SAP Logistics Basic Data in LO (LO-MD) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 1301 SAP standard tables used with SAP Logistics Basic Data in LO component (SAP LO-MD) coming under SAP LO (Logistics) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP LO-MD tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Plant/Material/Sales Unit/Customer

Sales Org./Distribution Channel/Plant/Sales Unit/Customer


Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Price List/Material/Sales Unit

Customizing for Archiving of Serial Number Object Lists

Customizing Texts for Archiving of Serial Number History

Shipping-Specific Data of Plants for Delivery Generation

Assignment of Fixture to Layout Module Version

Determine Explosion Mode for BOM in HANA system

Change Data

Link class – BOM

Customizing – iPPE Migration

Mapping Table (Classic PP and iPPE Objekt Key)

Customizing – iPPE Migration: Object Types

Customizing for iPPE Migration: Routing Object Types

Status Table (iPPE Migration)

Customizing – iPPE Migration: BOM Usage


Master Data Texts Category

Master Data Subcategory

Master Data Texts Subcategory

Master Data Segment

Master Data Text Segment

Master Data Subsegment

Master Data Texts Subsegment

Master Data Sub-Subsegment

Master Data Texts Sub-Subsegment

Master Data Product Group

Master Data Texts Product Group

Master Data Brand

Master Data Texts Brand

CDT-SKU Assignment Table

System Table INDX

iPPE PS Interface: Customizing Document Type

Account Groups in Replication into R/3

Indicator: Completely Filter Customer Data Relating to KNVV

Assign Classification and Grouping R/3 Account Groups

Role Cat. and Grouping of R/3 Acct Group Assgmnt (for Later)

Mapping Table Business Partner – Customer

Mapping Table: Business Partner – Vendor

Mapping Table Business Partner Relationship – Contact Person

Account Groups in Replication into R/3

Mapping of Text IDs Between R/3 and CRM

Control Table for Field Selection: Configuration Simulation

Administration of generated materials per sales order

Management of generated materials to project

User-defined data for order browser

Transfer Status of Articles

Transfer Status of Article/Site Combinations

Transfer Status of Material Hierarchy

DMF Customizing

Transferred location hierarchies from class.system

application log table for DMF RFC content

Relevant Merchandise Categories

Relevant Article Types

Transferred promotions

Select Options used for initial promotion transfer

Transfer Status of Sites

Transferred Sites

DMF Customizing for Tactic Assignment

DMF Tactic

Transfer Status of Vendors

Document to BOM Link

Fixing of Source Status or DUEFL at Pre Step Time

GLN – R/3 Mapping Table

GLN – R/3 Mapping Table

Descriptions of the SAP Objects in the EANC_ILN_META Table

Table in Which the Processes to be Mapped are Defined

Units of Measure Groups For EAN Consistecy

Table for Setting Up Lock Objects for EANs

Sales Order Stock Valuation

Valuation of Sales Order Stock: History

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Serial Number Stock Segment

Serial Number Records

Equipment to BOM Link

Vendor API Application Log configuration

Article Hierarchy Article assignments

Article Hierarchy Structure

Customer-Specific Characteristic Valuation

Manually Maintained Values for IUID Messages

UII IDoc Message Data for Supporting Supplier Collaboration

Consent Data: Consent data provided for legal entity

Consent Data: Communication Channels

Consent Data: Communication Channels description

Consent Data: Customer defined Legal Entity

Consent Data: Customer defined Legal Entity description

Sales Order to BOM Link

General Data in Customer Master

Customer master (VAT registration numbers general section)

Customer Master (Company Code)

Customer Payment History

Customer master (dunning data)

Customer Master (Bank Details)

Customer Master Unloading Points

Customer Master Contact Partner

Customer Master Partner Functions

Customer Master Sales Data

Permitted Alternative Payer

Do NEVER set these Flags; they are for SAP internal use only

Assignment Table Country Groups to Characteristics

Vendor Master (General Section)

Vendor master (VAT registration numbers general section)

Vendor master record (tax groupings)

Vendor Master (Company Code)

Vendor master (dunning data)

Vendor Master (Bank Details)

Vendor master record (withholding tax types) X

Vendor Master Record: Supply Regions

Vendor master record purchasing organization data

Vendor Master Record: Purchasing Data

Vendor hierarchy

Permitted Alternative Payee

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Management of Differently Maintained Material Data in Retail

Material Master: Legal Control

Material Descriptions

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Assignment of Layout Modules to Materials

Material Master Texts per Unit of Measure and Text ID

Material Master: Export Control File

General Material Data

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Plant Data for Material

Lock Table for Plant Data for Maintaining Follow-Up Material

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Lock Table for Plant Data on Reference Material Maintenance

Material Master C Segment: History

Storage Location Data for Material

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Material Master Storage Location Segment: History

Units of Measure for Material

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Material Control Record

Change Document: Period Initialization when System in Op.

