SAP Process Controls in GRC (GRC-SPC) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 32 transaction codes used with SAP GRC-SPC component (SAP Process Controls in GRC) coming under SAP GRC Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP GRC-SPC tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Connect User and Person

Settings for Improved Performance

Shared Memory Customizing

Pre-Installation Connector

Post Installation Connector

Script Rule Criteria list

Import AIS Report Names

Import AIS Report Names

Administration Programs

Case Management Customizing

Connector Assignment details report

Consistency Check on Validity Period

Obsolete: Set Logic for Resp Persons

Upload Dashboard Buffer

Copy Issues for Deficiency Analysis

GRC Process Control Documents

Deletion of HR Table Entries

Conversion of Links in KPro

Rebuild HR Object List

Process Controls API Log

Process Controls Authorization Log

Risk priority matrix

Upgrade from PC 2.5 to PC10.0

Upgrade from PC 3.0 to PC10.0

Customizing for Related Links

Set the delay of queue evaluation

Maintain Note for Sign-Off

Change Process Control

Create Process Control

Display Process Control

Analyze Applicat. Log for Scheduling

Click here to know details about SAP standard tables used with Process Controls in GRC.