SAP Remote Logistics Management in IS-OIL (IS-OIL-OLM) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 97 SAP standard tables used with SAP Remote Logistics Management in IS-OIL component (SAP IS-OIL-OLM) coming under SAP IS-OIL (Oil & Gas) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP IS-OIL-OLM tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

RLM Oil and gas container master data

Container descriptions

Container categories

Container category texts

Field status for RLM container master (not used)

Container field status group assignment

RLM container status

RLM container status descriptions

RLM document flow index

RLM system parameters

Object type groups

Object group contents

Object type group names

Document flow object type status codes

Document flow object type status code names

Object types for RLM

Object type texts

Plants relevant to RLM

Store locations relevant to RLM

Supply process derivation from plant

Supply process derivation from store location

RLM Supply process texts

RLM Supply Types

RLM Supply type descriptions

Container history

Container material assignments

Container types

Container type texts

RLM Object type customer values

RLM Object type customer texts


Application names

Field status groups

Field status group names

Field status screen fields

Field status assignments

Field status selection groups

Field status selection group names

Material tracking document flow definition

Document flow profile

Document flow profile description

Field mapping for tracking program

Material tracking profiles

Material tracking profiles

Material tracking status

Material tracking status descriptions

Tracking groups

Tracking group status

Tracking group descriptions

RLM tracking extract flow data

RLM material tracking extract index

RLM tracking extract object status – high

RLM tracking extract object status – low

RLM tracking extract object data

RLM output – output types

RLM output – output type descriptions

Service categories relevant to RLM rentals

Recommended action for returns document item

Recommended action descriptions

Delivery processes

Returns document types

Returns document types

Returns events

Returns event names

Returns field status group assignment

Responsibility groups

Responsibility group descriptions

RLM returns document – header

Returns document – container items

Returns document – material items

RLM returns BDC rules

RLM Returns BDC rule names

RLM returns processes

RLM returns process names

RLM returns: Dynpros for subsequent postings

RLM returns: Field mapping for subsequent postings

Automatic processes

Returns status

Returns status descriptions

Recommended action step

Recommended action step

Recommended action step – allowed processes

Recommended action step descriptions

Shipment types for offshore logistics

Customs number use codes

Customs number use codes names

Voyage statuses

Voyage status texts

Voyage types

Voyage type texts

Customs serial numbers

Default loading areas

Shipment receipt – allowed routes

RLM Shipment status for shiment receipt

Voyage master field status assignment

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