GR/IR Clearing Account Maintenance ( SAP MM )

This documentation covers the details of GR/IR Clearing process Account Maintenance in SAP MM ( material management ) module.

GR/IR Clearing Account Maintenance Use

Quantity differences between goods receipt and invoice receipt for a purchase order result in a balance on the GR/IR clearing account.

  • If the quantity invoiced is larger than the quantity received, the system then expects further goods receipts for this purchase order to clear the balance.
  • If the quantity received is larger than the quantity invoiced, the system then expects further invoices for this purchase order to clear the balance.
  • You can also clear differences for delivery costs.

If no more goods or invoices are to be received, you must clear the balance manually.

This can be done in different ways:

  • You can return the extra goods to the vendor.
  • You can cancel the invoice and post a corrected invoice or a credit memo for the surplus posted quantity.
  • You can clear the GR/IR clearing account manually.

Maintaining the GR/IR Clearing Account Prerequisites

The GR/IR clearing account is usually cleared at the end of a period or fiscal year for those orders items that no further goods receipts or invoices are expected for.

Procedure to GR IR clearing process in SAP

  1. Choose Logistics_ Materials Management _Logistics Invoice Verification _GR/IR Account Maintenance _ Maintain GR/IR Clearing Account. The GR/IR Account Maintenance screen appears.
  2. Enter data as required on this screen in the Document header data frame.
  3. In the Selection frame, you choose various selection criteria for the transactions for which you want to post the differences. User-Specific Default Parameters are available for the following selection fields. You maintain them in the user master.
  4. Choose the processing type:
    • Automatic clearance
      The Automatic clearance function is intended for processing in the background.Choose Program Execute in background.
    • Prepare list  Choose Execute. The selection screen appears.
  5. On the selection screen, the individual purchase order items that have quantity variances and match your selection are now listed. Select the order items that you want  to clear.
  6. Clear the GR/IR clearing account for the selected purchase orders by choosing List Post clearing.

Account Maintenance Document Definition

Document that displays the quantities of the debit or credit of a material in GR/IR clearing account maintenance.


If you clear quantity differences between the goods receipt and invoice receipt for a purchase order using account maintenance, the system produces an account maintenance document.


You can branch from the account maintenance document to the following accounting documents, assuming that they

  • Accounting document
  • Profit center document
  • Special ledger document
  • Material ledger document