SAP GRC Risk Management in GRC (GRC-RM) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 317 SAP standard tables used with SAP GRC Risk Management in GRC component (SAP GRC-RM) coming under SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP GRC-RM tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Connector category

Text table for category


Connector Type

Connector Type Texts

DataMart: Risk control self assessment

DataMart: RCSA Plan

DataMart: RCSA Plan – Texts

Migration Log

Migration Registry

Migration registry text table

Objective Category values

Objective Category values

SAP BW Query Script

SAP BW Query Script

SAP BW Query Script Texts

SAP HANA Scripts

SAP HANA Scripts Category Assignment

SAP HANA Script Texts

SAP Query Scripts

SAP Query Scripts Category Assignment

SAP Query Script Texts

SAP Table Scripts

SAP Table Scripts Category Assignment

SAP Table Script Texts

Web Service Scripts

Web Service Scripts Category Assignment

Web Service Script Texts

Aggregation Customizing

Text table for GRRMAGGRCUST

KRI driven analysis configuration

Assessment Table

DRS5 Risk Analysis

Mitigation values

Analysis Profile

Analysis Profile

Analysis response values

Analysis Scenario

Analysis Type Text

Analysis Table

Analysis Data

Analysis Type

Analysis Table

Analysis Scenario Text Table

Assessment Table

Analysis Data

Analysis Automation – EH&S Risk Assessment Mapping

Mitigation values

Analysis response values

Benefit Table

Benefit Text Table

Link between Activity Categories and Processes

Activity Type

Activity Type Text

Cactivity Wrapper ID

Wrapper Text

Comments ON/OFF Switch

Scenario Risk Link

GRRM Context data base table for non HR Entities

Influence strength

Influence Strength Text Table

OBSOLETE Influence Strength Text Table

Translation rules of PC rating to RM percentages

Store EH&S Agents with their types

Context IDs and description of IDs stored locally

Maintaing default Hierarchy type for Risk Management

Context Dimensions

Assignment Dimensions to Enities

Descriptions of Context Dimensions

Types of Context Dimensions

Mapping Table: Dimension Type – Business Object Type

Descriptions of the Context Dimension Types

Mapping RM and EH&S Impact Level/Severity Values

Mapping RM and EH&S probability values

Fact Report Header

Fact Report selected objects

Fact Report selected sections

Analysis: Forecasting Horizons

Customizing: Fallback – Leading Forecasting Horizon

Forecasting Horizons: change log

Analysis: Forecasting Horizons Texts

Impact Category Table

Impact Category Text Table

Customizing for Loss Matrix

Definition if the Activity Type is Product or Process

Agrregation result buffer – objects hierarchy

Aggregation Buffer – Values

Aggregation Colors

Aggregation hierarchy score and coloring – text

Aggregation hierarchy

Aggregation hierarchy (Parent – Child)

Aggregation hierarchy

Aggregation hierarchy

Aggregation hierarchy

Aggregation rule

Aggregation rule

Aggregation Run

Aggregation Run Texts

Loss Event asignments into HR objects

Loss Event asignments into HR objects (History)

Causes of Loss Events

Causes of Loss Events – History Table

Loss Event Workflow conditions

Loss event workflow condition details

Detection Activities

Detection Activities – Text Table

Effects Allocations

Effects Allocations – History Table

Effects of Loss Events

Effects of Loss Events – History Table

Effect Types

Effect Types – Text Table

Switch Configuration – Menu Items Visibility

Loss Event Assignment to HR Objects – Validity

Loss Criteria

Loss Criteria – Text Table

Main Entity Table for Loss Events

Grouped Losses

Grouped Losses – History Table

Main Entity Table for Loss Events – History Table

Loss Event Types

Loss Event Types – Text Table

Object Mapping: Parameter Value – Class

ORX – Business Lines

ORX – Business Lines – Text Table

ORX – Controls

ORX – Controls – Text Table

Global settings for ORX export

ORX – Alleged Causes

ORX – Alleged Causes – Text Table

ORX – Event Types

ORX – Event Types – Text Table

ORX – Jurisdictions / Choices of Law

ORX – Jurisdictions / Choices of Law – Text Table

ORX – Counterparties / Claimant Types

ORX – Counterparties / Claimant Types – Text Table

ORX – Roles of the Firm

ORX – Roles of the Firm – Text Table

ORX – Environmental Volatilities

ORX – Environmental Volatilities – Text Table

ORX – Processes

ORX – Processes – Text Table

ORX – Products

ORX – Products – Text Table

Global settings for QRR export

Loss attributes that are selected for QRR export

RCSA Plan Matrix

RCSA Plan Matrix

Risk control self asessment key figure

Risk control self asessment key figure

RCSA Plan Matrix

RCSA Plan header

RCSA Plan header

Object Reassignment: Parameter Value – Class

Risks related to Loss Event

Risks related to Loss Event – History Table

Static Data Mgt. – Mapping

Loss Event WF: Agent Determination for Statuses

Loss Event WF: Statuses

Loss Event WF: Status Schemes

Loss Event WF: Available Statuses for Status Schemes

Loss Event WF: Next Available Statuses

Loss Event WF: Available Statuses for Status Schemes – Texts

Loss Event WF: Status Schemes – Text Table

Loss Event WF: Statuses – Text Table

Opportunity response types

Text Table for opportunity response type

OBSOLETE Unit of Measures

Unit of Measure Text Table

PDF Mapping (Customer)

