SAP Remote Logistics Management in IS-OIL (IS-OIL-OLM) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 103 transaction codes used with SAP IS-OIL-OLM component (SAP Remote Logistics Management in IS-OIL) coming under SAP IS-OIL Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP IS-OIL-OLM tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

OLM container archiving

OLM object flow archiving

OLM container history archiving

OLM returns archiving

OLM Voyage archiving

Create container

Change container

Display container

Display container change documents

Delete container

Maintain container materials

Display transport container

List containers

Display container history

List shipments for container

Maintain container location

Display container location

Maintain supply activities

Maintain system parameters

Maintain document flow object types

Subsequent posting rules for returns

Maintain supply process derivation

Maintain no ranges for auto packing

Maintain supply processes

Goods receipt cross-docking

Display goods receipt message log

Goods receipt subsequent delivery

PM Orders by held status

PM Components by held status

Requisitions by held status

IMG Offshore Logistics

IMG Offshore Logistics – System

Material tracking – PM Order

Material tracking – purchase reqn.

Material tracking – transport reqn.

Material tracking – goods receipt

Material tracking – returns

Material tracking – Project

Material tracking – WBS element

Material tracking – delivery

Material tracking – purchase order

Material tracking – transport order

Material tracking – PS Network

Material tracking – Services

Test navigation function

Tracking extracts

Assign containers to loading areas

Assign containers to shipments

Pack deliveries into loading areas

Pack deliveries into shipments

Move ld area containers to shipments

Move containers between ld areas

Move containers between shipments

Display mobilization log

Create returns document

Change returns document

Display returns document

Returns worklist – update

Returns worklist – display

Convert transport requisitions

Convert transport requisitions

Display tr.req. conversion log

Identify isolated stock

Shipment receipt

Shipment receipt cancellation

Shipment summary

Shipment container list

Shipment container type summary

Shipment detail report

Shipment output

Deck Utilization Report

Batch stock list

Material movements by batch

Create Voyage

Change Voyage

Display Voyage

Display voyage change documents

List voyages

OLM Purchase Orders Due for Delivery

OLM Purch. Order Items due for Dlv

OLM PurchOrd Sched Lines due for Dlv

OLM VL10 for excluded items

Number range maintenance: OIO_CNTNR

Number range maintenance: OIO_EXIDV

Number range maintenance: OIO_RTDOC

Number range maintenance: OIO_VOYAGE


IMG activity: OIO_SY_OBJTY

IMG activity: OIO_SY_APP

IMG activity: OIO_FS_SGP_C1

IMG activity: OIO_RT_FLDST

IMG activity: OIO_VG_FLDST

IMG activity: OIO_RT_FSGRP

IMG activity: OIO_CM_OBJGP


IMG activity: OIO_C1_FLDST

IMG activity: OIO_RN_SVCAT

IMG activity: OIO_SP_DFLDA

IMG activity: OIO_SH_VGCUS

IMG activity: OIO_RT_DLPRC

IMG activity: OIO_RT_MAIN

IMG activity: OIO_VGNUM


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