SAP JAM – Social collaboration tool – tutorial & training PDF

SAP JAM is online portal based solution to provide social collaboration, knowledge sharing & quick decision making for employees. It’s a cloud based application. It was initially developed by a company called “SuccessFactors”. Later SAP America acquired that company and the product called as SAP JAM. Learning management system developed Successfactors is also integrated with SAP JAM solution. SAP integrated their social collaboration platform called as streamwork with JAM.

System requirement to work with SAP JAM

  • Internet connection (minimum speed 300-400Kb )
  • Supported web browser (IE, Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge)
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Adobe Flash Plugin

SAP JAM Editions

  • SAP JAM enterprise edition
  • SAP JAM advanced edition
  • SAP JAM advanced plus edition

SAP JAM capabilities

  1. Enterprise collaboration using Social network
  2. Learning management system
  3. More speedy interaction with customers and more speedy sales
  4. Knowledge sharing
  5. Task management
  6. Document sharing
  7. Discussions
  8. Company feeds
  9. Notification
  10. Wiki pages
  11. Blogging options
  12. Multi language support
  13. Faster critical decision-making
  14. Messaging
  15. Public or private groups
  16. Screen recording
  17. Video recording
  18. Mobile responsive layout
  19. API available for developers


Some of the benefits of using SAP JAM for organizations are as follows

  • Easily connects employees to the experts to get the solutions & answers quickly
  • More engaged employees
  • Promoting information & knowledge sharing practice among employees
  • Faster company messages & announcements
  • Easy cross-company communication
  • Integrated business applications (can be integrated with SAP Service cloud, sales cloud, cloud for customer, ERP , cloud platform etc)

Let us look some of the screenshots of SAP JAM interface.

SAP JAM Login Screen

SAP JAM Top menubar

SAP JAM search bar & search filter options


To read about SAP JAM oData API documentation visit this official link

To read SAP JAM API developer guide visit this link