SAP KANBAN – PP (PP-KAB) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 44 SAP standard tables used with SAP KANBAN – PP component (SAP PP-KAB) coming under SAP PP (Production Planning) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP PP-KAB tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Plant/JC prof.

Plant/JC prof./vendor

JIT call profile

JIT call profile long text

Time definition

Linking Summarized JIT Call – Shipping Notification

JIT call header record

JIT call items

Batches and Quantities in KANBAN

Error Log for Kanban Calculation

Error Log for Kanban (Event-Driven KANBAN)

Dummy Table for Creating a Block.Object for Sec.Key Tab.PKHD

Error Log of the Kanban Containers

Control Cycle

Change Proposals from Kanban Calculation

Control Cycle Item / Kanban

Deviating Control Cycle Data for Kanban

Control Cycle Item/Additional Data for Kanban With Delivery

Detailed Selection of the Dependent Requirements

User Settings for Kanban Transactions

Production Supply Area

Supply Area Short Text

Transaction Control MRP With Object

KANBAN Board Global Settings

KANBAN Board Global Settings

KANBAN Board: Quick Info for KANBAN Customizing

Kanban Board: Quick Info for Kanbans User-Specific

KANBAN Board Control Cycle Data Customizing

Kanban Board Control Cycle Data User-Specific

Key for Controlling the Control Cycle; In-House Production

Key for Controlling Control Cycle: External Replenishment

Key for Controlling Control Cycle; Stock Transfer

Control Cycle Profile for In-House Production – Text

Control Cycle Profile (External Procurement) – Text

Control Cycle Profile (Stock Transfer) – Text

Actions in KANBAN Processing

Kanban calculation profile

Adjusting a Control Cycle in Kanban Calculation

Alternative Error Handling in the Kanban Process

Delete Event-Driven Kanbans

Kanban Authorization Text

Kanban Board Status

Kanban Status Sequences

Kanban Container Status Short Text

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