SAP Process Controls in GRC (GRC-SPC) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 349 SAP standard tables used with SAP Process Controls in GRC component (SAP GRC-SPC) coming under SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP GRC-SPC tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Question Library Choices

Question Library Choices

Qustion Ratings

Qustion Rating Texts

Question Rating Types

Question Rating Types – Text

Side Panel Configuration

Survey Question mapping


Valuation: Text

Automated control test result

Agentslot Mapping Table

PC: Aggregation Code for Deficiency Analysis

AIF information

AIS Systems for PC

Assignment of AIS Systems to the Org Units

AIS Reports for a Role (for PC)

AIS Reports for PC (Text Table)

AIS Systems for PC (Text Table)

aod data

aod group

relation table for aod group and it’s controls

aod infos

aod org

Due date extend for repeat work

Text table for GRPCASDUEDATE

Field sequence in the ATF PDF table

PC: Object Attributes

PC: Object Attributes

PC: Object Attributes – Text Table

PC: Object Attributes – Text Table

PC: Object Attributes

PC: Object Attributes

PC: Object Attributes – Text Table

PC: Object Attributes

PC: Object Attributes – Text Table

PC: Object Attributes – Text Table

Business Process Specific Attributes (e.g. CAPA attr.)

Business Process Specific Attributes – Text Table

Business Process Specific Attribute Value (e.g. CAPA attr.)


