SAP Loans Management in FS (FS-CML) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 686 SAP standard tables used with SAP Loans Management in FS component (SAP FS-CML) coming under SAP FS (Financial Services) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP FS-CML tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator

Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator

Treasury: Loans Transferred

Residence Time for Loans – Archiving

Admin. Table for Reorganization of Loan Document Data

Loans: External usage types of a rental unit

Reference Records of Loan Reference Unit for Disbursement

Records of Loan Reference Unit for Open Items

Saved Ref. Records Open Items per Business Operation No.

Reference Recs of Loan Ref. Unit for Val-Dated Cumulation

Dunning and interest data for batch input

Table for collateral keys

Text elements for TD01 Collat.sec.type

Table of Loan Classes

Text Table for TD02 Loan Classes

Define Loan Type

Texts for Table TD03 security types

Reason for Notice

Text table for TD04 (notice types)

Document type

Value table for type of file

Text table for TD061 Type of File

Texts for document groups

Document group

Text table for TD06 document types

Document groups dependent on statuses of transaction types

Purpose of loan

Purpose of loan (Texts for table TD07)

Loan Maturity

Term of loan (texts)

Indicator for special treatment of loan

Indicator for special treatment of loan (texts)

Home statement

Home statement (texts)

Storage location indicator for file original documents

Filing indicator name for file original documents

Type of offer or contract acceptance

Text table for TD13 (Contact/offer acceptance type)

Value table for tax preferential treatment ID

Text table for TD14 (Tax preferential treatment ID)

Residential development financing types

Residential development financing types (text table)

Borrower’s note security value table

Texts for borrower’s note loan securities

Branch office

Branch office text table

Business regions

Business region text table

Organizational Unit (Contract Management)

Organizational Unit (Contract Management)

Allocation of key for wording / Order

Texts for TD20

Special arrangement indicators

Texts for special arrangement indicators

Loan notice types

Notice Type for the Loan

Notice arrangements (lender)

Notice arrangements (lender)

Notice Arrangement for Borrower

Notice arrangements (borrower)

Distribution Channel

Distribution Channel

Form selection legal dunning procedure in loans

Form selection for dunning notices

Alloc. of to ok-codes and screen overview

Allocation of OK-codes to the

Loans master data field control

Field Control Loan Master Data Loans for Business Operations


Reason for non-acceptance (texts for TDA5)

Account Determination Open Item Transfer Posting

Account Determination Open Item Transfer Posting

Accounting Principles for Parallel Valuation

ALE Export Relevance per Company Code

ALE Processing Groups

ALE Processing Groups Text Table

ALE Export Relevance Per Loan

Check Table: Permitted Defaults Posting Date per Application

Field Catalog – Applications

Field Catalog – Applications Text Table

Flow Types per Posting Application Additional Data

Activity Type – Control of Requirements

Customizing Table for Roles Relevant for BaFin

Invoice categories

Description of Billing Categories

Bill Format (Paper Bill / Paperless Bill)

Description of Bill Format (with Print / without Print)

Settings for Billing

Form line items (credit stnd.check, doc.values, csh budget)

Text table for TDBL (debit and income types)

Processing Options for CLI Differ. for Each Bus. Op. Subcat.