Last Serial Number for Material

Setting for MASS parallel customizing

Mass Maintenance Cluster for Error Recover

Parameters for retail mass maintenance

Material to BOM Link

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Control Parameters for the Article Hierarchy

Control Parameters for Distribution Chain Article Hierarchy

Article Hierarchy Properties

Article Hierarchy Description

Category Role

Name of role

Article Assignments Table

Category Strategy

Strategy Name

Category Structure

Language-Dependent Name of a Hierarchy Node

Material Master: Default Fields and Special Retail Fields

Material Valuation

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Material Valuation: History

Stock at Production Storage Bin

Batches (if Batch Management Cross-Plant)


Batch Stocks

Batch Stocks: History

Material: MRP Profiles (Field Contents)

MDM: Change events by incoming IDocs

Account groups for vendor coming from MDS



File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

International Article Numbers (EANs) for Material

Make-to-Order Stock for Customer Order

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Material / Info Record Sustainability table

Material / Vendor Sustainability Eco-Label table

Time when Short Material Numbers were Switched on


Table of field packages

Short text for fild packages

Assignment table different NameScreenField – DatabaseField

External objects that are copied/referenced by versions

External objects that are copied/referenced by versions

Texts for extern. objects that are copied/referenced by ver.

Table of field packages

Table of the field groups for material versioning

Fields/field packages that cannot be versionned

Description of the field group in MGVFIELDGROUP

Versions of allowed fields/field packages

Display internal to external numbers in ALE

Material dependent status of the number range

Specialization types material master

Specialization types material master

Text for specialization types

Table of version categories

Table of version categories

Table of field without a version

Table of field without a version

Table of field without a version

Description of version types

Description of version types

Table of version categories

Consignment Stocks and Returnable Packaging with Customer

Special Stocks from Vendor

Special Stocks from Vendor: History

Consignment Price Segment

Material Provided by Customer

Tax Classification for Material

Vendor-Specific EANs

Material Data for Each Warehouse Number

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Material Data for Each Storage Type

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Material Provided to Vendor

Plant grouping for purchasing

Outstanding Material Master Records

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Mgmt Diff. Maint. Retail Material Data (Prior to Rel. 1.2B)

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Forecast Profiles

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Sales Orders on Hand with Vendor

Sales Order Stock at Vendor: History

Sales Order Stock

Sales Order Stock: History

Special Stocks with Customer

Special Stocks at Customer: History

Special Stocks with Vendor

Special Stocks at Vendor: History

Total Sales Orders on Hand with Vendor

Project Stock

Project Stock: History

Total Customer Orders on Hand

Total Sales Order Stocks: History

Total Special Stocks with Vendor

Project Stock Total

Total Project Stocks: History

Material Master Status

Tax Classification for Material

SAP Customizing Data: Material Versions Overview Screen

SAP Customizing Data: Material Versions Overview Screen

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Material Consumption

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Material Valuation

Material Valuation: History

Material master/product group material version

Material Data for Each Warehouse Number

Material Data for Each Storage Type

MRP material version

Sales Data for Material

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

Material descriptions

LIFO relevant materials material versions

Material data material versions

Cross-version fields for MARA

Cross-version fields for MARC

Storage Location Data for Material

Units of Measure for Material

Sales Data for Material

LIFO-relevant materials

Valuated Stock with Subcontractor

Valuated Stock with Subcontractor: History

Plant Maintenance Object List

Table for Storing Data Temporarily

Material Document Number

Table for Storing Data Temporarily

iPPE/CIF: Basic Data of Comparison Result

iPPE/CIF: Comparison Result of an iPPE Object

iPPE/CIF: Different Objects

iPPE: Profile for PS iPPE Interface

iPPE Assignment Table: PS Objects

Project – BOM link

Master item group

Master alternative items

Project Stock Valuation

Valuation of Project Stock: History

Control Table for Quantity Optimizing

Rounding Profile Description

Assign Control Profiles

Quantity Distribution for BBY Materials in a promotion

Price Optimization: Status Table for DM Message Types

Restricting Selection Conditions for Distribution Chain

Bonus Buy: Bonus Buy Application

Bonus Buy: Condition Tables per Discount Type

Bonus Buy: Bonus Buy Profiles

Bonus Buy: Maintenance Group (Texts)

Price Optimization: General Settings

Customer Types

Customer Types Texts

Price Optimization: Distribution Chain Settings

Default Values Allocation Table for External Markdown Type

Texts External Markdown Types

Media Types

Media Types Texts

Promotion Media

Promotion Media Texts

Price Optimization: Package Size for Data Transfer

Price Optimization: Assignment: DM Messages for Processes

Default Values for Promotions via XI Interface

Relevant Condition Types for Purchase Price Analysis

Promotion Tactic

Promotion Tactic Texts

Rounding profile

Short text describing the rounding profile

Used Color Supplements

Used Color Supplements

General Header Table for Serial Number Management

Document Header for Serial Numbers for Delivery

Document Header for Serial Nos for Maint.Contract (SD Order)

