SAP HR Administrative Services in PA (PA-AS) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP PA-AS sub module is an application component stands for HR Administrative Services in PA. It is coming under the PA module (Personnel Management) of SAP HR. Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP PA-AS module

SAP PA-AS (HR Administrative Services in PA) TABLES

Here is a list of sample 15 tables coming under PA-AS component. Full list will be available from the mentioned link after this list.

  1. T5ASRADDCRIT_T → Text Table ‘Additional Criteria’ (LPA)
  2. POBJC_LEVEL_T → Allowable levels with text for a given consumer
  3. T5ASRSETTINGS → Customizing Settings for HR Admin. Services
  4. POBJD_LEV2LEVLNK → Levels Assigned to level
  5. POBJC_CONSUMER → Consumers using the POBJ Framework
  6. ASRPHPR03 → ASR: Attributes of Physical Information Objects
  7. T5ASRCONT02 → Attachments HRAdmin: Table for Document Contents (Imp./Exp.)
  8. T5ASRDPFARDOCS → Assignment of Archived Documents to Category of Record
  9. T5ASRATTACHMENT → Attachment Types
  10. T5ASRDABSETTINGS → Settings in DAB (User-Specific)
  11. T5ASR01PHRE → Container HR Admin: Status Table for Indexation of Documents
  12. T5ASR02PHRE → Attachments HR Admin: Status Table for Indexation of Documts
  13. T5ASRFSCNISRLNK → Assignment of ISR Scenarios to Form Scenarios
  14. T5ASR01IDXSTA → Container HR Admin: Attributes Physical Information Objects
  15. ASRPHRE03 → ASR: Outgoing Relations of Physical Information Objects
  16. View full list of SAP PA-AS Tables with description

SAP PA-AS (HR Administrative Services in PA) TCODES

See the list oftransaction codes used with SAP PA-AS sub module.

  1. HRASR00_WFC_DRAFTERR → Draft for Process Start with Error
  2. HRASR_CHK_FSCN_CUST → Check Consistency of Form Scenarios
  3. PASR → HR Administrative Services (DAB)
  4. HRASR_FSCN_CUST → Manage Form Scenario
  5. HRASR_EXEC_TX_PASR → Start of Transaction PASR
  6. HRASRPROCESS_UTILITY → Admin Utility for Process Instances
  7. HRASRREF_NUM → HR Admin: Process Reference Number
  8. HRASR00_WFC_XIACPSTR → WF Cust. XI: Respons. for Proc.Start
  9. HRASR00_WFC_DRAFT → Draft for Process Start
  10. HRASR00_WFC_XIFOLWUP → WF Cust. XI: Followup for Process
  11. PASR_DAB_HISTORY → Delete History Data
  12. HRASR_EXEC_TX_ATTCH → Start Personnel File
  13. HRASR_CALL_TX_PASR → Start of Transaction PASR
  14. HRASR00_WFC_PROC → Workflow Template for Sample Process
  15. HRASR_GS_INFO → Information About Generic Services