SAP HANA Tutorials, Tcodes, Tables

SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) is another initiative from SAP for high performance real-time database data processing. In SAP HANA data resides in RAM than the traditional physical disk storage. So the time taken to process data and all are extremely low. This technology is known as in-memory computing ( data reside in memory for computing ).

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Here is a list of possible transaction codes dealing with HANA in SAP.


Here is a list of possible system tables storing HANA related data in SAP.

Table Fields with HANA data

Here is a list of possible table fields which are may be used for storing HANA related data in SAP.

  • DELIVERY_UNIT_VENDOR – HANA Integration: Name of a HANA Delivery Unit Vendor
  • DELIVERY_UNIT_NAME – HANA Integration: Name of a HANA Delivery Unit
  • CONTENT_VENDOR – HANA Integration: Name of a HANA Delivery Unit Vendor
  • EXAMPLE_ID – SAP HANA Live Report Example ID
  • EXAMPLE_DESCR – SAP HANA Live Report Description
  • HANA_SERVER_PACKAGE – Package Path on SAP HANA Server
  • USER_HDB – username in HANA-DB
  • NUMBER_OF_XS_SCHEDULES – Number of Schedules on SAP HANA XS
  • FILE_KEY – File key (EPM File Loader HANA)
  • FILE_NAME – File Name (EPM File Loader HANA)
  • MIME_TYPE – Mime Type (EPM File Loader HANA)
  • CONTENT_URL – Content URL (EPM File Loader HANA)
  • URL – URL (EPM File Loader HANA)
  • DBSCHEMA – BRFplus: Schema Name for the HANA Database
  • DBPROCEDURE – BRFplus: Name of HANA Column Object
  • PARAMETER_DB – BRFplus: Name of HANA Column Object
  • HANA_OBJECT_NAME – BRFplus: HANA Database ID
  • SOURCE_PACKAGE – BRFplus: Package Name for the HANA Database
  • SOURCE_SCHEMA – BRFplus: Schema Name for the HANA Database
  • SOURCE_NAME – BRFplus: Name of HANA Column Object

Function Modules for HANA in SAP

Here is a list of possible function modules which may be used with HANA related processes in SAP.

  • /SDF/GET_HANA_DBSL – Get DBSL and Client Version of a HANA Database
  • /SDF/GET_HANA_TABLE – GET HANA Database Tables
  • AA_HDB_GET_HANA_SETTINGS – Deliver HANA settings of asset accounting
  • CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2_HANA – HANA MBOM explosion function module
  • FIN_H_VIEWS_DELETE_SYSBIC_F30 – Delete HANA objects from schema _sys_bic for F.30
  • FMCY_GEN_COMB_STRUCTURE_HANA – Generate the combination structure based on HANA DB
  • G_SET_FIND_HIERARCHY_VIEW – find hierarcy view and table name for HANA access
  • IUUC_REPL_GET_DD02L_ENTRIES – Read DD02L entries from HANA replication schema
  • IUUC_REPL_GET_HANA_STATUS – Remotely get the replication status of a table in HANA
  • RSDD_HM_PUBLISH – Publish SAP HANA Model
  • RSDG_IPRO_HANA_FIELD_MAP_MAINT – Mapping of IPROV-fields into HANA-Viewfields
  • RSDU_CHECK_CALCVIEW_HDB – Check whether HANA-optimized Changelog exists
  • RSDU_RECREATE_CHGLG_HDB – Recreate HANA-optimized Changelog
  • RSDU_TABLE_INDEX_CHECKER_HDB – Verifies tables and indexes on HANA DB
  • RSH_GUI_OH_HANA_DSO_CREATE – Anlegen eines HANA DSO via Open Hub
  • SETHANA_HIER_SHLP_EXIT – Search help exit for HANA set hierarchies
  • SHDB_GET_TABLE_CLASSIFICATION – HANA table classification
  • SNHI_DELIVERY_UNIT_EXPORT – HANA Integration: DU Transport

HANA handling Components in SAP

Here is a list of possible components / sub modules which may be dealing with HANA related processes in SAP. List contains sub module name, then containing component and description.

  • BC-HAN-INS – BYI3000442 – For HANA DB use BC-DB-HDB, for HANA Studio use BC-HAN-MOD
  • BC-DB-HDB-SCR – BYI3000621 – SAP HANA SQL Script
  • BC-DB-HDB-R – BYI3000620 – SAP HANA Integration with R
  • BC-DB-HDB-POR – BYI3000619 – DB Porting for SAP HANA
  • BC-DB-HDB-CCM – BYI3000616 – CCMS for SAP HANA
  • BC-HAN-RUL – BYI3000633 – Rules in HANA
  • BC-DB-HDB – BYI3000021 – SAP HANA database
  • BC-HAN-MOD – BYI3000119 – SAP HANA Modeler
  • BC-HAN – BYI3000117 – SAP HANA Appliance
  • BC-DB-HDB-UPG – BYI3000033 – Upgrade of SAP HANA
  • BC-DB-HDB-ENG – BYI3000104 – Engine of SAP HANA DB
  • BC-DB-HDB-INS – BYI3000023 – Engine of SAP HANA DB
  • BC-DB-HDB-DBA – BYI3000022 – Database Administration for SAP HANA
  • BC-HAN-TM – BYI3000869 – Task management in SAP HANA
  • BC-DB-HDB-BAC – BYI3000615 – SAP HANA Backup & Recovery
  • BC-HAN-SRC – BYI3000812 – SAP HANA Search Infrastructure
  • BC-DB-HDB-XS – BYI3000691 – SAP HANA Application Services
  • BC-DB-HDB-PER – BYI3000031 – Database Persistence for SAP HANA
  • BC-LVM-HDB – BYI3000637 – LLVM inside HANA DB
  • BW-WHM-DST-HAP – KIW0000016 – HANA Analysis Process

Other Tutorials & User Guides

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SAP HANA Terms & Full Form

Some Basic Questions & Answers

What is the full form of HANA?
HANA stands for High-Performance Analytic Appliance. See the list of important terms and their full forms used with SAP HANA.
What is SAP HANA?
SAP HANA is a new in memory database management system developed by SAP. It storing the data in memory instead of storing it in disk.
What is SAP S4 HANA?
SAP S4 HANA is a platform for faster and real-time data processing. It is using the technology called in memory computing.
Which are the deployment options for SAP S/4 HANA?
SAP S/4HANA can be deployed on premises (local), in the cloud or using a hybrid model (both premises & cloud).