SAP Vendor Evaluation module tutorials, tables and transaction codes

Vendor Evaluation (MM-IS-VE) is another sub component of Material management module. View its tables, transaction codes and PDF tutorials. SAP Vendor Evaluation module is responsible for continuous evaluation of vendors by price, delivery, terms of payment, history of purchases etc.

Vendor Evaluation module in SAP helps the organization to evaluate their vendors based on a score between 0 to 100. Based on the sore , organization can pick & analyze the vendors. It keeps all the data related to vendor’s performance on time keeping, price and other performance matters. This module is tightly integrated with purchasing and quality management components.Scores are calculated on the basis of many main criteria, sub criteria and automated criteria.

Important SAP Vendor Evaluation tables

SAP Vendor Evaluation Transaction codes

PDF tutorials

Refer complete Vendor Evaluation processes in details with screenshots from this link