SAP HR Information Systems in PA (PA-IS) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP PA-IS sub module is an application component stands for HR Information Systems in PA. It is coming under the PA module (Personnel Management) of SAP HR. Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP PA-IS module

SAP PA-IS (HR Information Systems in PA) TABLES

Here is the list of standard SAP tables coming under PA-IS component.

  1. HRLDAP_PERNR → Personnel Numbers that Must be Sent to LDAP
  2. HRMS_BIW_PPDELTA → BW: Delta management for posting-data extractors
  3. HRMS_BW_PY_CUST1 → DataSource 0HR_PY_1: Criterion for Assignment to BW Month
  4. HRSEL_COMBINE → Relationship of Selection IDs
  5. HRSEL_FUNCTIONS → Selection Functions
  6. HRSEL_FUNC_DATA → General Data for Selecting by FM
  7. HRSEL_GROUPIDS → Possible Groupings
  8. HRSEL_GROUPING → Selection Grouping
  9. HRSEL_IDS → HR Selection IDs
  10. HRSEL_IDS_TEXT → Texts for HR Selection IDs
  11. HRSEL_RANGES → Selection Condition Ranges
  12. HRSEL_ROOTOBJ → Root Object Set for Structural Reporting
  13. HRSEL_STRUCTURE → Structural Reporting
  14. HRSEL_TABFIELDS → Table Name and Field Name of Selection
  15. LDA_QUERY_MAP → HR LDAP: Mapping Query Field Name <-> LDAP Attribute Name
  16. T72B0_BW → HR-PF-BW: Permitted PC Activities for BW Extraction
  17. T72B1_BW → HR-PF-BW: Permitted Value Type per PC Activities for BW
  18. T770AF → HR Query: Function Modules for Customer’s Additional Fields
  19. T770P → Infotypes with Repeat Field Groups for RP Query
  20. T770Q → Additional Fields and Table Fields HR Query
  21. T770R → Table Accesses for HR Query
  22. T770S → Module Calls for HR Query
  23. T770T → Function modules providing texts for special fields
  24. T770U → Text field information on table fields

SAP PA-IS (HR Information Systems in PA) TCODES

See the list oftransaction codes used with SAP PA-IS sub module.

  1. S_PH0_48000513 → Ad Hoc Query
  2. HRLDAP_EXTRACT_IDM → HR LDAP Data Extraction (IDM)
  3. PIMN → Human Resources Information System
  4. HRLDAP_EXTRACT → HR LDAP Data Extraction
  5. S_AHR_61019041 → Ad hoc query
  6. S_AHR_61019036 → Ad Hoc Query
  7. S_PH0_48000517 → Ad Hoc Query
  8. PQAH → Ad Hoc Query
  9. HRLDAP_MAP → Assign Query Field -> LDAP Attribute
  10. S_AHR_61019053 → SAP Query
  11. S_AHR_61019055 → SAP Query