SAP Downstream in IS-OIL (IS-OIL-DS) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 472 transaction codes used with SAP IS-OIL-DS component (SAP Downstream in IS-OIL) coming under SAP IS-OIL Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP IS-OIL-DS tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

IS-Oil Administration infosystem

Tab:buffering allowed+optional Index

Consistency check no. range object

Install. component dependency check

Special interest table

Document change management

Display application log

Delete application log

Maintain material handling groups

Display material handling groups

Location Based Collective output

Create Print document

Change Print program

Display Print document

Create Output: SSR output document

Change Output: SSR output document

Display Output: SSR output document

SSR – Archiving customizing

SSR – Archiving customizing

SSR – Process execution

Change LAA Managers

Display LAA Managers

Show User address

Fuels processing

SSR Meters – Maintenance

SSR Meters – Detail report

SSR Meters – Errors (background pr.)

SSR Meters – Errors (background pr.)

SSR Meters – Errors maintenance

SSR Meters – Clearing

SSR Meters – Rebuild aggregated data

SSR Meters – End day process

SSR Meters – End day process (init.)

SSR Meters – End day process (rest.)

SSR Meters – Month Quantities

SSR Meters – Invoice quantites

SSR Meters – Deleted meter readings

SSR Meters – Delete quantity reading

SSR Meters – App. log Errors maint.

Material movem. based on meter read.

Material movem. based on dip reading

SSR – Profile maintenance (material)

SSR Pricing – Maintain column values

SSR Pricing – Group update

SSR Pricing – Group reverse

SSR Pricing – Group log archive

SSR Pricing – Price check

SSR Pricing – Network-Group report

SSR Pricing – Price maintenance

SSR Pricing – Price Deletion

SSR Pricing – Price maintenance

SSR – Price history for location

SSR – Network prices at special time

SSR – Price changes

SSR – Netw. average prices by loc.

SSR – Price changes dealer delay

SSR – Netw. average prices by date

SSR Pricing – Price cluster maint.

SSR Pricing – Branch cluster maint.

SSR Stocks – Maintenance

SSR Stocks – Stock corrections

SSR Stocks – Errors (background pr.)

SSR Stocks – Errors maintenance

SSR Stocks – Clearing

SSR Stocks – Review stocks

SSR Stocks – End day process

SSR Dips – End day process (init.)

SSR Dips – End day process (rest.)

SSR Stocks – List

SSR Stocks – Stock corrections (D)

SSR Stocks – App. log Errors maint.

SSR Pricing – Location cluster def.

SSR Pricing: Cluster diff. maint.

SSR Pricing: Competitor diff. maint.

SSR – End process execution

SSR Pricing: Group diff. maint.

SSR Pricing – Differences list

Create CH Settlement/Transmission

change settlement/transmission

Display Settlement/Transmission

Assign Customer to Clearing house

Payment Card Processing Daily Report

SSR Complaint process

Payment card reconciliation

Reverse Paymt Card Reconciliation

Display Paymt Card Reconciliation

Execute the DTF report

DTF Create

DTF Change

DTF Display

SSR Payment cards: Mass correction

Payment Card Reconciliation

Transaction for Comp price Watch

Display of Location master data

SSR IAC: meter reading

SSR IAC: dip reading

Process change pointers for location

Process change pointers for prices

SSR STWB: Navigation menu IAC

Service Station Partner Invoicing

Location partner daily report

Location balancing

Number range maintenance: OIJ_BER

Assign EDI account number to Vendor

Maintain Incoming Taxation Table

Maintain Refinery Taxation Table

Maintain Printing Exceptions ICMS

Maintain Acquisition Price Table

Maintain Controlled Price

Complement ICMS rules inside calc.

Maintain Post. exp. for ICMS compl.

