SAP GTS ( Global Trade Services ) Tutorial and Training PDF

Advantages & Use of SAP GTS , Functionalities , PDF tutorials

SAP Global Trade Services shortly known as SAP GTS is used for automate the international trades for a company. Large companies who trade with many countries and customers can use this feature to make their trades more fast and efficient and hassle free.  SAP Global Trade Services System is based on Netwevaer Platform.

SAP GTS Tutorial Training

The main advantages of using SAP GTS are

  • Saving the time by automated processes
  • Expenditure reduction
  • Less human work involved
  • Automatic checking the compliance violation and banned dealers
  • Can keep the company brand and trust by avoiding the fines and penalties
  • Fast trade processing and customer satisfaction

The functionalities involved in SAP GTS are

  • Compliance Management: For check international trade compliance issues
  • Customs Management: Deals with customs-relevant transactions
  • Risk Management: To minimize the risks involved with financial transactions.
  • Electronic Compliance Reporting: For submitting the reports for intra-European trade
  • System Administration: Deals with settings and monitoring of the GTS feeder system.

SAP Global Trade Tables

Here is a list of possible system tables storing Global Trade related data in SAP.

Table Fields with Global Trade data

Here is a list of possible table fields which are used for storing Global Trade related data in SAP.

  • FTPTY – Foreign trade: Classification of foreign trade document
  • STADU – Foreign Trade: Print Status for Foreign Trade Document
  • GBNUM – Foreign Trade:Customs declaration list no. for Foreign Trade
  • .INCLUDE – Processing Trade: Settlement Calculation – Qty Way of Trade
  • GTIN – Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • LOC_GUID – Letter of Credit GUID from SAP Global Trade Services
  • GTIN_GUID – GUID for Global Trade Item Number (GUID)
  • .INCLUDE – Extensions of Extension Global Trade Item Number
  • ROUTE_GTS – Route Code for SAP Global Trade Services
  • SPE_GTS_RT_CDE – Route Code for SAP Global Trade Services
  • SAKES – SAP Global Trade Services: Storage Status of Delivery
  • GTIN_VARIANT – Global Trade Item Number Variant
  • LEVEL_IN_MKTPL – Field Level (Global, Trade Spend)
  • GTS – Check on GTS (Global Trade Services) valid partners
  • QUAN_DISTRIB – Global Trade: Reassociation Strategy
  • COMP_PUSH – Global Trade: Complete Flag is Returned
  • QUAN_DIS_POD – Global Trade: Offer More Quantity Fields for Maintenance
  • STOCK_TYPE – Global Trade: Stock Type
  • WBGTA – Indicator: Global Trade is Active
  • WB2_EXP_ACTIVE – Global Trade: Expenses Settlement Active

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