Material Master Tables in SAP

Here is the list of Material Master tables ( MM Module tables ) in SAP. All these tables are linked with the key MATNR (Material Number). The followed diagram shows the keys and description of each table for getting clear knowledge.

List of Material Master Tables

  1. MARA (General Material Data Table)
  2. MAKT (Material description table in sap)
  3. MARC (Plant data table)
  4. MARD (Material storage location data table)
  5. MAPE
  6. MBEW (Material Valuation table)
  7. MBEWH (Material valuation history table)
  8. MVKE (Material Sales data table)
  9. MARM (Measurement units table)
  10. MEAN
  11. MLEA
  12. MAMT
  13. MLGN
  14. MLGT
  15. MLAN
  16. MAEX
  17. MAPR
  18. MVER
  19. MDMA

Other Tables for Material master

Here is a list of possible system tables storing material master related data in SAP.

Importance of proper MM master table data

  • Data quality and consistency: Maintaining accurate and up-to-date data in material master tables is crucial for efficient supply chain management, but can be challenging due to manual data entry and integration issues.
  • Master data governance: Implementing effective master data governance processes can improve data quality, reduce errors, and ensure consistency across different systems.
  • Data analytics: Leveraging material master data for analytics can provide valuable insights into inventory levels, purchasing trends, and production efficiency.