Purchase Requisition (PR) in SAP, Tables, Tcodes & Menu path

Let us look some details about purchase requisition in SAP. Purchase requisition is an internal request to purchase items or services to the purchasing department. It can be created automatically or manually. Shortly it represent as SAP PR. This SAP Purchase requisition tutorial contains the reference data about its menu path, Pr codes, Purchase requisition tables, table fields, function modules and SAP components.

About SAP Purchase Requisition

DefinitionAn internal document used to request the purchasing department to procure specific goods or services.
FunctionInitiates the procurement process.
Type of DocumentInternal
Creation Transaction CodeME51N
Navigation PathLogistics -> Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Requisition -> Create
Key Information– Material or service to be procured – Quantity required – Delivery date – Budget information – Requesting department
Approval WorkflowNeeds approval from the purchasing department and possibly other departments depending on budget and complexity.
Resulting Documents– Purchase order (PO) – Goods receipt (GR) – Invoice
Benefits– Streamlines the procurement process – Provides transparency and traceability – Helps control costs
Additional Notes– Can be created for individual items or groups of items. – Can be linked to projects or cost centers. – Can be used for both direct and indirect materials.

Here is the possible menu path to access purchase requisition menu in SAP.

Logistics – Production – KANBAN – Environment – Purchasing – Purchase Requisition –

Logistics – Sales and Distribution – Foreign Trade/Customs – General Foreign Trade Processing – Environment – Purchase – Import – Purchasing – Purchase Requisition –

SAP Purchase requisition Tcodes

Here is a list of important transaction codes dealing with purchase requisition in SAP.

SAP Purchase requisition Tables

Here is a list of important system tables storing purchase requisition related data in SAP.

Table Fields with Purchase requisition data

Here is a list of important table fields which are used for storing purchase requisition related data in SAP.

  • REQ_TYPE – Requisition Type of the Mobile Requisition
  • BANFN – Purchase requisition number
  • BNFPO – Item number of the purchase requisition in the order
  • SCHED_END – Ind.: Purchase requisition at activity finish date
  • RFP_TEXT_ID_PR – Text ID for Storing RFP Reference in Purchase Requisition
  • BE_DOC_TYPE – Purchase Requisition Document Type
  • PREQ_NO – Purchase requisition number
  • PREQ_ITEM – Item number of purchase requisition
  • CREATE_IND – Creation Indicator (Purchase Requisition)
  • BSART_PR – Purchase Requisition Document Type
  • BSART_PR_CREATE – Document Type for Creating Purchase Requisition from RMC
  • NO_PURCHASEREQ – MRP DS: No Purchase Requisition Creation from APO
  • REFBN – Number of Reference Purchase Requisition
  • BNFPO – Item number of purchase requisition
  • BSART – Purchase Requisition Document Type
  • STATU – Processing status of purchase requisition
  • ESTKZ – Creation indicator (purchase requisition/schedule lines)
  • FRGST – Release strategy in the purchase requisition
  • MENGE – Purchase requisition quantity
  • MEINS – Purchase requisition unit of measure

Function Modules for Purchase requisition in SAP

Here is a list of important function modules which are used with purchase requisition related processes in SAP.

  • OIO_NV_EBKN_TO_EBAN_P – Tracking: purchase requisition to purchase requisition item               
  • OIJ_EL_DOCG_CREATE_PO_PR – Create purchase/stock transfer order from purchase requisition            
  • OIO_NV_EBAN_TO_EBAN_P – Tracking: stock transport requisition item to purchase requisition item   
  • OIO_NV_EKKO_TO_EBAN – Tracking: stock transport requisition item to purchase requisition item   
  • OIO_NV_ESLH_TO_EBAN_P – Tracking: stock transport requisition item to purchase requisition item   
  • OIO_NV_LIPS_TO_EKPO – Tracking: stock transport requisition item to purchase requisition item   
  • OIO_NV_EBAN_TO_EBAN_T – Tracking: purchase requisition item to transport requisition item         
  • GM_OPEN_ITEM_PR – OI Interface: Purchase Requisition                                        
  • Z_PURCH_REQ_DBR9150 – FM to create Purchase Requisition                                         
  • BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE – Create Purchase Requisition                                               
  • BAPI_REQUISITION_CHANGE – Change Purchase Requisition                                               
  • /SAPAPO/OM_SPP_PUR_REQ_GET – Get SPP Purchase Requisition Orders                                       
  • B45A_REQUISITION_CHANGE – Change purchase requisition                                               
  • ME_RELEASE_REQUISITION – Process Purchase Requisition                                              
  • NOR3_REQUISITION_CHANGE – Change purchase requisition                                               
  • ZBAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE – Purchase Requisition Create                                               
  • CSO_I_PUR_REQ_DBREAD_END – Check Purchase Requisition                                                
  • CSO_I_PUR_REQ_CHECK – Check Purchase Requisition                                                
  • Z_PURCH_COPY_DBR9483 – FM to create Purchase Requisition                                         
  • BS01_REQUISITION_CREATE – Create purchase requisition                                               

Purchase requisition handling Components in SAP

Here is a list of important components / sub modules which are dealing with purchase requisition related processes in SAP. List contains sub module name, then containing component and description.

  • PA-ER-RM – KER0000001 – Requisition Management
  • IS-H-MM-REQ – I041002033 – Material Requisition
  • MM-PUR-REQ – HLA0006039 – Purchase Requisitions
  • PA-BN-PL-SP – AHR0000161 – Stock Purchase
  • EC-CS-CSF-AT-PCH – HLA0100221 – Purchase Method
  • MM-PUR-PO – HLA0006041 – Purchase Orders
  • IS-M-SD-MS-SL-Q – I500000235 – Purchase Quantity Planning
  • SRM-EBP-POR – PFC0000005 – Local Purchase Order
  • MM-PUR-GF-REL-POR – HLA0001531 – Release of Purchase Orders
  • SRM-EBP-PRE – EBS0000001 – Purchase Order Response
  • LO-MDS-CPO – ALR0002161 – Collective Purchase Order
  • SRM-EBP-PD – A4C0000198 – Purchase Document Methods
  • MM-PUR-EM-PO – AEN0000073 – Empties Management in Purchase Orders
  • MM-IV-PO – HLA0006605 – Purchase-Order-Based Invoice Verification
  • IS-DFS-MM-STO – /ISDFPS/KL10000026 – Storage Location, Stock Transfer, Purchase Order

Some Basic Questions & Answers

How to create a Purchase requisition in SAP?
We can create a new SAP PR using the transaction code ME51N.
Which table field storing SAP PR number?
Table field BANFN is storing SAP purchase requisition number.