Document Header for Serial Numbers for Goods Movements

Document Header for Serial Numbers for Inspection Lot

Document Header for Serial Numbers for PP Order

Document Header for Serial Numbers for Handling Unit-Content

Document Header for Serial Numbers in Physical Inventory

Document Header for Purchase Order Item Serial Numbers

Doc. Header for Serial Numbers for Purchase Requisition Item

Plant Maintenance Object List

Serial Numbers


Certificates Text

Certificates Rating

Certificates Text

Ecolabel Type

Ecolabel Name Texts

Eco Label Rating

Ecolabel Rating Text

BOMs – Item Selection

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input

BOM Header

BOM Follow-Up Control

BOM item

BOM Subitem

Standard BOM Link

Bills of Material – Serialization of Posting

Permanent BOM data

Valuation area

Storage Locations


Units of Measure Groups

Material Groups

Base Material Group/Hierarchy Material Assignment

Material Group Descriptions

Laboratory/office for material

Laboratory/Office Texts

Valuation Classes

Account Category Reference

Account Category Reference Description

Valuation Class Descriptions

Customer account groups

Vendor account groups

Account Group Names (Table T077D)

Account Group Names (Table T077K)

Trans.-dependent screen selection for cust.master

Transaction-dependent screen selection for vendor master

Transaction-dependent screen selection Plant Master

Company code-dependent screen sel.for cust.master

Company code-dependent screen sel.for vend.master

Vendor master data screen selection (

Customers: Screen Selection according to Sales Org.

Material master field selection

Definition of required tables

Screen data

Field attributes

Texts for ALE Field Groups

Selection group and its tables

Transaction control parameters: material master maintenance

SAP components for material master record maintenance

Status and table

Reduced status and its tables

Table and key field

General Control Indicators in Master Data Maintenance

Plant parameters for master data maintenance

Use of material master views

Change code, selection group, and material master table

Screen Descriptions

Change code plus maintenance status

Change Codes with Descriptions

Status definition

Definition of Valid Statuses

Logical Screens: Attributes

Descriptions of Logical Screens

Assignment of Screen Modules to Logical Screens

Sequence Control for Logical Screens

Function-Oriented Masking for Table T133D

Field Selection: Material Master (Part 2)

Influencing Factors: Screen Sequence No.

Retail: Status and Table

Retail: Status and Relevant RMMW1 Fields

Retail: Table and Key Field

Screen Sequences

Screen Sequence Descriptions

Material Types

Configurable Material Types

Material Type Descriptions

Initial Status of Batch

Field Selection: Initial Screen

Stock Display: Basic List/Breakdown List

Display Version: Stock Overview

Fields for stock display: individual list

Fields for stock display: basic list/detail list

Descriptions of Stock Overview Display Versions

Assignment of Stock Line to Version for Segregated List

Industries for materials

Industry Descriptions

Fields for Mass Change: Material Master Records

Material master screen sequence control

Individual Transaction Code for Mass Change

Masking of the entries in table T138B

Versions for Mass Change: Material Master Records

Exception Messages: Period Closing Program

Exception Messages: Period Closing Program

Material Status from Materials Management/PPC View

Descriptions of Material Status from MM/PP View

Storage Conditions for Materials

Storage Condition Texts

Temperature Conditions for Storing Materials

Temperature Condition Texts

Container Requirements for Storing Materials

Container Requirement Texts

Special Stock Indicator

Field selection on initial screen of special stock maint.

Screen sequence: special stock maintenance

Fields for special stock maintenance

Field selection: special stocks

Lower stock balance indicator for individual segments

Transaction control parameters: special stocks

Special Stock Descriptions

Plant parameters for special stock maintenance

Valuation type/valuation class

Valuation types for valuation area

Valuation Category/Valuation type

Criteria for Material Serial Number Management

Criteria for Serial Number Management (Group)

Serial Number Management Profiles

Texts for Serial Number Management Profiles

Documents Allowed for Serial Number Management

Texts for Serial Number Management Documents

Material: MRP profiles (definition)

Fields in MRP profile that can be initial

Transaction control paramters: MRP profiles

MRP Profile Descriptions

Collection of changed profiles for batch framework

Purchasing Value Key

Spare Part Indicators

Spare part indicator description

Explosion Types

Explosion type description

Alternative BOM Determination

Alternative Determination by Unit of Measure

Material Types Allowed in BOM

BOM status

BOM Status Texts

BOM Usage – Item Statuses

Copying Defaults For Item Status

BOM Usage Texts

Copy defaults for BOM usage – item statuses

Material Provision Indicators

Materials Provided Indicator Texts

Item Categories

Definition of Variables for T418F

Variable-Size Item Formulas

Formula Texts

Item Category Texts

Stock determination group

Texts for stock determination rule (T434G)

Stock determination: Header table

Texts for stock determination – header table

Stock determination: FS item table

Stock determination rule

Texts for stock determination rule (T434R)

Forecast profiles

Fields in forecast profile that can be initial fields

Texts for Material Forecasting Profiles

Contact Person: Responsibilities in SD: Texts

Degree of Fashion

Degree of Fashion

Standard Delivery Cycles

Check table, supply source entry

Check table, supply source entry

Check table, supply source keys (no longer used)

Check table, supply source keys

Check Table for Waste Disposal Type

Categories of seasonal materials

Texts for seasonal material categories

Check Table for Season Indicator

Texts to describe season indicators

Tax Classification: Tax Types per Country

Tax Classification: Tax Types per Country, Names

Tax Classification: Assignment of Tax Groups to Tax Types

Assignment of R/3 Field to CRM Tax Type

Assignment of R/3 Field Value to CRM Tax Group

Industry Code (Customer Master)

Industry code text (customer master)

Applic-Specific Criteria for Alternative Determination

Application Texts

Default Values Logistics Switch for ALE and Material Maint.

