Purchase Order in SAP, tables, tcodes, menu path

Let us look some details about purchase order in SAP. Purchase order is a document issued from a buyer to seller to initiate a purchase of service or product. A purchase order contains the information about the items, quantity, agreed price etc. Shortly it represent as PO. All purchase orders are assigned with a unique number called PO number. This SAP Purchase order tutorial contains the reference data about its menu path, tcodes, tables, table fields, function modules and SAP components.

Here is the possible menu path to access purchase order menu in SAP.

Logistics – Production – KANBAN – Environment – Purchasing – Purchase Order –

Logistics – Materials Management – Foreign Trade/Customs – General Foreign Trade Processing – Environment – Purchase – Import – Purchasing – Purchase Order –

About Purchase Order in SAP

SAP Purchase order Tcodes

DefinitionA formal request or instruction from a purchasing organization to a vendor or plant to supply or provide a certain quantity of goods or services at or by a certain point in time.
FunctionCreates a legally binding agreement between the buyer and seller, outlining the agreed-upon price, quantity, delivery date, and payment terms.
StructureConsists of a header containing general information like vendor, material, and purchase order date, and items detailing each ordered item with quantity, price, and delivery details.
CreationCan be created manually in SAP or generated from other documents like purchase requisitions or quotations.
TypesDifferent types exist for various procurement scenarios, including Standard purchase orders, Subcontracting orders, Consignment orders, Stock transfer orders, and External service orders.
BenefitsStreamlines the procurement process, improves inventory control, ensures accurate pricing and delivery, and provides audit trails for transactions.
Key Features-Automatic price determination based on purchase info records and contracts.
-Integration with other SAP modules like inventory management, accounts payable, and quality management.
-Workflow capabilities for approvals and notifications.
-Reporting and analysis tools for purchase order data.
Additional Information-Purchase orders can be customized with various fields and functionalities depending on the specific SAP version and configuration.
-Integration with external systems like supplier portals is possible.
-Training and user manuals are available to help users learn how to work with purchase orders in SAP.

Here is a list of important transaction codes dealing with purchase order in SAP.

Purchase order Tables in SAP

Here is a list of important system tables storing purchase order related data in SAP.

Table Fields with Purchase order data

Here is a list of important table fields which are used for storing purchase order related data in SAP.

  • ORVTP – Value type of purchase order/sales order values
  • REP_PO_TYP – Order Type for Purchase Order with Replacement From Vendor
  • BPBMG – Purchase order quantity in order price unit
  • ORVALTYPE – Value type of purchase order/sales order values
  • BWDMBE – BW: Delta Purchase Order/GR in Order Unit
  • PROFID_DI – Profile purchase order operation order info system
  • BSART – MRP:doc.type purchase requisitions for standard purchase ord
  • EKPGR_K – Purchase Price Calculation: (Basic Purchase Price)
  • EKPGR_VME – Purchase Price Calculation: (Basic Purchase Price)
  • EKPGR – Purchase Price Calculation: (Basic Purchase Price)
  • EBELN – Purchase order number
  • INCPO – Include Purchase Order in ROC / Prio Calculation

Function Modules for Purchase order in SAP

Here is a list of important function modules which are used with purchase order related processes in SAP.

  • OIO_NV_EKKO_TO_EKPO – Tracking: purchase order to purchase order item                           
  • WB2_CHK_REF_QTY_PC2PO_SINGLE – Check [Single]: Referenced Qty from Purchase Contract to Purchase Order   
  • WB2_PO_CREATE_FROM_PC – Create Purchase Order from Purchase Contract Items: ME21N                 
  • WB2_PO_CHANGE_FROM_PC – Change Purchase Order from Purchase Contract Items: ME22N                 
  • OIJ_EL_DOCG_CREATE_PO_PR – Create purchase/stock transfer order from purchase requisition            
  • IAOM_OM_READ_WO_PO_FROM_PROR – Retrieve work order and purchase order from CO-Production order           
  • EXIT_SAPLWVLB_006 – User Exit for Sortine Order Items in Purchase Order Split                 
  • IAOM_OM_UPDATE_PROR_STATUS_PO – Update CO status of CO-production order assigned to a purchase order item 
  • BBP_PCO_UI_ITS_PUT_PBO – Display Data from Purchase Order Response for Order Item                  
  • FRE_POOP_CHK_BALANCING – Balancing order proposal / purchase order data                            
  • FRE_POOP_CHK_COMPARE_DATA – Compare Purchase Order / Order Proposal data                              
  • IAOM_OM_CREATE_PROR_FROM_PO – Create a production order from a purchase order item                      
  • IAOM_OM_READ_PROR_FROM_PO – Retrieve CO-Production order from purchase order item                     
  • WB2_SYNC_TC_FROM_PO – Sync a Trading Order from a Purchase Order                                
  • EXIT_SAPFV45E_001 – Update Purchase Order from Sales Order                                    
  • /SAPHT/MESDER_GR_PURCHASEORDER – GR for Purchase Order                                                     
  • W_FRM_GENERATE_PO – Purchase Order Creation                                                   
  • META_PO_CREATE – Create purchase order                                                     
  • FMFG_PO_HISTORY – Purchase Order History                                                    

Purchase order handling Components in SAP

Here is a list of important components / sub modules which are dealing with purchase order related processes in SAP. List contains sub module name, then containing component and description.

  • SRM-EBP-PRE – EBS0000001 – Purchase Order Response
  • LO-MDS-CPO – ALR0002161 – Collective Purchase Order
  • SRM-EBP-POR – PFC0000005 – Local Purchase Order
  • MM-IV-PO – HLA0006605 – Purchase-Order-Based Invoice Verification
  • IS-DFS-MM-STO – /ISDFPS/KL10000026 – Storage Location, Stock Transfer, Purchase Order
  • PP-PDC-MOT – HLA0006263 – Work Order Time Recording (PM Order)
  • PA-BN-PL-SP – AHR0000161 – Stock Purchase
  • EC-CS-CSF-AT-PCH – HLA0100221 – Purchase Method
  • MM-PUR-PO – HLA0006041 – Purchase Orders
  • MM-PUR-REQ – HLA0006039 – Purchase Requisitions
  • MM-PUR-GF-REL-POR – HLA0001531 – Release of Purchase Orders
  • SRM-EBP-PD – A4C0000198 – Purchase Document Methods
  • IS-M-SD-MS-SL-Q – I500000235 – Purchase Quantity Planning
  • MM-PUR-EM-PO – AEN0000073 – Empties Management in Purchase Orders
  • SRM-SUS-ORD – E9D0000022 – Order / Order Response
  • IS-M-SD-PS-SL-O – I170007124 – Order
  • IS-M-AM-SL-O – I170007133 – Order
  • FIN-FSCM-CLM-CM-CM-TO-PO – HLA0100039 – Payment Order
  • LO-MD-BOM-OBM – HLA0006413 – Sales Order BOM
  • PP-PI-POR-OCL – HLA0006275 – Order Closing