SAP Organizational Structure in PA (PA-OS) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 52 SAP standard tables used with SAP Organizational Structure in PA component (SAP PA-OS) coming under SAP PA (Personnel Management) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP PA-OS tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

HCP Formation Text

Infotype 1003 DB Table

Infotype 1004 DB table

Infotype 1006 DB table

Infotype 1007 DB Table

Infotype 1010 DB table

Infotype 1011 DB Table

Infotype 1013 DB Table

Infotype 1014 DB Table

DB Table for Infotype 1018 Cost Distribution

Additional Data PAD48

Table Division Infotype 1018 Cost Distribution


Activities for special personnel actions

Texts Restrictions

Health Examinations

Conversion Factors

Name Format

Authorities/Resources Texts

Reasons Texts


Health Examinations



Interface Characteristics

HR Interfaces to FI/LO

HR Interfaces to FI/LO: Texts

Translation of Column Name(Column Concept)/Field Name/Query

OM: Queries Already Generated in the System (Local)

Views with Grouping

Areas Texts

Task Functions

Data Collection

Task Function Texts


View Texts

Assignment of Users to User Groups

User Groups for HRIS

Areas per View


Data Views with Grouping

Flagged for Master Data Integration

OM-Search Function “Free Search”: Obj. Type InfoSet (Cust.)

OM-Search Function “Free Search”: Obj. Type InfoSet (Std.)

Table with Selections/Queries to be Deleted

Structural Graphics: PD Object Data Control (old)

SAP Structural Graphics: PD Profiles

Enhancement of Contingent Planning Attributes

OM: Desired Output Fields of a Query (Transportable)

Profiles for RHDESC20

Person Group/Subgroup per Work Schedule Group

Employee Group/Subgroup Assignment to Work Schedule Groups

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