Conversion of Old Address Fields to CAM Address Fields

Screen Sequence Control for Item Detail Screens

Modification Parameters/Defaults for BOMs

Transaction-Specific Defaults for BOMs

Default Sort Sequence for BOM items

BOM Control Depending on Category and Usage

BOM Objects

Object Status for BOM Layout Variants

BOMs with History Requirement

BOMs with History Requirement

BOM Item Object Types

Texts for BOM Item Object Types

BOM Item Object Types: external –> internal

BOM Field Selection – Usage (T416)

BOM to Plant Allocation – Field Selection

BOM Field Selection (SAP)

BOM Field Selection – Control Data (TCS03)

Automatic alternative BOM determination

Field group definition – BOMs

Allocation of fields to field groups – BOMs

Field group texts for BOMs

User Profile for BOMs

User defaults list display (variable lists)

Issuing Agency Code

Issuing Agency Code Description

Unconfirmed IBANs and Their Correct Validity Start

Activation of “IBAN without Bank Account Number”

IUID Manual Creation of Communication Messages

IUID Communication Messages Types

Text Table for IUID Communication Messages Types

IUID Registry Communication

Item Unique Identifier Type

Item Unique Identifier Type Description

Reference Customer per Company Code (Consumer Master)

Reference Customer per Sales Area (Consumer Master)

Country Group

Country Groups, Texts

Assignment Table of Countries to Country Groups

Vendor hierarchy: allowed assignments

Vendor Hierarchy Category

Vendor hierarchy category (description)

Vendor hierarchy: allowed account groups

Logistics Handling Group for Workload Calculation

Descriptions for Logistics Handling Groups

Values Table for the ABC Indicator for Materials

Texts for ABC Indicator for Materials

Material Master: Authorization Groups

Material Master: Descriptions for Authorization Groups

Unit of measure categories

Description for unit of measure categories

Markdown Planning – Markdown type

Markdown Planning – markdown plan, short text

Control for Maintaining Structured Materials

Change Restrictions for structured Materials

Default Settings and Flags for Prepack Allocation Planning

Fields from reference prepack, not from generic material

Check Logistic Relevance / Transaction Dependent

International Article Number (EAN) Categories

Descriptions of EAN Categories

Reason for Original Price Change

Text Table: Reason for Original Price Change

Assignment of Partner Function to Account Group Vendor

International Article Number (EAN) Prefixes

EAN Prefix Descriptions

Link Between Functional Location and BOM

Item Category Groups per Material Type

Standard Article Numbers (SANs)

Descriptions of Standard Article Numbers

Assignment of Key to Tables TSAV and TSADV

Material Taxes

Taxes: Materials: Texts

Taxes: Material: Texts (Obsolete, Superseded by TSKMT)

UID Handling

Item Unique Identification Enterprise Identifier

UID Handling and Work Center Connection

Sales Rebate Groups

Sales Rebate Groups: Texts

Customer region

Legal Status (Customer Master)

Legal status text (customer master)

Contact Person: VIP Indicator

Contact Person: Texts for the VIP code

Attribute 10 (customer master)

Attribute 10 texts (customer master)

Attribute 1 (customer master)

Attribute 1 texts (customer master)

Attribute 2 (customer master)

Atribute 2 texts (customer master)

Attribute 3 (customer master)

Attribute 3 texts (customer master)

Attribute 4 (customer master)

Attribute 4 texts (customer master)

Attribute 5 (customer master)

Attribute 5 texts (customer master)

Attribute 6 (customer master)

Attribute 6 texts (customer master)

Attribute 7 (customer master)

Attribute 7 texts (customer master)

Attribute 8 (customer master)

Attribute 8 texts (customer master)

Attribute 9 (customer master)

Attribute 9 texts (customer master)

Customer Condition Groups (Customer Master)

Texts for Customer Condition Groups (Customer Master)

Reference Customer Determination for Consumer(s)

Materials: Status in Sales and Distribution

Materials: SD Status: Texts

Contact Person: Hobbies

Contact Person Hobbies: Texts

Commission Groups

Commission Group Texts

Contact Person: Decision Authority

Contact Person Decision Authority: Texts

Relevance of Bill of Material Items for SD

Relevance of Bill of Material Items for SD

Shipping Conditions

Shipping Conditions: Texts

Customers: Goods receiving hours (default values)

