SAP PM Refurbishment Order Process Guide& Tcodes

Refurbishment means repair in its word meaning. The same applies in SAP as well. SAP Refurbishment order means that maintenance order by which the process of refurbishing damaged equipment or the spare parts of the equipment. The refurbishment order is thus made to understand the refurbishment cost.

The refurbishment process order in SAP PM shall be executed for repairing a few number of damaged or error parts or it shall be repairing the whole damaged equipment. This is the most cost-effective method as refurbishing the whole equipment or the damaged part/parts shall prevent the Company from buying new expensive equipment. Each damaged part or parts are identified and the parts that has to be replaced with an efficient spare and those has to be repaired are send for repair. A customized individual order has to be created to run the refurbishment order. 

See the Menu steps to reach refurbishment creation process in SAP PM module.

Logistics → Plant Maintenance → Maintenance Processing → Order → Create (Special) → Refurbishment Order

Following picture shows the Phases of Refurbishment process in SAP.

SAP PM Refurbishment process phases

SAP Refurbishment Transaction Codes

Important transaction codes dealing with Refurbishment in SAP.