objects in Which DB Optimization Is to Be Used

Period table for lot-sizing in MRP

PPH: additional material settings

Settings for MRP Live

Project number new key assignment (structure)

Material stock transfer reservation index

Header record for requirements total records in MRP

Item record for requirements total records in MRP

Index of the RESB for the Direct Procurement Element

Run Schedule Master Data

Changed revision levels (for creating MRP records RM61SR00)

BOM explosion number

MRP at MRP Area Level

MRP controllers

Control Parameters for MRP

Floats for scheduling

Distribution key in MRP

MRP distribution key (texts)

MRP Type

Control Parameter for MRP -Material Level-

Range of coverage profile

Text describing the range of coverage profile

MRP description

Absolute Intervals for Range of Coverage Profile

Period Profile for Safety Time

Text on Period Profile for Safety Time

MRP group text

Absolute Periods for Period Profile for Safety Time

MRP Lot Sizes

Scope of Planning MRP Unit: Header

Scope of Planning MRP Unit: Sequence

Handling of planning flag at abnormal termination

PPplanning periods: header table

PP planning periods: long texts

PP planning periods: schedule lines (periods)

PP planning periods: calculation rule

Warehouse costs for MRP lot size

Texts for lot-sizing procedures

Change fields for MRP

Control table for creating MRP record

Planning file entries for goods movements

Exception messages for the forecast

Checking Group Values

Values Table for Checking Rule

Availability Check Control

Checking Rule Texts

Start times for MRP background programs

Navigation Profile for Flexible Transaction Calls

Settings for Flexible Transaction Calls

Settings for Flexible Transaction Calls for each MRP Element

Text Table for T444A

Text Table for T444B

Text Table for T444C

Period split

Period split: language-dependent description

Control of sequence of the extended header in the MRP list

User Settings: Sort for Table

User-Setting For Field Sequence To Display A Table

Settings for Collective Display of MRP List

User Parameters for Traffic Lights Settings in MD04/MD05

MRP transaction control

User exit material selection – MRP

Processing key for planning run

Transaction calls control

MPS evaluation: evaluation profile

MPS evaluation: hierarchy of MRP elements

MPS evaluations: long texts

MPS evaluation: user-specific layout

MPS evaluation: user-specific schedule lines

MPS evaluation: receipts/issues texts

Text Table for Order Types in the Planned Order

Block table for MRP and forecast run

Description of MRP elements

Exception Messages in Material Requirements Planning

Description of exception messages

Selection Group for Exception Messages

Texts for Selection Group

Special procurement key

Special Procurement Key Conversion

Order/Purchase order types for planned order

Order/Purchase order types for planned order

Texts for special procurement keys

Planning strategy group

Planning strategies

Planning strategy text

Planning strategy group text

Customizing Table Selection Rule / Display Filter

Logical Destination for Parallel Processing

Text Table for T462: Customizing Selection Rule

Customizing Table Display Filter – Settings –

Text_table for T463 : Customizing Display Filter

Customizing: Order Report Profiles

Customizing: Order Report Profile Texts

Evaluation Profile Ranges of Coverage

Texts for Minimum Range of Coverage Profile

Customizing: Extraction Mode for Planning Situation

Text Table for Extraction Mode

Stock/Requirements List: Material Groupings

Action control

Action code text

Action code description

List layout and print parameters

MRP Default Values per Material Type

User Settings for Flexible Transaction Calls

User Settings For Flexible Transaction Calls Per MRP Element

Default values for MRP

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