SAP Invoice Verification in MM (MM-IV) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 97 SAP standard tables used with SAP Invoice Verification in MM component (SAP MM-IV) coming under SAP MM (Material Management) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP MM-IV tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Deleted / Cancelled invoice log table

LIX Process Monitor

LIX Process Monitor – Workflow Link

Parked Document Approval definition table

LIX Parked Process Monitor

Parking Reason Definition Table

Parking Reason Texts

Secondary Index, Documents for Material

Secondary Index, Documents for Material

Movement type parameters for automatic ERS

Settlement profile for automatic ERS

Name of settlement profile for automatic ERS

ERS Collective Settlement List

Enhancement Fields for Incoming Invoice

Sales Tax, Germany

Message Log for Extraction to BW

Document Item, Incoming Invoice, Account Assignment

Invoice Verification – Conditions

Batch Invoice Verification – Quantity Differences

Invoice Verification: Down Payment Clearing

Batch IV: Invoice Document Items

Persistent Key Figures Header and Item

Document Header: Invoice Receipt

Logistics Invoice Verification: Blocked Invoices

Invoice Document Header (Batch Invoice Verification)

Document Item: Incoming Invoice for Material

Invoice Receipt, Purchasing Documents Selection

Invoice Receipt Contract Selection

Incoming Invoice: Delivery Selection

Invoice Receipt, Service Entry Sheet Selection

Invoice Receipt, Bills of Lading Selection

Invoice Receipt, Bills of Lading Selection

Invoice Receipt, Delivery Notes Selection

TM Invoice Verification

Invoice Receipt Selection for Transportation Management

Invoice Receipt, Plants Selection

Taxes: Incoming Invoice

Invoice Document – Aggregation Data

Invoice Verification – Aggregation Data, Material

Invoice Verification: Split Invoice Amount

Withholding Tax Data, Incoming Invoice

Withholding Tax Data, Incoming Invoice

Consignment Withdrawals

Document Item: Incoming Invoice

TM Document Items Incoming Invoice

Number Ranges RE_BELEG (Logistics Invoice Verification)

Document Types for Storing Documents (Log. IV)

Screen Selection, Invoice Verification

Window Coordinates, Invoice Verification/Valuation

Global Valuation Categories

Global Valuation Types

Global Valuat.Type/Valuat.Categ. Combinations

Global Valuation Category Descriptions

SAP Transaction Control, Invoice Verification/Valuation

Posting String for Invoice Verification

Notifiable PO Supplement Types

Partner Allowed as Payment Recipient

Complaints Reasons in an Invoice

Texts for Complaints Reasons

Invoice Verification: Amount Check

Automatic Settlement of Planned Delivery Costs

Tolerance Limit Keys

Transaction-Dependent Defaults: Invoice Verification

Tolerance Limits, Invoice Verification

Entry Profile

Direct Posting to G/L Account of Invoicing Party

Entry Profile Description, Logistics Invoice Verification

Default Values, Account Maintenance

Vendor-Specific Parameters for Invoice Verification

Account Assignment Block: Fields To Be Excluded from IV

Parameters, Invoice Verification

Differential Invoicing Process

MR Document Reorganization – Document Validity Period

Tax Code for Retention Amounts

Warranty Period for Security Retention

Tolerance Limit Keys

Text Table for Tolerance Limits

Determination of Cash Discount Base for Security Retention

Logistics Invoice Verification: Item List Variants

Logistics Invoice Verification: Item List Variants

To be deleted!

Default Values, Invoice Verification

Possible Variance Types in Invoices

Texts for Variance Types in Invoice Verification

Posting Strings (Values) for SAPMM08R

IV Workflow: Amounts for Release in Invoice Parking

Transaction Texts: Invoice Verification

Default Setting of Aggregation for Screen Variant

Auxiliary Table for Status Information IV Maintenance View

Customizing: Direct Posting in Log. Invoice Verification

Hold Table Counter Readings BW Recompil. for IV (Appl. ’06’)

Tax Codes: Invoice Verification/Invoice Entry (FI)

Assignment Test Group

Account Determination: Prepayment Clearing Account

Control Input of Header Fields in Logistics Invoice Verif.

System Table: Control Header Field Readiness for Input

Prepayment Control at Company Code Level

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