Customers: Goods Receiving Hours: Texts

Unit of measure rounding rule

Parameter for promotion ad. media HTML generator

Promotion Type, IS-R

Promotion type short text, IS-R

Map CRM Campaign Type to Promotion Type

Promotion themes, IS-R

Promotion theme description

Pricing document type

Assortment list type

Assort.list, logistic qty control

Assortment list profile data

Texts for table TWBB

Assortment list profile

Assortment list profile description

Category Management: roles

Category Management: Roles: Names

Assignment of BW Analyses to Internet Addresses

Coupons: Profile for Distributing Discounts in POS Inbound

Coupon Distribution Profile: Short Text

Sales Price Calculation: Assignment of price point group

Pricing: Determination procedure

Net/net purchase price determination procedure (texts)

Pricing: Determination procedure (steps)

External Material Groups

Descriptions for External Material Groups

Layout type

Layout type description

Area schema

Descriptions for area share

Layout Area

Layout area description

Size interval to calculation factor assignment


Product Catalog: Layout Number Ranges for ALE Inbound

Description for layout

Online store: Profile for product presentation

Online store: Profile for customer management

Online store: Profile for quotation and order control

IACs Retail: Selection of countries for customer address

Online Stores

Descriptions for online stores

Customizing Internet application component product catalog

Sales Price Calculation: Assignment of pricing type

Sales Price Calculation: Pricing Type

Sales price calculation: Pricing types (texts)

Listing algorithm

Texts for listing algorithms

Sales Price Calculation: List Fields

Sales price calculation: schema/list field

Sales Price Calculation: List Fields (Texts)

Storage location determination

Listing procedure, assortments

Listing procedure IS-R / texts

Assortment grade rules

Competitor: Price Entry Types

Competitor: Price Entry Type (Texts)

Unit of measure group

Layout module

Layout module descriptions

Value Scale: Valid quota scale per plant/material group

Characteristic Sequence

General Parameters for Retail Control

Product Catalog: Transfer of Document Links During Creation

Product Catalog Type

Product Catalog Type Description

Assignment of retail message to PD org. object

Sales pr.: price point ranges

Sales price calculation: price point groups

Sales price calculation: data on SOrg/distr.chnn/matcl level

Sales price calculation: price point groups (text)

Sales Price Calculations: Pricing Strategies

Sales Price Calculations: Pricing Strategies (Texts)

Price band categories

Text: price band category

Promotion Discount: Condition Creation Control

Allowed tables per copy rule

Plant blocking reasons

Plant blocking reason description

Group Applications

Description: group application

Plant Profiles

Descriptions for plant profiles

Copy rules plant

Descriptions for copy rules

Filter Values for Filter Typ from BAdI RRM_OUTBOUND

Description of Filter Values for BAdI RRM_OUTBOUND

Pricing: Profile for Data Export in RRM Interface

RRM Interface: Description for RRM Profile

General Parameters for Pricing

Return agreements IS-R

Texts: return agreement

(Annual) Seasons

Annual seasons (distribution chain-specific)

Subsequent processing procedure for material discontinuation

Subs. processing procedure (material discontinuation)/texts

Service level IS-R (Info for assortment list)

Text: service level IS-R

Storage Locations for Materials

Situations texts

Assortment priorities IS-R

Check Table for Basic Material Field

Assortment priorities IS-R / texts

Assortment grade IS-R

Space management profile

Space management profile description

Assortment grade IS-R / texts

Sales Price Calculation: List Variants

Sales Price Calculation: Items in List Variant

Sales price calculation: list variants (text)

Service agreement IS-R

Text: service agreement in retail

Subsequent processing for errors in material discontinuation

Promotion category, IS-R

Promotion cat. short text, IS-R

Sales Price Calculation: Allowed pricing levels

Market-Basket Pricing Type

Market-Basket Price Calculation Type: Short Text

Layout area / area share

Price Marking Agreement

Price Marking Agreement

Splitting types for structured materials

Control Access to TWZLA

Unique Item Identifier

Material Master User Settings: Screen Reference “User”

Material Master User Settings: Organizational Levels

User Settings for the Material Master: Logical Screens

Material Master User Settings: Retail Organizational Levels

User settings: material master

Material-to-vendor assignment in price maintenance (promo.)

Delivery Phases in Retail Promotion

Validity of plant groups – IS-R

Assignment of Coupons to Promotion

Promotion Header Data, IS-R

Promotion header data IS-R: index table for conditions

Promotion Item Data

Promotion Discounts

Promotion discounts by plant

Promotion description short text, IS-R

Material to store assignment to promotion

Saving of RANGES

Module plant-group assignment

Promotion/themes assignment

Promotion/advertising media assignment

Assortment List: Header For Merged IDocs

Assortment List Migration

Assortment List ID for Saving Changed Objects

Save Changed Assortment List Objects Temporarily

Temporary Assortment List Objects: Store-Specific

Temporary Assortment List Objects: AL Type and Check

Packet Number for Cancelled Packets (Assortment List)

