SAP FSCM module tutorials, tables, tcodes and pdf training materials

SAP Financial Supply Chain Management module shortly known as FSCM is mainly focus on the better finance & capital flow inside a company and their clients. This module handles credit management, dispute management, e-invoicing (online invoice and payment solution for clients) etc.

Components of SAP FSCM, FSCM Tables , FSCM Tcodes , FSCM PDF Tutorials

sap fscm tutorial tables tcodes

Main components of SAP FSCM module are

  • SAP Credit Management: Tool to analyse credit rating of customers
  • SAP Dispute Management: Tool to resolve disputes between vendors & customers
  • SAP Treasury and Risk Management
  • SAP Cash and Liquidity Management
  • SAP Collections Management
  • SAP In-House Cash
  • SAP Biller Direct: Tool to sent & receive bills, payments, memos etc by online

Main advantages of using SAP FSCM module are

  • Faster customer payments
  • Debtor’s volume can be reduced
  • Centralized information and view of the capital money flow

Important SAP FSCM tables

Important SAP FSCM Transaction codes

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