Text Table for Flow Grouping to Calculate Int. on Arrears

Exception Table for Inflow Behavior

Exception Table for Outflow Behavior

Header Entry for Control of Inflow Behavior

Header Entry for Control of Outflow Behavior

Default Posting Date

Texts: Default Posting Date

General Control Data of Capital Transfer

Indicator Manual Postprocessing

Texts for Manual Postprocessing Capital Transfer

Capital Transfer Reasons

Texts Capital Transfer Reasons

Repayment Change Indicator Capital Transfer

Texts for Repayment Change Indicator Capital Transfer

Templates for Capital Transfer

Texts for Capital Transfer Templates

Transfer Behavior Capital Transfer

Texts for Transfer Behavior

Settings/Preassignments for Capitalization of Overdue Items

General Control Data

Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing Capitalization

Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing Capital. Texts

Reason for Capitalizn

Reason for Capitalization: Texts

Assignment of Status Field No. to Credit Bureau Field Name

Assignment of Status Profile to Credit Bureau Field

Define Parameters for Credit Bureau

Processing Characteristics

Processing Characteristics

Processing Characteristics Text Table

Values for Processing Characteristics

Values for Processing Characteristics

Processing Characteristic Value Text Table

Processing Characteristic Value Text Table

Processing Characteristics

General Control Data

Change Category

Change Sub-Category

Change Sub-Category Text Table

Change Category Text Table

Table of Credit Life Insurance Rates

Text Tables for CLI – Rates

Table of Credit Life Insurance Rates

Table of Occupational Keys for Credit Life Insurance

Consumer Loans: Correspondence Without Correspondence Tool

Field Catalog – Components

Field Catalog – Componenets Text Table

Field Catalog – Components Variants

Field Catalog – Components Varients Text Table

Condition Category


Condition Verification: Permitted Condition Constellation

Condition Verification: Permitted Condition Constellation

Condiotion Verification: List of Customizable Checks

Condition Verification: Texts for Customizable Checks

Condition Verification: Define Field Properties

Condition Verfier: Field Item Customizing

Condition Verification: Define Permitted Field Values

Condition Verification: Update Checks and Define Msge Type

Condition Verification: Permitted Flow Categories

Condition Verfication: Permitted Calculation Categories

Currency-Dependent Default Setting of Conditions

Fields for Correspondence, e.g. Action if Undeliverable

Field Control for Condition Item

List of Application Functions Supported (Condition Table)

Correspondence Tool: Optional Text Modules

Definition of Custom Text for Correspondence Tool

Customer-Specific Solution for Borrowing

Control Table Customizing Checks

Field Catalog – Customizing Field Status

Tabstrips Control

Tabstrip Text Control

General Control Data

Payment info. for reactivated items after borrower change

Reason for the Borrower Change

Text Table for Borrower Change Reason

Status Transfer Matrix

Determination of Counter Method Using Dunning Procedure

Control Dunning Using Product Type

Settings/Preassignments for Deferral

General Control Data

Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing

Customizing Table: Reason for Postprocessing Texts

Reason for Deferral

Texts for Reason for Deferral

Value table 1 User-specific loans key

Value table 2 User-specific loans key

Value table 3 User-specific loans key

Value table 4 User-specific loans key

User-specific loans key 1 text table

User-specific loans key 2 text table

User-specific loan key 3 text tables

User-specific loan key 4 texts

General control data

Reasons for Manual Postprocessing

Texts for Reasons for Manual Postprocessing

Disbursement: Template

Disbursement: Sample Text

Fields for Correspondence, e.g. Action if Undeliverable

Reason Categories

Reason Descriptions

Assign a New Key to Escrow Flow Category for FIMA

CML Corr.: Assignment of Posting Area – ISR Partic. Number

CML Corr.: Sequence for Printing Items

CML Corr.: Invoice Header

CML Corr.: Invoice Positions

Exception Table for Controlling Outflow Behavior

Header Entry for Controlling Outflow Behavior

Field Catalog – Field Catalog

Field Catalog – Field Groups

Field Catalog – Field Groups Text Table

Field Catalog – Field Catalog Text Table

Permitted Flow Types Per Region

Evaluation Criteria

Incoming Payment: Order of Evaluation Criteria

Incoming Payment: Assignment Table

Incoming Payments: Assignment Criteria Texts

Hierarchy Plan

Hierarchy Settings

Outgoing Payment Sequence of Evaluation Criteria

Outgoing Payment Assignment Table

Outgoing Payment Evaluation Criteria

Outgoing Payment Evaluation Criteria Texts

Processing Rules for Contracts with Stop Codes

Do Not Use: Insurance Categories

Do Not Use: Insurance Categories

Temporary Use: Insurance Categories – Texts

Field Catalog for Converting Modification Groups

Assignment Condition Type to Flow Type Grouping – IOA Calc.

Interest on Arrears Active in BO Interest on Arrears Calc.

