SAP Merchandise Distribution in LO (LO-MDS) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 62 SAP standard tables used with SAP Merchandise Distribution in LO component (SAP LO-MDS) coming under SAP LO (Logistics) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP LO-MDS tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Document Flow SAP Retail (Allocation Table, Promotions…)

Worklist for PO (Follow-on Document Generation)

Allocation Table Sub-Item, Store Group

Allocation Table, Document Sub-item, Stores

Worklist for Sales Orders (FBG)

Allocation Table Document Header

Delivery Phases

Allocation Table Document Item

Plant Status Table

Worklist for Stock Transport Orders (Follow-on Doc. Gen.)

Worklist for Deliveries (Follow-on Doc. Generation)

Shipping-Specific Data of Plants for Delivery Generation

Delivery Phase for Distribution Center

Distribution Center

Index, Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering Doc.

Messages: Sales Organization/Distribution Channel

Recipient determin.

Parameters for Recipient Determination

Texts for Recipient Determination

Assignment of Procurement to Issue Docs in Mdse Distribution

Reference Table for Multiple Procurement

Merchandise Distribution: Cluster Table for Temporary Data

Allocation Rule / IS-R Allocation

Allocation Rule Items / SAP IS-R Allocation

Allocation Rule Sub-Item (Stores)

Message Control Allocation Table

Allocation Table Document Types

Texts for Alloc. Tbl Doc. Types

Item Categories for Allocation Tables

Texts for Alloc. Tbl Item categories

Allocation Rule Document Types

Texts for Allocation Rule Document Types

Transaction Control, Standard Distribution

Control Table, Allocation Rule Determination

Field Relationship for Info Structure

Key Figure Category

Texts for Field Rel. for Info Structure

Allocation Table Notification Categories

Texts for Allocation Table Notification Categories

Allocation Strategy: Allocation Table

Texts for Allocation Strategies

Split Criteria for Alloc Tbl Follow-on Document Generation

Texts for Split Criteria Indicators

Allocation Table Rejection Reasons

Alloc Tbl: Blocking Reasons: Texts

Distribution of Over/Underdeliveries in Allocation Tables

Texts for Table T630 (Allocation of Over/Underdelivery)

Adjustment Profiles per Processing Method

Adjustment Profiles per Processing Method

Distribution Profile of Material in DC

Distribution Profile of Material Master – Texts

Parallel Processing Variants Retail

Parallel Processing Variants Retail – Texts

Plant Profiles for Merchandise Distribution

Plant Profiles for Merchandise Distribution – Bus. Processes

Plant Profiles for Merchandise Distribution – Texts

Adjust and Execute Distribution: Profiles

Text Table for WMD_ADJ_EXEC_PRO

Adjust and Execute Distribution at WM Level

Allocation Table: References to Generated Allocation Tables

General Settings for Allocation Table Application

Enhancement: Allocation Table Document Types w/Master Data