Nota Fiscal for gains/losses

Maintain PMPF price table

Loc Bal opening inventory calc

Bulk Replenishment (IS-Oil BDRP)

Maintain General Meter

Display General Meter

Maintain plant site control parms

Maintain SOC type data

Assign Storage Objects

Create Nomination

Create Nomination

Display Assigned Storage Objects

Enter customer stock data

Customer stock overview

Maintain Nomination

OIL-TSW Recover Nomination

Display Nomination

Display Nomination

Change Nomination

Change Nomination

Opening closing test calculator

Terminal Automation Interface

Create LID Master Data

Change LID Master Data

Display LID Master Data

Delete Load ID

Display released LID’s

Release LIDs

Revise LIDs

Transport Planning System Interface

Change DCP data

List DCP history

Delete DCP status entries

Delivery Confirmation Frontend

Display Load information

Show LID-Details

Display LID to SD-Document

Load data pickup

Transfer Location Master Data to TPS

Call Flowlogic Control

TPI History Information

Skip shipment inbound process

Change order and plant

Shipment planning

Distribute orders

Selection without LID Type

Load data shipment

Delete TPI status entries

Driver Vehicle Assignment

IDOC via Changepointer for OILDVA

Shipment Planning Workbench

Display / Delete log table entries

Create release profile

Change release profile

Display release profile

IS-OIL TSW (Trader’s & Scheduler’s W

3 way pegging

3 way pegging (display)

Create records in cond table – NOM

Create records in cond table – TKT

Change records in cond table – NOM

Change records in cond table – TKT

Display records in cond table – NOM

Display records in cond table – TKT

Display of archived nominations

Automatically process nominations

Stock Projection Worksheet

Stock Projection Worksheet

Change What-if type

Copy What-if Version

To update physical inventory figures

Stock Projection Worksheet

Generate Stock Projection

Generate Stock Projection for batch

Generate Stock Projection New

Generate worklist entries

OIL TSW: Maintain deal groups

OIL-TSW Delete Location

OIL-TSW: Enter movement ticket

Ticket create new

Correct ticket

Terminate invalid ticket

Reverse Ticket

OIL-TSW: Correct ticket actualizatio

OIL-TSW: Reverse ticket actualizatio

OIL-TSW: Change ticket

Change ticket

OIL-TSW: Display Ticket

Display Ticket

OIL-TSW: Display Ticket ALV

OIL-TSW: Delete movement ticket

Delete Ticket

TSW archiving – Tickets

Display archived tickets

TSW archiving – Nomination

TSW Delete Transport System

Loc Bal copy schedules

OIL-TSW: Safety stock calc. engine

Berth Planning Board

OIL-TSW: Planning engine



Partner Role Parser

OIL-TSW Create Partner Role

OIL-TSW Change Partner Role

OIL-TSW Display Partner Role

Display Transport System Changes

Production data

Create Transport System

Change Transport System

Display Transport System

OIL-TSW Create Location

OIL-TSW Change Location

Maintain location / material list

Drill-down planning locations

OIL-TSW Display Location

OIL-TSW : Recover Tickets

Assign EDI account numbers to vendor

Create tank analysis data

Tank Management

General functionality switch(On/Off)

Customize message control

Parameter admin. (set value)

BW init. UoM group / mass changes

Set up application log

Number range maintenance: OIRA_PRDOC

Number range maintenance: OIRA_PRIDX

SSR Output Det. – Field catalog

Cond.table – SSR Group output

Maintain Condition Type – SSR Gr.Out

Access Sequence (SSR Group Output)

SSR Group Output Det.Procedure

Output Det. Procedure – SSR Gr.Outp.

Cond.table – SSR Group output

Cond.table – SSR Group output

SSR Pricing – Create LV/Cond.

SSR Pricing – Disp/Change LV/Cond.

SSR Pricing – Copy error check cust.

SSR Pricing – List error check cust.

Number range maintenance: OIRC_PRUPD

Number range maintenance: OIRC_PRCHG

V_T681F: SSR CH Object-Allowed flds

Cond.proc. for SSR CH Object

Credit card accounts

SSR Clearing House Determination

SSR CH Det. : Create tab.

SSR CH Det. : Change tab.

SSR CH Det. : Display tab.