Business process

Business process text

Corrective Actions & Preventive Actions for CAPA Plan

Execution data of Corrective & Preventive Actions for CAPA


Case Copy Information


Remediation Plan

register stakeholders to notify risk

PC: Relationship Between Cases

Attributes: Testing

Test log

Used Case Type and Case Categories

Obsolete : PC Case: Information of Upgrade

Table to Save CLM PC Job Id mapping

Closed/Frozen organizations

Carry Forward list in Background job for Closing

Contorl Objective Category Migration Priority

Contorl Objective Category Migration Priority Text Table

Register Connector in GRC

PC: Corporate Objects

Control Risk Assessment

Factor for the control risk assessment

GRPC:Control Proposal

Control Proposal Text

Customer Switches

Rating Requiring Issue To Be Reported

Texts: Indicator

Dashboard buffer

Dashboard buffer data

PC: Deficiency Analysis

PC: Customizing Table for Deficiency Analysis

PC: Deficiency Analysis Status for Org Unit

PC: Selection Conditions for Deficiency Analysis

Deficiency Type

Deficiency Type Description

Disclosure survey

disclosure survey object

Disclosure survey plan

Disclosure survey plan objects

Enable/disable API logging

OBSOLETE Event log

Event log

Event Monitoring Aggregation

OBSOLETE Event Monitoring Aggregation

Event Monitoring: Monitoring Enabling

Event Monitoring: Monitoring Enabling change log

Event Processing Log

Event Monitoring : Event to Control Rule mapping

Event Monitoring: Rule evaluation results

Event Type

Event Type Texts

Level of Evidence

Level of Evidence level entity config

Level of Evidence level value set

Text table for GRPCEVIDLEVEL

Event Monitoring: Partner relationship

Control factor

Text table for GRPCFACTOR

Frequency Table

Processed Control-FSA relations

Maturity Gap and Rating of the Control

Immediate cause and data

Case Data for Job

Job Log from Scheduler

Last Recipients of the Tasks

Menu – Customer enhancement

Menu Group

Menu Group – Customer enhancement

Menu Group Text – Customer enhancement

Menu Group Text

Menu Item

Menu Item – Customer enhancement

Menu Item Text – Customer enhancement

Menu Item Text

Menu Group

Menu Group – Customer enhancement

Menu Group Text – Customer enhancement

Menu Group Text

Menu Task mapping

Menu Task mapping – Customer enhancement

Obsolete: Mass Tester Assignment

Obsolete: Mass Tester Assignment – Settings

Folder Texts

Link Texts

Task – Link Mapping

NWBC Setup Parameters

Work Centres

Work Centre Texts

Obsolete: PC Object Type

Obsolete: Responsible Roles for Persons

PC Object Type – Text Table

OIF configuration table

Organization Level System Parameter Connectors

Assign Organization unit value to Organization Unit Group

Organization Unit Group Description

Organization Unit Group

Partner Texts

User Parameters for Print

User Layout Definition for Specified Type of Print

Survey question answers

Question Category Question Answer assignemnt

Question Categories

Question Categories: Text

Question Library

Question Library: Text

Rating set

Text table for GRPCRATINGSET

Rating set value

Rating Set Value

Text table for GRPCRATINGVAL

Reporting Buffer: Account Group – Fin. Statement Assertion

Reporting Buffer: Cases – Assessments

Report Buffer: Cases – Texts

Reporting Buffer: Cases – Issues

Reporting Buffers: Central Log

Reporting Buffer: Buffered Structures

Reporting Buffer: P-CO-R

Reporting Buffer: Cases – Remediation Plans

Reporting Buffer: Buffered Structures

Reporting Buffer: Cases – Test Logs

Parameters for Report Buffering

text table of GRPCREGBUSCUST

settings for frequency of repeat work

List of Reports

List of Reports – Text table

Settings for repeated action

Text table for GRPCREPWORK

Risk analysis type

Risk Data

Maintain risk level and corresponding risk score threshold

Rule Criteria

Rule Criteria Assignment

Rule Criteria System Type Assignment

Rule Criteria Description

Rule Parameters Description

Rule Parameters Description

Rule Parameters Description – obsolete

RM plan action logs

Obsolete: PC Role

Obsolete: PC Role – Description Table

Role Mapping for Upgrade and Migration

Obsolete: PC Role – Text Table

Obsolete: PC Role – Task Assignments

Replacement Information

Replacement Information: Case

Rule Group

Rule Group

Rule Description

Rule Description

Rule for Snapshot

Rule – Temporary table for installation

Rule Criteria Value

Rule Criteria Value

Scheduler Watch List


Rule Script Connector Assignment

Script Group

Script Group Text

Script Description

Script – Temporary table for installation

Obsolete: Selection procedures

Obsolete: Selection procedures

Setting Name

Setting Name

GRPC Settings

Setting for Shared Memory

Activate Shared Objects Memory


Sign-Off Guid

Sign-Off: Additional Info

Deactivate Issue Types for Sign-Off

Controll Planner SnapShot Sub Group

Controll Planner SnapShot Controll Details

Controll Planner SnapShot Controll Relevance

PC SOD Conflict Group

PC SOD Conflict Group – Text Table

Obsolete: PC SOD Conflict Task

Rule Script Connector Assignment

Survey questions

Survey Question Scores (override)

Start Page Configuration

Survey template

Survey template text

String Table – temporary table

System Type

System Type Description

Obsolete: GRPC authorization tasks

Obsolete: Frequency of the Tasks

Obsolete: Tasks That Can Be Scheduled at Corporate Level

Obsolete: Timeframes of Tasks that Can Be Scheduled

Obsolete: Data for task plan

Obsolete: Data for task plan group

Obsolete: PC Task – Text Table

Results for test steps


testlog action logs

GRC Rules Analysis

GRC Rules Analysis

User-Specific Settings

User-Specific Settings

Event Monitoring: Event format version

Event Monitoring: Event format version

Event Monitoring: Event format version text

Event Monitoring: Violations

Web Service in PC Release 2.5

Web Service in PC Release 2.5

Connector for Web Service

Account Group Scoping Info.

Mapping Dynamic Attributes with UI

ABAP Unit Methods

ABAP Unit Methods – Parameter Values

ABAP Unit Methods – Restrictions

ABAP Unit Parameter Values

ABAP Unit Restrictions

ABAP Unit Restrictions – Code

ABAP Unit Restrictions – Restriction Code

ABAP Unit Scenarios

ABAP Unit Scenario Environment

Background Reports in System

Background Reports in System – Additional Information

Translation from Case Type/Category to Evaluation Type

Rating matrix

Rating Matrix Attributes – Text Table

master data table for grc pc fda e-sig

Customizing for exception status

Text for Exception

Details of exception list

Print Reports Using Own Smart Forms

Evaluation Paths PC

Referenced test results for controls

Assign Organization unit value to Organization Unit Group

ORM Transfer: Log

Settings for the Person in PC

Scoping Freqency Configuration

Scoping Threshold

Obsolete: Marked for Deletion

Switch on/off Snap Shot

PC2.5 task PFCG role mapping

DB meta data table for GRC FDA E-Sig

Upgrade Back Up Data

Backup Data

Upgrade Data Backup For HRP1002

Backup data

Upgrade Back Up Data

Data Backup for HRP5315

Data Backup

Data Backup

Upgrade the incompatible workflow instances


Entity Description

Field Mapping

Header (Metadata)


Regulation Mapping


Status of External Content Provider

UI Structure

DB Table for Infotype 5300

DB Table for Infotype 5301

DB Table for Infotype 5302

DB Table for Infotype 5303

DB Table for Infotype 5304

DB Table for Infotype 5305

DB Table for Infotype 5306

DB Table for Infotype 5307

DB Table for Infotype 5308

DB Table for Infotype 5310

DB Table for Infotype 5311

DB Table for Infotype 5312

DB Table for Infotype 5314

DB Table for Infotype 5315

DB Table for Infotype 5316

DB Table for Infotype 5317

DB Table for Infotype 5318

DB Table for Infotype 5319

DB Table for Infotype 5320

DB Table for Infotype 5321

DB Table for Infotype 5322

DB Table for Infotype 5323

DB Table for Infotype 5324

DB Table for Infotype 5326

DB Table for Infotype 5327

DB Table for Infotype 5328

DB Table for Infotype 5329

DB Table for Infotype 5330

DB Table for Infotype 5331

DB Table for Infotype 5332

DB Table for Infotype 5334

DB Table for Infotype 5335

DB Table for Infotype 5336

DB Table for Infotype 5339

Table Part Infotype 5320

Table Part Infotype 5323

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