Assortment List Parameters for Specific Optimization

Assortment list header

Assort. list control break

Assortment list item

Assortment List Job Planning

Category Management: Project


Details for Category Management Step

Category Management Project Maintenance: Description

Category Management: Assignment User to role

POS outbound log: Status of data preparation

POS outbound log: object with errors

POS outbound log: IDoc (items)

Direct Store Delivery Workbench: Preferences

Competitor: Price Entry Document (Header)

Competitor: Price Entry Document (Item)

Customizing action types

Action database enrichment (Customers)

Action database enrichment

Global action data (Customers)

Global action data

Action method call class and method (Customers)

Action method call class and method

Action method call parameters (Customers)

Action method call parameters

Standard action types

Action simple mapping

Action simple mapping target structure fields

Action simple mapping target structure fields

Action simple mapping

Customizing action types (Text Table)

Standard action types (Text Table)

FDT applications created in Rule Engine (Customers)

Workbench Request Associated to each application

FDT applications created in Rule Engine

Mapping information between object data and item fields

Mapping information between object data and item fields

Action database enrichment field assignment (Customers)

Action database enrichment field assignment

Rule Engine event

Rule Engine event

Rule Engine event

Rule Engine event

Table of boolean expressions – OBSOLETE

Table of boolean expressions – OBSOLETE

Customizing expression types

Table of comparison expressions

Table of comparison expressions

Expression method call class and method (Customers)

Expression method call class and method

Expression method call parameters (Customers)

Expression method call parameters

Standard expression types

Customizing expression types (Text Table)

Standard expression types (Text Table)

Customizing table for type compatibility

Work item

Information about the fields of an item

Information about the fields of an item

Item fields used for testing

Work item

Mapping btw data object and assigned rule element (Customer)

Mapping between data object and assigned rule element

Rule (Customers)

Ruke set assignement to events

Function set assignement to events

Sap Release

List of template element of an application (Customers)

List of template element of an application

Subset of articles used for testing

Subset of mara fields for testing

Test table for predefined types

Subset of mara fields containing the result for testing

References to template elements: where-used list (Customers)

References to template elements: where-used list

Usage of workitems within applications

Usage of workitems within applications

Application in A2A Scenario

Configuration: Filters Used in an Application

Configuration: Filter Objects Used in an Application

Configuration: Filters Used in a Service Implementation

Language Assignments in Service Implementations

Inactive Nodes in Application Service Implementation

Application Service Implementation

Description of Application in A2A Scenario

Available Business Objects (ESR)

Available Filters on Filter Objects

Description of Available Filters on Entities

Filter Object

Available Filter Objects in Service Implementations

Filter Object Description

Level for Transfer of Matl Group Hierarchy per Application

Settings for Material Outbound Service

Parameter Service RetailEventERPStoreReplicationRequest_Out


Available Service Implementations

Description – Service Implementation

Available Optional Nodes in Service Implementation

Available Service Operation

Definition of Explicit Filters

Bonus Buy: Stores Supplied via Service

Status Table for Outbound Services

Retail Promotion: Stores Supplied via Service

Assignment – Reference Plants to Plants

Information for a RWES_SERVICES_OUT Run

Addtional Status for Table WIND

Index for XI Message GUID to Outbound Service Log

EMU: Planning of currency conversions

Store user-defined selection-option value

GDS storage: Attributes assignement

Activate GDS Enhancements

Error Classifications

Text table of error classifications

Text table of message types

Message Types

Default Settings for Message Manager

Classification System


Classification Text Table

Data pool item confirmation message

Datapool item confirmation state

WGDS Confirmation

Header information of a message

Items of a message

Errors of Trade Item

Data Pools lookup table

Directory where information about storage entries ar stored.

GDS storage: structures’ fields info

Table that link confirmation, subscription and pricat item

WGDS Log Subscription

Classification Level Type

WGDS_LVL_TYP text table

Links between order and log entry

Application used in a process

Standard processes that use Rule Engine

Rule engine’s Events called during a process

General Customizing Table

Standard processes that use Rule Engine – Text table

Structure version

GDS Storage : registered structure

Subscriptions Customizing Table

Subscriptions Defaults

Subscriptions messages

WGDS Subscriptions

Error Codes Table

Texts for Error Codes

Texts for trade item types

table of trade item types

Pricing document: header

Pricing document: item

Layout area item

Load Control/Ext. Parallel Processing: Options

Load Control/Ext. Paral. Proc.: Preselection Criteria

Load Control/Ext. Paral. Proc.: Preselection Criteria

Load Control/Ext. Parallel Processing: Entries in SelectOpt.

