SAP Pension Schemes in PA (PA-PF) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP PA-PF sub module is an application component stands for Pension Schemes in PA. It is coming under the PA module (Personnel Management) of SAP HR. Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP PA-PF module


Here is the list of sub components coming under the SAP Pension Schemes in PA application component with the package name they belong to.

  1. PH40000031 → PA-PF → Pension Schemes
  2. L9C0000521 → PA-PF-CH → Pension Fund Switzerland
  3. HLA0100987 → PA-PF-DE → Company Pension Scheme Germany
  4. IGA0000001 → PA-PF-NL → Pension fund Netherlands
  5. HLA0003789 → PA-PF-XX → Pension fund: General Parts

SAP PA-PF (Pension Schemes in PA) TABLES

Here is a list of sample 15 tables coming under PA-PF component. Full list will be available from the mentioned link after this list.

  1. T72AD → Value types of a variant for the Wage Maintenance Debugger
  2. P01CST → Status Information CPS
  3. T5DW4 → Control Data for Basic Calculation (Income/Contributions)
  4. P01CSO → Special Information
  5. T5CA8 → PC Method Determination
  6. P01CET → Incorrect Actions CPS
  7. T72P1 → HR-PF: Wage Type Categories for PF
  8. P01CSL → Social Benefits CPS
  9. T5NK4 →
  10. T5CBI → Group Formation Types
  11. T5CAD → PC Parameter Values
  12. T5CPW → Ad Hoc Query Field Assignment
  13. T5NA1 → GBA status
  14. T5CPI → HR-CH: Settings for PC Schemata for PF
  15. P01RBM_MZ01_BTGD → Reporting Data MZ01 Pension Receipt Notif.: Contribut. Data
  16. View full list of SAP PA-PF Tables with description

SAP PA-PF (Pension Schemes in PA) TCODES

See some sample transaction codes used with SAP PA-PF sub module. I have added Full list with details in another tutorial (see the link after this list).

  1. S_AHR_61012613 → IMG Activity: OHADBAV030B
  2. S_AHR_61012519 → IMG Activity: OHADBAV350BAA
  3. P01A_VM01 → Create Dataset
  4. PFDESS_12PKB1 → HR-PF-BE: ESS Pension Certificate
  5. PC00_M02_LPKPC0 → Person Selection for Pension Fund
  6. S_AHR_61012598 → IMG Activity: OHADBAV330AA
  7. PFDESS_12PKB3 → HR-PF-BE: ESS Retirement Statement
  8. S_AHR_61012603 → IMG Activity: OHADBAV050A
  9. P01A_FO03D → Check Reimbursements
  10. PUCV → Entity copier for PC objects
  11. S_AHR_61012521 → IMG Activity: OHADBAV330BAA
  12. P01A_RE02 → Transfer Data to CPS Database
  13. PAC0 → PC Editor: Initial screen
  14. S_L7D_24000208 → IMG-Aktivität: OHPKNLAF200
  15. S_AHR_61012555 → IMG Activity: OHADBAV630
  16. View full list of SAP PA-PF tcodes with details