Assignment of Flows to Flow Type Grouping – IOA Calculation

General Control Data for Interest on Arrears Calculation

Flow Types Without Recalculation

Text Table for Profile Definition IOA Calculation

Assignment of Product Type to Profile and Flow Type Grouping

Profile Definition for Interest on Arrears Calculation

Template for Interest On Arrears Calculation

Template Texts for Interest on Arrears Calculation

Trivial Amount per Currency and Profile IOA Calculation

Payment Plan Hierarchy

Texts for Payment Plan Hierarchy

Customizing Table, Definition of Processing Rules

Text Table for Rule Key

Definition of Correspondence Class

Predefine Correspondence Class Assignment for Partner

Correspondence Class Texts

GBA control table-Output

Collat.securities preferential treatment ID table

Collat.securities special treatment ID text table

Indicator Table Guarantee Type 1

Indicator Table Guarantee Type 2

Text Table Indicator Guarantee Type 2

Text Table for Guarantee Type 1 Indicator

Pledge status indicator table

Pledge status indicator text table

Loan report layout parameters

Condition Types per Application Partial Function Loans

Flow Types per Application Subfunction for Loans

General Data for Discharging Loan

Application subfunction for loans

Name of Application Subfunction in Loans

Default Sttng of Permitted Roles and Roles for Partner Copy

Activate Localization

Define Country-Specific Functions

Text Table for Country-Specific Functions

Loan Origination: Control Parameters

Loan Origination: Assignment of Sales Channels

Loan Origination: Permitted Charges/Insurance Policies

Loan Origination: Permitted Charges

Loan Origination: Business Partner Data for CLI Calculation

Loan Origination: Assignment of Conditions

Loan Origination: Assignment of Payment Methods

Loan Origination: Assignment of Insurance Rates

Loan Origination: Loan Originator

Loan Origination: Assignment of Loan Purpose

Loan Origination: SAVE modules for saving loans

Loans: Manual Dunning Level

Loans: Text for Manual Dunning Level

Customizing: Automatic Incoming Payment Postprocessing

Hidden Fields for Loans

Field Texts for Consumer Loans

“Billed but Not Due” Charges

Define Country for Extension Note to Payee

Assign Note to Payee in PMW

Assign Note to Payee in PMW

Receivables Interim Account for Business Operation Notice

Texts for Receivables Interim Account

Object construction methods table

Indicator for Condition of Object

Indicator for Condition of Object (Description)

Indicator for Collateral Object Fixtures and Fittings

Indicator for Collateral Object Features (Description)

Indicator: Area Description for Object

Object Area Description Indicator (Description)

Texts for TD01 Object Construction Methods

Part of building name

Text table for TD02 part of building name

Valuation qualification indicator

Valuation qualification ID// Text for TD03

Type of valuation procedure

Type of valuation procedure// Texts for TDO4

Valuation rating base

Rating base valuation// Texts for TDO5

Administration cost types

Text table for administration cost elements

Property Conditions for Collateral Objects

Property Conditions for Collateral Objects (Description)

Application Descriptions CML

Application Indicators Text Table

Exception Table for the OP Lock Tool

Payment Lock in Lock Management per Application

Field Catalog – Organization Profiles

Field Catalog – Organization Profiles Text Table

Field Catalog – Organizational Unit

Loan Origin

Loan Origin: Text Table

Selection, Modification- and Reference Fields

Selection, Modification and Reference Field Texts

File register definition

File register definition texts

File functions

File Functions Texts

File register/function allocation

Alloc. of activity type and flow category to condition type

File categories

File categories

Assignment Dunning Level Payment Status Stop Codes

Payment Method for Credit Life Insurance Included in Loan

PPM: Condition Types for Payment Plans

U.S. Incoming Payment: Reasons for Qualified Overpayments

Payment Cat.

Payment Cat.Description

Prepayment Criteria

Flow Type for Prepayment Criteria

Priority of Prepayment Criteria

Texts for Prepayment Criteria

Assignment of Product Type to IP Distribution Plan

Field Catalog – Assignment of Profiles to Products

Assignment of Product Category to Payment Hierarchy

Field Catalog – Profile

Field Catalog – Field Status for Profiles

Field Catalog – Profiles Text Table

Attribute: Field Description

Description Attribute

Attribute Hierarchy

Attribute Type

Description of Attribute Type

Structure/Table Names for Unrestricted Attribute Usage

Log Imported Transports for Attributes

Prefix for Attributes and Profiles

Product Category

Description Product Category

Product, Master Data

Product Description

Version of a Prodcut, Master Data

Assignment of Transaction Code to Product Category

Version Attribute

Version Attribute Category Field

Version Attribute Category Field: Multiple Value Fields

CML Correspondence Role Type

Description of the Correspondence Role Type

IS-IS Loans installation parameters for company codes

IS-IS Loans: Installation parameters on client level

Valuation of loan contract

References to Basis Amounts (Calculation Bases, Cap Amnts)

Text Table for References to Basis Amounts

Remittance Code

Remittance Code Description

Assignment of Remittance Code to Postal Code

Cash Flow Behavior in the Payoff

Texts for Communication Status

Communication Status Payoff

General Control Data for Payoff and Notice

Distribution Methods for Fields in Receivables List


Condition Type Determination for the Payoff

Payoff Reasons

Texts for Payoff Reasons

Customizing for Receivables List

Name of Items in Receivables List

Rejection Reasons

Texts for Rejection Reasons

Flow Type Groups for Receivables List for Payoff


Table for Payoff and Notice Templates

Texts for Payoff Templates

Active Currencies for Rounding

Repayment Plan: Relevant Condition Types

Repayment Plan: Relevant Condition Types

Foreign currency loan with special coverage

Possible assignees

SEPA Activation per Company Code

Set Additional Posting Information per Appliation

Special interest indicators text table

Special interest indicator for loans

Assignment and Prioritizing of Flow Types to Payment Cat.