Translation of policy status into response completeness

Proposed Risk / Ad-hoc escallation

Proposed Risk / Ad-hoc escallation Responses

Propose risk

Table for Response Proposal

Risk analysis guidance

Risk analysis guidance text

Response attributes

RM Response Automation: Implementations

RM Response Automation: Implementations – Text Table

RM Response Automation Types

RM Response Automation: Types – Text Table

Response Automation – PM Notification Mapping

Response Automation – PS Project Definition Mapping

Resp. Automation, BS object status – completeness

Mapping Response Types and Response Automation Types

Response Automation – Workflow Configuration

Response Automation – Workflow Agents

Resp. Automation, PM Notif. status – Completeness

Response Automation – Workflow Container Elements

Response Automation – Workflow Item Mapping

Notify Risk about Control Results

Response impact/driver/category relation (de-assigned cat.)

Maintain Response Completeness

Response Effectiveness

Response Effectiveness

Response automation status tracking

Table for Response

Table for Text of Response Purpose

Table for Response Purpose

Response risk relation

Table for response strategy

Table for text of strategy text

Response long texts

table for response type

Table for text of response type

Customizing for risk collection summary

Central thresholds for risk collection summary

Consolidation run at Orgunit(Cons. Group) level

Review action info

All the published Risks data for risk consolidation.

Orgnization hierarchy of Risk Consolidations

Infomation for one plan of risk consolidation.

Risk and Opportunity Level Configuration

Risk and Opportunity Level Configuration Labels

table for risks related to response

Risk Response Workflow

Risk Trend

Risk Trend Texts

Risk Type

Risk Type Activation

Risk Type

Driver Customizing Table

Driver Text table

Scenario Case Analysis

Scenario Classification

Scenario Risk Link

Scenario Risk Link

Scenario Risk Link

Scenario Risk Link

Discrete Impact Distribution

Monte Carlo Simulation Impact Distribution

Monte Carlo Simulation Impact – Results

Monte Carlo Simulation Master Table

Simulation Percentile

MonteCarlo Simulation Result Master

Monte Carlo Simulation Risk Master table

Survey analysis data table

KRI Business Process

Relationship between Business Process and Component

KRI Business Process Texts

KRI Component

KRI Component Texts

KRI Implementation Request

Relationship between KRI Impl. Request and KRI Impl.

KRI Business Rule status

KRI System

KRI System Texts

KRI Thresholds

KRI Threshold Actions

KRI Threshold Status

KRI Threshold Texts

KRI Value Table

Unit of Measures

Survey Instance table

Analysis Table

Workshop header

Workshop participants

Risk Register

Workshop header

Activity Management Default

RESTful resources

Counter for BRF+ Function names in Survey valuation

DB Table for Infotype 1844

DB Table for Infotype 1846

DB Table for Infotype 1847

DB Table for Infotype 1848

DB Table for Infotype 1849

DB Table for Infotype 1850

DB Table for Infotype 1851

DB Table for Infotype 1853

DB Table for Infotype 1855

DB Table for Infotype 1856

DB Table for Infotype 1857

DB Table for Infotype 1858

DB Table for Infotype 1859

DB Table for Infotype 1897

DB Table for Infotype 1898

DB Table for Infotype 1899

DB Table for Infotype 1930

DB Table for Infotype 1931

DB Table for Infotype 1932

DB Table for Infotype 1936

Table Part Infotype 1846

Table Part Infotype 1856

Table Part Infotype 1936

DB Table for Infotype 1854

ILD Attributes

ILD Attribute Mapping to HR-org

ILD Attribute Items

ILD Attribute Items Text Table

ILD Attributes Text Table

The ILD Event Main table

Incident Risk Allocation

ILD Event Classification Data

ILD Event Losses Classification Items

ILD Event Loss Drivers

ILD Event Losses

ILD Event Losses

ILD Segment Table Definition

Impact level

Impact level text (lang. dep.)

Probability Definition

Probability Level

Probability Level Texts

Priority IDs

Priority ID text (land. dep.)

Risk priority matrix

DO NOT USE ANYMORE: Risk level ID text (lang. dep.)


Response type combinations

Response type

Response type text (lang. dep.)

Risk level determination matrix

Speed of Onset

Three-point Analysis

Speed of Onset Texts

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