SSR CH Object det: Acc. seq.- Create

Condition types: SSR CH Object

Number range maintenance: OIREDTF


Number range maintenance: OIRERECON1

Number range maintenance: OIRERECON2

Generate DTF Objects

Number range maintenance: OIRESETLNR

Update Maintenance: IS-Oil

Generate CH Sttlmnt Msg Structure

Number range maintenance: OIRH_CHSMG

Number range maintenance: OIRALINKNR

Global plant business settings

Customized Messages for BDRP

Maintain time windows for Ref. set

Number range maintenance: OIK_LID

TPI Customized Message Handling

Number range maintenance: OIJ_WL

Number range maintenance: OIJ_TS

Maintain condition tables – NOM

Maintain condition tables – Ticket

Update fields in field catalog – NOM

Update fields in field catalog – TKT

Maintain Condition Type – NOM

Maintain Condition Type – TKT

Maintain access sequence – NOM

Maintain access sequence – TKT

Maintain output det procedure – NOM

Maintain output det procedure – TKT

Assign output det procedure – NOM

Assign forms and programs – NOM

Assign forms and programs – TKT

Maintain TSW Planning Calendar

Number range maintenance: OIJ_NOMCOM

Number range maintenance: OIJ_VERS

No. Range Maintnce: OIJNOM

Number range maintenance: OIJ_PEG

Number range maintenance: OIJ_SIM

Define Pegging type

Number range maintenance: OIJ_EL_TKT












IMG activity: SIMG_BDRP_0003

IMG activity: SIMG_BDRP_0004

IMG activity: SIMG_BDRP_0006

IMG activity: SIMG_BDRP_0009

IMG activity: SIMG_BDRP_0010

IMG activity: SIMG_BDRP_0011

IMG activity: SIMG_BDRP_0012

IMG activity: SIMG_BDRP_0007

IMG activity: SIMG_BDRP_0001

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0008

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0007

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0016

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0022

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0009

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0014

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0013

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0012

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0010

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0015

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0017

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0001

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0019

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0023

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0020

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0021

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0018

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0005

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0004

IMG activity: SIMG_TSW_0003

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TAS_0004

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TAS_0005

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TAS_0006

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TAS_0007

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TAS_0008

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TAS_0003

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TAS_0009

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TAS_0001

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TAS_0002

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TPI_0006

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TPI_0005

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TPI_0004

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TPI_0003

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TPI_0002

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TPI_0008

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TPI_0009

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TPI_0001

IMG activity: SIMG_TD_TPI_0007

IMG activity: SIMG_SSR_0033

IMG activity: SIMG_SSR_0034

Create location list on general leve

Create location list with business t

Create location list on business typ


Transfer of business location master

Transfer of business location materi

SSR Stocks – Material movements

Comparison of 2 DDIC structures and

Display glossary entries/terminology

Choose/display application log

Excise duty inventory check report

List of stock values: Balances

TD check shipment costing rel. tbles


Set the initial status for business

OIL-TSW: Remove expired entries from

OIL-TSW: Generate production/sales f

OIL-TSW: Generate rack issue actuals

IBU OIL & GAS – TSW – Delete inconsi

Post the goods issue for deliveries

LID assignment

Select rack meters from change point

Send location master data using chan

Select Vehicles from change pointers

Send driver idocs from change pointe

Check TPI document creation

Call customizing IMG directly (e.g.

Margin Analysis report

PC Statistics: Yearly Overview

PC Statistics: Annual differences

PC Statistics: Monthly Overview

IMG activity: SIMG_SSR_0220

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_038

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_039

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_040

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_041

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_042

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_043

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_044

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_045

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_046

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_047

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_048

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_049

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_050

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_051

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_052

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_053

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_055

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_056

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_057

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_058

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_059

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_060

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_061

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_062

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_063

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_064

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_065

IMG activity: SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0001

IMG activity: SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0002

IMG activity: SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0003

IMG activity: SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0004

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_070

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_071

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_072

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_073

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_074

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_075

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_076

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_077

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_078

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_079

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_080

IMG activity: SIMG_SSR_0222

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0013

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0016

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0017

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0012

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0010

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0011

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_13

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0006

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0007

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0008

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0009

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0003

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0001

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0002

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0004

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0005

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_0014

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_100

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_101

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_102

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_103

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_104

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_105

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_107

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_108

IMG activity: SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0007

IMG activity: SIMG_OIH_ETAX_0006

IMG activity: SIMG_SSR_0223

IMG activity: SIMG_CROSS_OIL_010

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_109

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1110

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_111

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_113

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1114

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1115

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1116

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1117

IMG activity: SIMG_OIJ_TSW_1118

Click here to know details about SAP standard tables used with Downstream in IS-OIL.