SAP External Services in MM (MM-SRV) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 57 SAP standard tables used with SAP External Services in MM component (SAP MM-SRV) coming under SAP MM (Material Management) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP MM-SRV tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Contract header conditions at outline level without plant

Service Master: Basic Data

Service Short Texts

MM: Dynamic User Settings

Account Assignment Specification: Service Line

Account Assignment in Service Package

Service Type Editions

Service Type Header of Standard Service Catalog

Service Package Header Data

Lines of Service Package

Service Item

Service Item Short Texts

Service Type Lines

MM: Recently Used Objects

Service Entry Sheet Header Data

Service Item Short Texts

Ext. Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Contract Item

Ext. Services Management: Unpl. Service Limits: Header Data

Ext. Services Management: Unpl. Service Limits: Account Dist

Ext. Services Management: Unpl. Limits on Service Package

Services Management: Unplanned Limits on Service Types

Vendor confirmation for service lines

Interface Table: Time Recording in MM-SRV

SRV: Names of Field Selection Reference Keys

SRV: Names of Fields and Assignment to Group

SRV: Groups: Field Selection

Field Selection for External Services Management

Display Variant for Service Overview

Default Values for Purchasing/Services

Condition Schema for Services

Default Values: Service per Purchasing Organization

Descriptions for User Fields per Purchasing Organization

Reasons for Cancellation: Short Descriptions

Reason for Cancellation

Default Initial Screen: External Services Management

Text Name: External Services Management Transactions/Events

Labels for User Fields and Formula Variables

Name of Formula

Label for the Variables of a Formula

Formulas for Service Lines

Variables of a Formula

Release Indicators: Service Entry Sheet

Descriptions of Release Indicators for Services

External Services Management: Routines for Scope of List

External Services Management: Routines for Scope of List

Scope of List for External Services Management

Standard Service Catalog: Structure Definition

Text Module Description

Structure Description of Service Type

Description for Structure Definition of Service Type

Split Structure of Text Module

Transaction Control: External Services Management

Service Categories

Org. Status: Service Category

Service Category Names

Name of Org. Status: Service Category

Model Service Specifications

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