SAP Advanced Returns Management in LO (LO-ARM) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP LO-ARM sub module is an application component stands for Advanced Returns Management in LO. It is coming under the LO module (Logistics). Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP LO-ARM module


Here is the list of sub components coming under the SAP Advanced Returns Management in LO application component with the package name they belong to.

  1. E4A0000031 → LO-ARM → Advanced Returns Management
  2. EBS0000031 → LO-ARM-INS → Inspection

SAP LO-ARM (Advanced Returns Management in LO) TABLES

Here is a list of sample 15 tables coming under LO-ARM component. Full list will be available from the mentioned link after this list.

  1. MSR_I_CODE → Multi-step returns – follow-up action from user perspective
  2. MSR_D_FIN_STATUS → Advanced Returns Management – Next Financial Steps
  3. MSR_D_SPLIT_REL → Advanced Returns Management – Relationship Between Splits
  4. MSR_C_RET_REASON → Multi-step returns – Returns reason
  5. MSR_C_RET_REASOT → Multi-step returns – Returns reason text
  6. MSR_D_FUP_BLOCK → Follow-Up Activity Blocks
  7. MSR_I_CHAIN_T → Multi-step returns
  8. MSR_D_HEAD → Advanced Returns Management – Tracking Header Data
  9. MSR_I_CHAIN → Multi-step returns – link between current state and planned
  10. MSR_C_MAP_RO → Specify Follow-Up Document Types for Customer Returns
  11. MSR_C_ABGRU → Rejection Reasons
  12. MSR_C_INSPCATCUS → Catalog and Code Group for Material Inspection by Customer
  13. MSR_D_USER_GROUP → Assignment of Users to User Groups
  14. MSR_I_SEQ_T → Multi-step returns – associated text table to MSR_I_SEQ
  15. MSR_C_RET_REFUND → Returns Refund Codes
  16. View full list of SAP LO-ARM Tables with description