SAP ITS Tutorial – Internet Transaction Server architecture

SAP ITS stands for SAP Internet Transaction Server. It is integrated with into the kernel of the SAP Netweaver Application Server. ITS is accessed via the “Internet Communication Manager”. With the integration with ITS a web browser can communicate directly with a SAP System.

sap its architecture

Two Types of Gateways Present in SAP ITS

  • WGate : Web server gateway
  • AGate :Application server gateway

ITS Architecture
SAP ITS Architecture

Table Fields with ITS data

Here is a list of possible table fields which used for storing ITS related data in SAP.

  • ITS_BASEURL – Base URL of ITS that Corresponds to Logical System
  • SEPARATOR1 – Separator Between URL and Its Arguments
  • SERVER – Name of the ITS Server
  • AEDES – Description of reason for change and its consequences
  • CHK_OUTDATED – Store is outdated regarding its update
  • CHK_OUTDATED_DAY – Number of days the store is outdated regarding its update
  • ATTR_POS – XML Attribute Position within its element
  • ACTIVE – The field and its attributes are active
  • ITS_URL – URL of the Internet Transaction Server (ITS)
  • OUTLINE_CATEGORY – Oracle Monitoring: OUTLINE_CATEGORY: If outline, its catgory
  • BRACKET – Bracket for a Period and its Supplementals
  • NAME – Name of ITS Feature
  • IACORINST – Virtual ITS to which an IACOR is assigned
  • IACORTYPE – Type of IACORS (W – Web page, Mimes | I – ITS page, Other)
  • HTML_TAG – html & html(business) tags for ITS
  • .INCLUDE – data about sqlserver and the host its running on
  • PATH – ITS: File/ICON Upload, Path in Theme (e.g. ‘TEST/ICON/’)
  • ONLY_TADIR – ITS: Customizing Report SIAC_ICON_UPLOAD, Create TADIR Only
  • LOCAL_ITS – SPI: URL to ITS for Local System