SAP PP Module terms & Full form

Full form of PP is Production Planning. SAP PP is one of the largest and widely used functional modules in SAP ERP software. Here is a list of important SAP PP module related terms and their full form. This list will be useful for beginners and those who are trying to familiar with Production Planning module.

SAP PP Terms & Full form
  • PP: Production Planning
  • BOM: Full form is Bills of Material
  • WBS: Stands for Work Breakdown Structure
  • PI: Process Industries
  • SOP: Sales & Operation Planning
  • DMS: Document Management System
  • CAD: Computer-Aided Design
  • PLM: Product Life cycle Management

SSCR: SAP Software Change Registration

MRP: Full form is Materials Requirement Planning

GR: Goods Receipt

MPS: Master Production Scheduling

LTP: Long Term Planning

ECR: Engineering Change Request

ECO: Engineering Change Order

PDC: Plant Data Collection

REM: Repetitive Manufacturing

CCA: Cost Center Accounting

SFC: Shop Floor Control

ABC: Full form is Activity Based Costing

CAPP: Computer Aided Process Planning

PRT: Production Resource Tool

PCP: Product Cost Planning

PD: Personnel Planning & Development

ATP: Available to Promise (Material availability Check)

CRP: Capacity Requirements Planning

MO: Maintenance Orders

JIT: Just in Time

SEQ: Sequencing

EWS: Early Warning System

DEM: Demand Management

MFC: Material Forecast

PE: Planning Evaluation

WOT: Full form is Work Order Time Recording

CFB: Consumer Products for Foods & Beverages

MIR: Material Identification & Reconciliation

PEV: Process Data Evaluation

CWD: Campaign Weighing and Dispensing

OCL: Order Closing

OPC: Order Processing

GIS: Geographical Information System

NM: Network Modeler

GM: Goods Movements

DFM: Stands for Decision Flow Management

Hope this list will be a useful reference for you. It’s only a partial list. We will add more PP related terms and it will be great if you can share some missing terms with their full form. (Can send to the mentioned contact email address in site bottom / contact page). If you want to see some other useful SAP PP module references, please refer PP Tables, PP Transaction Codes etc from the Production Planning Module Tutorial.