SAP software capabilities and benefits – an introduction

SAP is powerful ERP software that has lots of capabilities and helps businesses of all sizes to enable their critical processes and streamline their activities to improve productivity and increase profits. Without SAP, it would be very difficult for businesses to carry out normal activities as there will be a lack of consistency in capturing vital data and do business efficiently. SAP capabilities are plenty and are all directed towards empowering businesses and get a maximum out of their endeavors.

Use simpler processes for improving enterprise productivity

Organizations, no matter how big or small they are, have lots of business data that need to be handled in an efficient and meticulous way to gain valuable insights and improve business scopes. This is why businesses rely on SAP as it allows them to access data in a way it is intended to.

Also, it is important to understand that multiple business units need to access enterprise data at different points in time as only by doing this they can collaborate with other business units and have their part of work completed. SAP platform allows this to happen and ensures the corporate process is adhered to completely.

While it is possible for some people to have access to SAP platform, for others it is not possible. It is the management that can decide on who should have an access to this platform. Also, it is important for the management to log in to access the platform and have a holistic view of all business processes.

It is fairly easy for users to access the SAP data when they have a permission to do so. With a single login, it is possible for employees and the organization as a whole to get an accurate view. It is also possible for them to expedite and simplify a number of business workflows. Thus, it is possible to have a cross-functional collaboration to be enjoyed by one and all.

Here are some sample benefits:

  • It is possible to have a 360-degree of the customer for the Sales team.
  • It is possible for the Accounting team to access the address information and name for billing purpose.
  • It is possible for the Marketing team to campaign effectively and make future investments wisely.
  • The Legal team can review various contracts and proposals during negotiations, etc.

Reduce overall costs by leveraging cloud development

With SAP CRM working for you in your data center, it is so easy to respond to your business units’ and developers’ needs for dynamic infrastructure easily. In fact, SAP lets you consider all aspects of IT including, ease of administration, system costs, scalability, security, compatibility, compliance with regulations, etc. Therefore, with SAP CRM, you can easily create an environment that is conducive to development and testing in the cloud. By leveraging the cloud development facilities, businesses can expect to save anywhere between 40 and 75 percent costs over traditional hosting scenarios.

Use SAPs advanced analytics to uncover insights

  • In order to help business users make informed decisions, SAP uses intuitive analytics dashboards that when coupled with advanced analytics takes the effort to a whole new level.
  • The data thus collected can be easily shared and collaborated with colleagues for intelligent actions and interactive visualizations.