All about transaction codes in SAP

Transaction code in SAP is used to access the reports/functionalities quickly. It just like a shortcut method to avoid many menu path traversal. Transaction codes are shortly represent a tcodes. In this tutorial you will get an overview about transaction codes, its different types and how to create a tcode in SAP etc.

What is Transaction Code in SAP

SAP system contains a lot of functionalities & features. It will be bit time consuming to access many things in SAP if you are using their menu path. To avoid this issue, SAP provides a shortcut method to access any functionality easily & quickly, that is transaction codes. When we enter a specific transaction code in command field corresponding section will load instantly.

How SAP Tcodes Work

Each transaction code in SAP mapped to a specific program. When we enter a tcode in command field area, corresponding program will run. This assignment to the particular program is doing at the time of a transaction code creation. In the below image red marked area is the command field where we need to enter particular tcode.

SAP transaction code entering area - command field

For example, a SAP standard program named RM07IDOC is used for to display report physical inventory overview. A transaction code MIDO is there which mapped to the same program. When we enter MIDO tcode in command field RM07IDOC program will execute and display the report.

Different types of transaction codes

Different types of transaction codes

There are mainly 5 types of transaction codes in SAP. They are

  • Dialog Transaction : This type is used to execute Dialog module or module pool type programs
  • Report Transaction : This type is used to execute type 1 or executable programs.
  • Object Oriented Transaction : This type is used to execute class methods.
  • Parameter Transaction : This method is used to execute programs with predefined variable values.
  • Variant Transaction : This methods is used to execute programs with custom default values or screen field properties.

How to create a new tcode in SAP

For creating a new transaction code in SAP, we need to use SE93 tcode. After entering the tcode, we need to give a unique name and description for our new transaction code. After that we need to select transaction code type (from 5 types) and name of the program to map. There will be some more input data required as per the tcode type you select. From this link you will get step by step instructions to create a new tcode in SAP.

Where Tcodes stored in SAP

SAP standard table TSTC stores all the transaction codes and corresponding executing programs and other technical details. TSTCT table stores the description (purpose) of each transaction codes.

List of available transaction codes in SAP

Here I have added links to the list of tcodes on module/ sub-module wise. You can refer the links as per your area in SAP. For technical details of each tcode will be available from the links in that pages.









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