SAP Warranty Claim Processing in LO (LO-WTY) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 97 SAP standard tables used with SAP Warranty Claim Processing in LO component (SAP LO-WTY) coming under SAP LO (Logistics) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP LO-WTY tables by clicking on the respective table name link.



Country/Tax Class.-Customer

Country/Partner/Tax Class.-Customer

Rel.Vers./Partner Type

Profile Definitions Warranty Claim

Object Customizing for iPPE – Relationships

General Settings for Warranty Processing

Claim Types Warranty Claim

Description Warranty Claim Type

Version Copy Control Warranty Claim

Decision Codes Warranty Claim

Assignment Table Reimbursing Party – Claimant Decision

Decision Codes Warranty Claim: Texts

Status for Parts that Have to Be Returned

Texts for Parts Statuses

Reference type

Reference Type Text

Warranty Claim Groups

Texts for Warranty Claim Groups

Characteristics for Warranty

Reference Objects

SubObjectType for Recall Campaigns

Subobject Types for Recall Campaigns – Texts

Item Types

Descriptions Item Type

Item Types Group

Description Item Types Group

Assignment Item Type – Item Types Group

Condition Types for Auxiliary Account Assignment

Control Parameters for Master Warranty Check

Definition of Message Grouping

Text for Message Groups

Determination of Popup Messages

Definition of the Actions of the Warranty Claim

Description of the Actions of the Warranty Claim

Definition of Action Calls

Definition of Action Control

Description of Action Profiles

Action Matrix

Definition of Processing Status of Warranty Claim

Description of Processing Status of Warranty Claim

Manual Assignement of Function Code to Action Code

Warranty: Button Profile

Warranty: Button Profile Text Table

Link Table Button Profile – Action Profile

Warranty Claim: Keyboard Combinations

Link Internal Functions with Profile

Texts for Pushbutton Profile Functions

Version Copy Control Warranty Claim

Copy Profile for Warranty Claim

Description of Copy Profile for Warranty Claim

Copy Profile for Warranty Claim

Connection Message – Decision – Processing Mode

Activation Table for Validation/Substitution

Partner to System Mapping

Logical system to RFC dest mapping

User to Partner Mapping

DP Common: Determine BUPA User Interface

Dealer Portal Action

Description Dealer Portal Action

Layout Configuration Claim Type

Dealer Portal Claim Types

Dealer Portal Claim Types

Message assignment

Dealer Portal Screen Navigation

Print Forms for Dealer Portal Warranty Prinitings

Dealer Portal Decision Code

Decision Code assignment

Dealer Portal Decision Code

Status Return parts for Dealer

Status Return Parts for Dealer Description

Dealer Portal Simulation/Contract to backend action

Dealer Portal Claim Status

Status assignment

Dealer Portal Claim Status

Warranty Claim Category (PVS Alternative)

Warranty Claim Header (PVS Node)

Warranty Claim Version (PVS Node)

iPPE Relationship: Time-Ind. Ident./Attributes Warranty

Warranty Claim Item (PPE Variant)

Assign User Profile

Index Table for Archiving Warranty Claims

Index Table for Archiving Warranty Claims

Auxiliary Account Assignment of Conditions

Setting Fields for ALV Warranty Check

Object Number Index for Warranty Objects

Partner for Warranty Claim

Recall Actions

Objects for Recalls

Possible Object Types for the Warranty Claim

Descriptions Object Types Warranty Claim

Allowed Table WTY for Generic Field Attributes

Times of Last BW Extraction

Processed Objects

Claims that Have Been Successfully Saved

Measurement Documents for Version of Warranty Claim