SAP PM Tutorials – Plant Maintenance Module Training materials

SAP PM Transaction codes list Pdf

Some Basic Questions & Answers

What is the full form of PM module in SAP?
PM module full form is Plant Maintenance Module.
How will you search for replacement equipment in SAP ?
Using the transaction code IE20, we can search for replacement equipment.
Which tcode is used for displaying the network list in SAP PM?
Transaction code IN27 is used for displaying the network list.
Which Tcodes for creating equipment & functional location BOM in SAP?
Transaction code IB01 is sued for creating equipment & IB11 is used for creating functional location.
How will you specify the system messages in SAP PM ?
Using the tcode OMPL1, we can specify the system messages.
What is the purpose of tcode BGMN in PM module ?
Transaction code BGMN is used for processing the warranty
Which table used to store the Order master data history?
SAP table HIKO is used for storing the order master data history.