SAP Capacity Requirements Planning – PP (PP-CRP) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 153 SAP standard tables used with SAP Capacity Requirements Planning – PP component (SAP PP-CRP) coming under SAP PP (Production Planning) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP PP-CRP tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Order-/operation data

Time stream keys

Actual requirements records

Capacity Requirements Records

Add. data for table KBED (for indiv. capacities/splits)

Header Record for Capacity Requirements

Level Definition for Networks

Process planning interface: Production requirements

Process planning interface: Production commitments

Order number for transfer from R/2 to PP-PI

Table of scheduling types

Texts for scheduling types

Reduction strategies – texts

Reduction strategies

Reduction levels for reduction strategies

Distribution key for capacity load

Distribution function for capacity planning

Description of distribution keys

Descriptions of distribution strategy

Distribution strategy

Descriptions of distribution functions

Distribution function

Scheduling: Planning Levels and Control Parameters

Control Table for Scheduling

Scheduling Parameters for Scheduling – Planned Orders

Scheduling long term planning: Levels and control parameters

Combination of selection sets

Combinations of selection sets – descriptions

Kombinations of sel. sets – assignment of sets to combin.

Classification of fields as primary or secondary sel. fields

Overall profiles for capacity planning

Sel. profiles (Sets for sel. screens & interv. for display)

Option profiles

List profiles (standard settings for lists)

Descriptions of overall profiles (Table TCY06)

Texts for selection profile-table TCY07

Descriptions of option profiles (Table TCY08)

Descriptions of list profiles (Table TCY09)

Variable overview – column names

Variable overview – column description

Variable overview – column definition

List version – keys

Variable overview – description of overview versions

Variable overview – definition of overview versions

Variable overview – column headings for overview vers.

Graphics profiles

Descriptions of graphics profiles (Table TCY21)

Max. no. of data records to be read in capacity planning

Overall profile for capacity leveling

Texts for the overall profiles for capacity leveling

Standard requirements groupings for resource planning

Definition of charts for layout

Description of a grouping per layout and chart

Definition of a grouping per layout and chart

Description of a sort per layout and chart

Definition of layouts

Definition of a sort per layout and chart

Definition of the groups in a requirements grouping

Description of a group within a requirements grouping

Text table for definitions of charts

Text table for groupings per layout and chart

Text table for sorts per layout and chart

Text table for layout table TCY31_G

Text table for TCY31 (standard requirements groupings)

Selection profile for capacity leveling

Texts for selection profiles for capacity leveling

Time profile for capacity leveling

Text table for time profiles for capacity leveling

Evaluation profile for capacity leveling

Texts for TCY34 (Evaluation profiles for capacity leveling)

Period profile for capacity leveling

Texts for period profiles for capacity leveling

Table with selection fields with structure and original name

Strategy profile for capacity leveling

Texts for TCY37 (strategy profiles for capacity leveling)

Layout key for requirements groupings

Structures, fields and details for a format key

Sort key for the planning table

Sort key for the planning table

Layout key for requirements groupings

Selected fields for a layout key

Selected fields for a layout key /TEXTS)

Control tables for flow control

Definition of control

Texts defining a control

Statuses of the flow control

Texts defining the statuses of the flow control

Actions in flow control

Texts for actions in flow control

Messages for flow control

Texts for messages for flow control

Graphical object type: Fields

Graphical element category

Object representation – header

Object representation – text

Graphical object type selection: Decision steps

Graphic object type selection: Header

Selection of graphic object type: Texts

Object display selection

Selection of object representation: Header

Selection of object representation: Texts

Profile for the planning table

Text table for TCY48 (planning table profile)

Control profile for capacity leveling

Texts for the control profiles for capacity leveling

Chart sequence in planning table

Chart sequence: Header

Chart sequence – text

Chart sequence: Title

Line representation in table section

Text for line representation in section of table

Drag and drop in planning table

Measure – planning table

Measure texts – planning table

Graphic object type: Header

Graphic object type: Texts

Profile for planning table (tabular form) in cap. leveling

Texts for profiles for pln. tab.(tab. form) in cap. leveling

Active/inactive dispatching function per strategy profile

Time scale profile in planning table

Time scale – texts

List profile for capacity leveling

Texts for list profiles in capacity leveling

Line representation selection in table section

Selection of line representation – header

Selection of line representation – texts

Representation profile for selection of graphic object type

Representation profile – header

Representation profile – texts

Axis representation selection

Axis representation selection – header

Axis representation selection – texts

Axis representation

Axis representation – texts

Curve representation selection

Curve representation selection – header

Curve representation selection – texts

Curve representation

Curve representation – texts

Profile for detailed capacity list

Texts for overall profile detailed list

Capacity planning: Object type table for detailed cap. list

Capacity planning: Object table for detail list

Profile detailed list: Displayed fields

Texts for displayed fields profile

Matrix identifications

Definition of transition matrix

Profile detailed list: Criteria grouping

Texts for criteria grouping

Profile detailed list: Sort criteria

Texts for sort criteria profile

Transition matrix

Technical Parameters for Communications Module

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