Business KPI Reports in SAP, basic introduction tutorial

The word KPI in SAP stands for “Key Performance Indicator”. As the name says it is the indication of performance about various critical and key areas of business operations.

SAP KPI reports provide performance level indications with forecast data; hence companies can take decisions strategically as per the indications. It helps the organizations to run more efficient and profitable and take proper decisions periodically.

sap KPI - Key performance indication report- introduction tutorial

In general there are four types of SAP KPI reports as per their area of focus. The list of these KPI’s are

  1. Financial KPI: Mainly focused on financial data.
  2. Customer KPI: Mainly focused on customers related data for better customer serving and customer satisfaction.
  3. Process KPI: Mainly focused on companies internal business processes
  4. HR and Innovation KPI: Mainly focused on employee level training & investment.

Other important SAP KPI terms

  • User specific KPI’s are the performance indications that set for a specific user, and will appear in his dashboard.
  • Standard KPI’s are the base KPI’s with an identifiable name and structure which analyze qualitative or quantitative data.
  • Index KPI’s are created with standard KPI’s and will have identifiable name and structure.