what is Coding Block | SAP HR Tutorial

The coding block in SAP is a tool used to enter additional account assignments, for example, cost center, order or project. The coding block is supported by Accounting (AC) and used by other application components such as Human Resources (HR), which include the AC screen as a subscreen.

The tool enables HR users to enter and validate additional account assignments in posting transactions. It can only be used in the R/3 System.

You can enter the following additional account assignments in the coding block subscreen:

  • Company code
  • Business area
  • Cost center
  • Order
  • Cost object
  • Activity type
  • Funds center
  • Commitment item
  • Fund
  • Sales order and item
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS) element
  • Network and activity number
  • Controlling area

Using the Coding Block

You set up Human Resources (HR) as a distributed SAP component in a separate R/3 System. You enter additional account assignments in HR posting transactions that are relevant to Accounting (AC).

You must ensure that master data for all additional account assignments is available in the central accounting system. The accounting document created by the HR transaction has to be posted to the same accounting system.

You must make an entry for the method CheckAccountAssignment of the object AcctngServices in the distribution model. The company code is available as a filter object to determine the central accounting system. All additional account assignments will be validated in the central accounting system determined by the distribution model (through synchronous remote access), even if the account assignments have been partially replicated into the HR system.

Additional account assignments are entered on the coding block subscreen in the HR System. The method

CheckAccountAssignment of the object AcctngServices is called to validate the additional account assignments. If an invalid account assignment is entered, an error message is sent to the HR System.
These individual objects are used:
1. Business object. AcctngServices (BUS6001)
Method: CheckAccountAssignment