SAP HANA Cloud Platform free developer account creation

You can learn SAP HANA Cloud Platform using a free developer account. First you need to register for the account using your current SCN or IDE login credentials. This account allows only non-productive usage that it mainly for training purpose only. There is no validity period that you can enjoy your free account without any expiration. You can also access most of the productive services and other beta functionalities .More details are available in the official page for HANA Cloud Platform free registration

The initial screen of HANA Cloud Platform will contain the following menus at left side bar

  • Account Dashboard
  • HANA XS Applications
  • HANA Instances
  • Java Applications
  • Databases & Schemas
  • HTML5 Applications
  • Destinations
  • Subscriptions
  • Services
  • Trust
  • Authorizations
  • OAuth
  • Resources
  • Account

You can start with your first “Hello World” html programs from this page. See the screenshot of this page.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform initial screen

So don’t need to wait, create tour free account and start learning HANA today today itself.