SAP BI (business intelligence) Tutorial

BI in SAP stands for “business intelligence“. Previously it was known as “Business Information Warehouse” ( BIW ). It is one of the main component of SAP Netweaver technology. A company needs to play with their business data for more optimization & profitability & productivity. The tools contained in SAP BI provides the facility for

  • Reporting
  • Ananlysis
  • Interpretation

Based on these data , we can take more wise decision to run the company.

SAP BI tutorial -

The components of SAP BI are

  • Data Warehousing : Storing the information as
    • Data Store Objects
    • InfoObjects
    • InfoCubes
  • BI Platform ( Extract, transform, load layer )
  • BI Suite: Business Explorer ( BEx )
    • Development technologies
    • Java SDK
    • Open Analysis Interfaces
    • Web Design API

SAP BI Tutorials