SAP GRC Access Control Plug-In in GRC (GRC-ACP) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 68 transaction codes used with SAP GRC-ACP component (SAP GRC Access Control Plug-In in GRC) coming under SAP GRC Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP GRC-ACP tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Compare Users Roles

AC 4.0/5.3 data export

AC BRM Role Download

EAM Launchpad Logon

Activity Monitoring

Log Data Auto Archive

Configuration Change Log

Virsa MIC User mapping Configuration

Maintain ORGUSERS table

Role Expert 4.0

Superuser Privilege Management

Role Expert

Delete Role Lock

Risk Terminator Role Generation Log

FirefightId Log summary

Reason/Activity report

FirefightId Transaction Usage

Invalid Firefighter Ids/Owners/Cntrl

SOD Conflicts in Firefighter

Data Migration from Master to Text

List of Idle Firefighter ID sessions

SAP Compliance Calibrator

Update data for Mgmt Graphical View

Security & Controls Policies

Conversion of CC tables, Old to New

Download Spool Requests by Job Name

Conversion Utility for CC Text Table

Conversion Utility for Long Texts

Upload/Download CC tables

Where Used list of Mit. Control Id/M

Analyze disabled SOD TCode & Object

Optimizer for SOD Data Table

Where Used list of Control Id/Monit

Management Cockpit

Display changes to Profiles

Count authorizations in roles

Rule Architect

Rule Architect Conversion

Monitor Conflicts & Critical Trans.

Monitor Conflicts & Critical Trans.

Download Objects for Tcodes

SOD Conflicts for TCodes and Objects

SOD Rule Wizard

SOD Rule Validation Tool

Non Reference Report

User Access Report

Comparing diffrent SOD Matrices

Tcodes by Roles/Profiles, never exec

Authorization object by Roles/Profs

Transactions executed by Users

Comparing Critical Tcode Matrices

Comparing SOD Authorization Matrices

Compare Sod Tcode & Authorization

Comp.Calibrator Data Maintenance

Count authorizations for Users

Analysis of called trans in Cus.code

Management Report

Expired and Expiring Roles for Users

Check Role Status

Check Tcodes in Menu & Authorization

List roles assigned to a user

Where used list for roles

Create/Modify Derived Roles

Analysis of Owners Roles and Users



Click here to know details about SAP standard tables used with GRC Access Control Plug-In in GRC.