SAP HANA Terms & Full Forms

Full form of HANA is High Performance Analytic Appliance. Here is a list of important terms and their full form used with SAP HANA Technology. Bookmark this page for your future reference.

  • HANA: High Performance Analytic Appliance
  • HANA XS: HANA Extended Application Services
  • HCP: HANA Cloud Platform
  • SDA: Smart Data Access
  • HDI: Stands for HANA Deployment Infrastructure
  • UAA: User Authentication & Authorization

SID: Single System ID

PAM: Product Availability Matrix

SSO: Single Sign-On

SSL: Secure Socket Layer

TLS: Transport Layer Security

SSFS: Secure Store in the File System

AFL: Application Function Libraries

LCA: Live Cache Applications

SLD: System Landscape Directory

HDBLCM: HANA Database Lifecycle Manager

JRE: Java Runtime Environment

FQDN: Fully Qualified Domain Name

VM: Virtual Machine

PKI: Public Key Infrastructure

LOB Column: Large Object Column

OS: Operating System

DUs: Delivery Units

PSEs: Personal Security Environments

CA: Certificate Authority

CN: Common Name

.rkb file: Root Key Backup file

SAP DCC: SAP DB Control Center

DNS: Domain Name Server

ESRI: Environmental System Research Institute

ICM: Internet Communication Manager

RTE: Run-Time Environment

SPS: Support Package Stack

SWPM: Software Provisioning Manager

CLI: Command Line Interface

PV: Product Version

SCV: Software Component Version

PE: Process Engine

SSO: Single Sign-On Environments

GSS API: Generic Security Services Application Program Interface

SPNEGO: Simple and protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism

SAML: Security Assertion Markup Language

JWT: JSON Web Token

DDL Data Definition Language

MVCC: Multi Version Concurrency Control

LVM: Landscape Virtualization Management

NZDU: Near Zero Downtime Upgrade

GAL: Global Allocation Limits

SHINE: SAP HANA Interactive Education

UI: User Interface

SQL: Structured Query Language

BFL: Business Function Library

PAL: Predictive Analytics Library

UDF: User Define Functions

CDS: Core Data Services

SPS: Support Package Stack

XSJS: Server Side JavaScript

ADBC: ABAP Database Connectivity

JDBC: JAVA Database Connectivity

ODBC: Open Database Connectivity

OLAP: Online Analytical Processing

ODBO: OLE Database for OLAP

MDX: Multi-Dimensional Expressions

XSRF: Cross Site Request Forgery

SQLCC: SQL Connection Configuration

JSON: JavaScript Object Notation

USS: User Self Services

MTA: Multi-Target Applications

QL: Query Language

EL: Expression Language

DCL: Data Control Language

GIS: Geographic Information System

.CSV: Comma Separated Values file

SNC: Secure Network Communications

AFM: Application Function Modeler

OData: Open Data Protocol

URI: Uniform Resource Indicator

EDM: Entity Data Model

OSDL: OData Service Definition Language

XMLA: XML For Analysis

SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol

XSDS: XS Data Services

ACD: Average Component Dependency

.xsapp: XS Application Descriptor File

.xsaccess: XS Application Access File

RTT: Repository Translation Tool

DSL: Domain Specific Language

.xsprivileges: XS Application Privileges File

XSD: XML Schema Definition

CTS: Change and Transport System

HTA: HANA Transport for ABAP

HANA OTT: HANA Online Translation Tool

SRS: SAP Replication Server

SLT: SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server

DXC: Direct Extractor Connection

IMDSO: In-Memory Data Store Object

RAH: Replication Agent for HANA

RMA: Replication management Agent

ECH: Express Connect for HANA Database

SCOS: Single Component on One System

MCOD: Multiple Components on One Database

MCOS: Multiple Components on One System

TDI: Tailored Datacenter Integration

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