Logging of listing activities

Listing Conditions SAP Retail Assortments

Listing Conditions SAP Retail / Folder per Distrib. Chain

Article Master Data SAP Retail / Part POS Control Data

Texts for layout area item

Validity and Status of Layout Module Versions

Plant grouping for logistic data

Assignment Table for Layout Module Variants for Stores

Material Quantities in Sites for Promotion Periods

Markdown Planning – Stores

Markdown Planning – header data

Description of a markdown plan

Markdown Planning – Price Lists

Markdown Planning – item data (materials)

Markdown planning – price phases per material/un

Markdown rule header

Markdown rule item

Text table for markdown rules

Quota Scale: Header Data

Quota Scale: Header Texts

Quota Scale: Item Data

Value Scale: Header Data

Value Scale: Header Texts

Value Scale: Item Data

Material Order Number (Dummy Table for Blocked Objects)

Family Pricing: Definition of Families

Family Pricing: Definition of Families (Texts)

Family Pricing: Diff. Dist. Chain-Depnd. Price Relationships

Family Pricing: Assignment of Articles to Family Groups

Family Pricing: Defintion of Family Groups

Family Pricing: Definition of Family Groups (Texts)

Map error message against action code

Map error message against action code

Mapping of offer id and ppo id

Promotion to offer transfer group assignment

Mapping of split offer term to offer

Mapping of Vendor Fund ID to the PPO Order ID

General Setttings for Retail Event Inbound Processing

Parameters for Retail Event Offer Activation or Deactivation

Assigning Plants to Reference Plants

Material Update

Update Selection Criterion

Purchasing List Inbound Interface Detailed Totals

Purchasing List Inbound Interface Totals

Markdown Profile Assignment

Planned Article Basic Data

Planned Article Assignment into CDT

Planned Article Characteristics and Characteristic Values

Planned Article Dynamic Attributes

Planned Article Descriptions

Planned Article Long Texts

Planned Article Purchasing Data and Prices

Planned Article Sales Data

Planned Article Units of Measure

Planned Article Variants

Purchasing List Assigned Quantities

Purchasing List Supplying DCs

Purchasing List Header Data

Purchasing List Description

Purchasing List Items

OAPC: Purchasing List Item Prepack Information

Purchasing List Planned Data

Purchasing List Purchase Order Quantities

Planned Article Prepack Components

Operational APC: Select Quota Scales per Hierarchy Node

Worklist of Purchasing List Items for Follow-Up Processes

Hierarchy Control Table

Text Table for WRF_APPL_SET

Deletion Table for Fixture Assignments

Assign Attachment Mode to Number Range Assortments

Text Table Assignment Creation Mode for No. Range Assortment


Brand Names

Customizing table for activation of charact. ALE distrib.

Convert Internal Care Codes to Regional Care Codes

Textile Care Types

Names for Textile Care Types

Regional, Standardized Textile Care Codes

Texts for Regional, Standardized Textile Care Codes

Characteristic Values with Customer Fields

Header Table for Controlling Characteristics

Foreign-Language Texts for Characteristic Values

Category Texts


Subcategory Texts

Segment Texts


Subsegment Texts


Sub-Subsegment Texts

Product Group

Product Group Texts

Brand Texts

CDT-SKU Assignment Table

Error Log and Valuation Levels – Seas. Proc. Discontinuation

Worklist for Discontinuation for Seasonal Procurement

Worklist Items: Discontinuation for Seasonal Procurement

Customizing for All Levels for Time-Dep. Data for Promotions

Worklist for Assignm of TD Promo Data after Changes to Promo

Level-Based Customizing for Time-Dep. Data for Promotions

Worklist After Changes to Promotions

Time-Dependent Data for Promotions

Default Values for Time-Dependent Promotion Data

Fiber Codes for Textiles (e.g. Wool, Silk, Etc.)

Names for Fiber Codes (e.g. Wool, Silk, Etc.)

