SAP MM Module Terms & Full Forms

Full form of MM is Material Management. SAP MM is one of the largest and widely used functional modules in SAP ERP software. Here is a list of SAP MM module related important terms and their full form. This list will be useful for beginners and those who are trying to familiar with Material Management module.  

SA MM Full form
  • MM: Material Management
  • MRP: Materials Requirement Planning
  • ML: Material Ledger
  • PI: Physical Inventory
  • IM: Inventory Management
  • VE: Vendor Evaluation
  • GR: Goods Receipt
  • IR: Invoice Receipt
  • GI: Goods Issue
  • G/L: General Ledger
  • PO: Purchase Order
  • IV: Invoice Verification

EAN: Full form is International Article Number

UPC: Universal Product Code

WM: Warehouse Management

SLED: Stands for Shelf Life Expiration Date

BOM: Bill of Material

QI: Quality Inspection

LIS: Logistics Information System

PDC: Plant Data Collection / Portable Data Capture

ZC: Zero Count

MMSL: Full form is Material Master Serial Number

RU: Restricted Use

LIFO: Last in First Out

FIFO: First in First Out

HU: Handling Unit

CCA: Complete Count Area (Used in Inventory Sampling)

MAP: Moving Average Price

GR/IR: Stands for Goods Receipt Invoice Receipt

OPUn: Purchase Order Price Unit

OUn: Purchase Order Unit

tRFC: Transactional Remote Function Call

sRFC: Synchronous Remote Function Call

WCU: Warehouse Control Unit

MM-MOB: Mobile Data Entry Interface

TOs: Transfer Orders

FLS: Stands for Fork-lift Control Systems

SD: Sales & Distribution

CBP: Consumption Based Planning

ED: Electronic Data Interchange

FT: Foreign Trade

EWS: Early Warning System

POP: Procurement Proposal

VP: Valuation Procedures

It’s not a complete list. We will add more MM terms and it will be great if you can share some missing terms with their full form. (Can send to the mentioned contact email address in site bottom / contact page). If you want to see some other useful MM references, please refer MM Tables, MM Transaction Codes & Material Management Module Tutorial.