SAP Management of Global Employees in PA (PA-GE) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 64 SAP standard tables used with SAP Management of Global Employees in PA component (SAP PA-GE) coming under SAP PA (Personnel Management) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP PA-GE tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

HR Master Record: Infotype 0702

HR Master Record: Infotype 0703

HR Master Record: Infotype 0704

HR Master Record: Infotype 0705

HR Master Record: Infotype 0706

HR Master Record: Infotype 0707

HR Master Record: Infotype 0708

HR Master Record: Infotype 0710

HR Master Record: Infotype 0715

Derived Compensation Package Items

International HR Administrator

Mapping Table for COLI Providers and Assignment Types

Allowed Family Status for Assignment Types

Assignment Types

Assignment Types Text Table

Base Compensation Package Items

Global Payroll Categories

Mapping Table for Categories and Infotype Groups

CPIs calculation

Text Table for Global Payroll Category Types

Mapping Table for Exchange Rates and Assignment Types

Currency Fluctuation Protection

Groups of Countries

Mapping Table for Groups of Countries and Countries

Text Table for Country Groupings

Checklist Items

Checklist Table

Text Table for Checklist Items

Cost of Living Allowance Index

COLI Providers

Text Table for COLI Providers

Text Table for Global Commuting Types

Compensation Package Items

Text Table for Compensation Package Items

Compensation Package Items

Storage of Document Types

Document Status

Text Table for Document Status

Eligibility for Compensation Package

Factors for compensation packages

Text Table for Compensation Package Items

Global employee: Form Setup

Family Status

Text Table for Family Status

Country-Dependent Wage Type Attributes for Interfacing

Mapping Table from Global Employees to Standard

Multiplication Rules for Base CPIs

Offer Letter Sequencing

Global Payroll Types

Text Table for Global Payroll Types

Mapping Table for Regions and Countries

Collection Tables for Requests for Global Assignments

Text Table for Regions

Evaluation Methods for Compensation Package Items

Text Table for Evaluation Methods for CPIs

Assignment Status

Status Sequence for Assignment Type

Text Table for Assignment Status

Summation Rules for Base CPIs

Date Rule for Currency Conversion

Texts of Date Rules for Currency Conversion

Currency Conversion Rules

Texts for Currency Conversion Rules