SAP Additionals Management in LO (LO-ADM) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP LO-ADM sub module is an application component stands for Additionals Management in LO. It is coming under the LO module (Logistics). Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP LO-ADM module

SAP LO-ADM (Additionals Management in LO) TABLES

Here is the list of standard SAP tables coming under LO-ADM component.

  1. TWEA → IS-R Labeling: Check Table Material Groups
  2. TWEAT → IS-R Labeling: Text Table Material Groups
  3. TWEK → IS-R Labeling: Check Table Customer/Plant Groups
  4. TWEKT → IS-R Labeling: Text Table Customer/Plant Groups
  5. TWEP → IS-R Labeling: Check Table Label Categories
  6. TWEPT → IS-R Labeling: Text Table Label Categories
  7. TWET → IS-R Labeling: Check Table Label Types
  8. TWETT → IS-R Labeling: Text Table Label Types
  9. TWEZ → IS-R Labeling: Check Table Labeling Party
  10. TWEZT → IS-R Labeling: Text Table Labeling Party
  11. TWT_ACTION → Additionals: Follow-Up Actions
  12. TWT_ACTIONT → Additional: Texts for Follow-up Actions
  13. TWTCPAF → Additionals: Fields relevant to change analysis
  14. TWTCTRL → Control table for procedures for additionals
  15. TWTFM → Procedure for additionals
  16. TWTFMA → Additionals: Material group attributes
  17. TWTFMP → Additionals: procedure for additionals per material group
  18. TWTFMT → Description (name) for procedures for additionals
  19. TWTRAS → Runtime Measurement: Control Table For Runtime Analysis
  20. WEST → IS-R Labeling: Master Data for Control
  21. WRF_WTAD_AD_WL → Additionals: Temporary Storage of Work Data
  22. WTAD_SUP_FM → Additionals: Vendor-specific Procedure for Additionals
  23. WTADAB → Additionals: Documents
  24. WTADABT → Additionals: Documents: Supplementary texts
  25. WTADDI → Additionals for a material
  26. WTADFMCU → Additional: External/Internal Procedure for Additionals
  27. WTRAD → Runtime Measurement: Log: Item Data
  28. WTRAH → Runtime Measurement: Log: Header Data