Follow-Up Categories

Follow-Up Relationships to Original Material

Texts of Follow-Up Categories

Hierarchy Table

Hierarchy Text

Node Container

Hierarchy Node

Objects of a Hierarchy

Object Descriptions

Object Container

Definition of Fixtures

Assignment of Fixture to Layout Module Version

Deletion Table for Fixtures

Table of Fixture Categories

Language-Dependent Table for Fixture Category Descriptions

System Table for Use of Fixtures

Table for Language-Dependent Description of Fixtures

Deletion Table for Material Assignments

Article Hierarchy: Table of Tree Columns

Table of Tree Column Texts

Article Hierarchy Properties

Article Hierarchy Description

Hierarchy Level 1 – Time-Dependent

Hierarchy Level 10 – Time-Dependent

Hierarchy Level 10 Texts

Hierarchy Level 1 Texts

Hierarchy Level 2 – Time-Dependent

Hierarchy Level 2 Texts

Hierarchy Level 3 – Time-Dependent

Hierarchy Level 3 Texts

Hierarchy Level 4 – Time-Dependent

Hierarchy Level 4 Texts

Hierarchy Level 5 – Time-Dependent

Hierarchy Level 5 Texts

Hierarchy Level 6 – Time-Dependent

Hierarchy Level 6 Texts

Hierarchy Level 7 – Time-Dependent

Hierarchy Level 7 Texts

Hierarchy Level 8 – Time-Dependent

Hierarchy Level 8 Texts

Hierarchy Level 9 – Time-Dependent

Texts – Hierarchy Level 9

Article Hierarchy: Table of Control Parameters

Hierarchy-Product Assignment Table


Category Role

Name of role

Article Assignments Table

Category Strategy

Strategy Name

Language-Dependent Name of a Hierarchy Node

Category Structure

Table of Hierarchy Levels

Table of Hierarchy Level Texts

Reorganization of Markdown Profile Assignments in SAP

History: Original Price Change

Original Price

Layout Module

Layout Group Text Table

PPD Material Item

PPD Budgets

PPD Budget Set

PPD Calculation Set

PPD Header

PPD Markdown Set

PPD Organization Set – Header

PPD Organization Set – Item

PPD Price Activation Level

PPD Stock Set

Version-Dependent Header Data

Assign Processors to Processor Group

Assign Parameters to Layout User Group

Price Planner Groups

Price Planner Group Text Table

PPW Worklist Error Table

PPW Worklist

Price Level Groups

Price Level Group Categories

Descriptions Price Level Group Categories

Price Levels of a Price Pattern

Price Pattern

Names of Price Groups

Material Attributes for Reference Determination Schema

General Settings for Multiple References

Assignment of a Reference Module to Material/Plant


Matching and Match Rate Relevance of Attribute Values

Header Data for a Reference Module

Reference Determination Schema

Description of the Reference Determination Schema

Ranking Type for Material Hierarchy

Sales price calculation: price point groups (text)

Assignment of Rollout Groups to Categories

Assignment of Plant Grouping to Local Plant Group No.

Plant Group Descr. Short Text

Assignment of Plants to Local Plant Groups

Textile Components

Textile Components with their Fibers

Personal settings

Deletion Table for LayMod. Versions

Assignment of Price Point Group to Mat. Hierarchy Node

Deletion Table for Assortments

Deletion Table for Assortment Assignments

Plant data

Plant / receiving points

Delivering plant, time-dependent

Plant/ Departments

Plant / Merchant ID of Credit Card Company

Plant / material group

Textile Components

Text Table for Textile Components

Creation Status – Seasonal Procurement

Creation Status – Seasonal Procurement

Field Groups – Seasonal Procurement

Field Group Names – Seasonal Procurement

Permitted Fields – Seasonal Procurement

Reference Values: Core Material Master Data Maintenance

Assortment Dimensions

Texts for Assortment Dimensions

Permitted Values for Assortment Dimensions

Texts for Values of Assortment Dimensions

Assortment Types

Texts for Assortment Types

Operational APC: Active Key Figures

Operational APC: Relevant Article Hierarchy Level

Planning Node / Hierarchy Level Exceptions

Operational APC: Characteristics Position on Screen

Operational APC: General Customizing

Operational APC: Key Figures

Operational APC: Key Figure Descriptions

Operational APC: Screen Structure Definition

Operational APC: Settings for System Messages

Item Date Settings in Purchasing Lists

Operational APC: Active Tab Pages on Screen

Seasonal Procurement: Consignment Control

Seasonal Procurement: Name of Consignment Control

Headers of the 10 Customer Fields

General Customizing: Markdown Profile Assignment

Indicator: Activate SAP Markdown Profile Assignment

PPW: Assignment: Budget Type to Process ID

Definition of Default Layouts for ALV Grids

Price Planning Type

PPD Type: Name


Tree Profile Column Attributes

Default for Tree Profile Column Attributes

Tree Profile Hierarchy

Default for Hierarchy Tree Profile

General Settings for Price Planning

Assignment of Rollouts to Rollout Groups

Rollout Groups

Rollout Group Descriptions

Transport of objects Object definition

Tables for an Object


Assortments Where Layout Listing Conditions Checked and Conv

Material groups in the assortment

Assortment description

Assignment of assortment user to assortment

Worklist Season wind-up – header

Profile Assignment to Services

Assignment of Plants to Consumer Profiles

Profile Definition


Assignment of Movement Types to Profile

Module Assignment (SAP Retail) to Plants

Assortment Modules SAP Retail

Definition of Jobs for Assigning a Plant to an Assortment

MAP: Temporary Listing Table from Planning

Item Data for Updating a Job

Assortment objects

Modules SAP Retail / Item Data

Control Parameters for Assortments and Listing

SAP Retail Modules – Descriptions

Prepack allocation planning lines

Prepack allocation planning delivery phases

Prepack DC put away planning delivery phases

Prepack allocation planning default delivery phases

Prepack allocation planning site group assignation

Relation between alloc table created and generic article

Prepack allocation table posting messages

Prepack allocation table item reference

Prepack DC put away planning lines

Prepack allocation planning site group definition

Sample DB Table that contains pre-extracted data from B.W.

Prepack creation and allocation – posting control

Prepack definition – Description table

Prepack definition – Header table

Prepack definition – Purchasing price table

Prepack definition – Components table

Version Management for Reclassification Trees

Market-Basket Pricing Document: Header

Market-Basket Pricing Document: Item

Market-Basket Pricing Document: Short Texts

Product catalog

Prod. catalog texts

Product catalog variant

Product catalog variant text

Vendor Subrange

Vendor Sub-Range Description

Vendor-dependent char. value conversion

Partner Functions

Operative Control

Changes to Vendor Master Record

Characteristics for characteristic value conversion