Texts for possible assignees


Stop Actions

Assign Stop Actions to Stops

Text Elements for TDSTOP_ACTION Stop Actions

Stop Applications

Text Elements for TDSSTOP_APPL Stop Applications

Text Elements for TDSTOP Stops

BP: Business Partner – Role Type

BP: Business Partner – Name of Role Type

System Table – Reasons for Suspense


CML: Link Parallel Position Management per Company Code

Internal Checks for Flow Types in Customizing

Activate Country-Specific Functions

Pushbutton Text for Loans Master Data Tabstrip(User Exit 14)

Alloc.of application/role category/dunning parameters

Alloc.of application/role category/dunning parameters

Dunnable payment methods for incoming payments in loans

Flow Types Excluded From Waiver Display

Reasons for Automatic Waiver of Charges

Language Table for Automatic Waiver of Charges

Waiver Rules

Texts for Waiver Rules

Customizing prima nota

Prima nota customizing texts

Loan Document Data Summarization: Administration Table

Summarization of Loan Document Items: Carryforward Records

Value Characteristics of Risk Classes

Description of Risk Classes TRISKCLASS

OBSOLETE: Previous Solution: BOs Transferred from Loans Area

OBSOLETE: Previous Solution: Loans Flows Transferred

Sales data for acct statements

Work Table for GBA 24c


VZZBEPP Ausnahmefelder für Vergleich

Vom Vergleich ausgeschlossene Darlehen

Konfiguration je Benutzer

Test neue Fima: Grunddaten und VDARL

Test neue Fima: VVZZKOPO



Tab. for document values temporarily stored for background

Posting applications control table

Posting applications control table


Control of incoming payments

Definition of criteria/memo rec. grouping/inc.pmnt distrib.

Flow control of advance payments and overpayments

Incoming payment distribution basic configuration

Incoming payment distribution criteria value table

Text table TVZ01 / Incoming payment distribution

Text table for incoming payments distribution criteria

Value Table Credit Type Regulatory Reporting

Text Table Credit Type Regulatory Reporting

Value table credit class regulatory reporting

Text table for credit class regulatory reporting

Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator

Offer/Acceptance Reservation Indicator

Flow Type Groups Definition for Cash Flow Display

Trans. type – Trans. type groups allocation for cash flow

Flow types per posting application

Texts for transaction type groups

Relationship: Flow type – External flow type

External flow types for evaluations

Texts: External flow types for evaluations

Assign Contract Type – Relationship Cat. – Activity Cat.

Separation, sort documents for posting interface

Assign flow to a unit category

Allocation: Flow type groups and print columns in reports

Reversal logic of individual posting activities

Assign Contract Type – Activity Category

Assign Activity Category – Reversal Transaction Grouping

Activity-dependent one-time conditions

Texts entry activities REHER

Processing group

Name of Clerk (Processing Group)

Processing Type

Name of Processing Type

Assign clerk

Flow Type Group

Name of Flow Type Group

Assign Flow Type to Flow Type Group

Account group

Name of Account Group

Assignment of G/L account to account group

Selection Key

Name of Selection Key

Processing category

Name of Processing Category

Processing Key

Name of processing key

Assignment of Processing Categories to Processing Key

Name of User Function Keys

Pmnt PP: Default Susp. Acct Cust. for Refund by Bank Transf.

Payment PP: Default Payment Meth. for Refund by Bank Transf.

Account Clearing: Excluded Flow Types

Account Clearing: Amount Limits

Account Clearing: Checks at Contract Level

Account Clearing: Checks at Customer Account Level

Internal Bank Numbers for Returned Direct Debit Charges

Payment Type

Payment Cat.Description

Logic for creating and updating value date reference units

Release object for release procedure

Definition of release objects

Release procedure: Object hierarchy for release

Release object text

Release status definition for the release procedure

Release status parameters

Release status definition texts

Event-controlled modification of condition items

Event-controlled modification of condition items

Event-controlled modification of condition items

Event-controlled modification of condition flows

Event-controlled modification of condition items

Correspondence Activities

Product type numbers

Number components

Number components (Text)

Standard check digit procedure table

Addon for Product Types of Asset Management

Incoming payment distribution prioritization

Types of restraint on drawing

Type of restraint on drawing: Text table

Form of address / Letter / ID

Form of address / Letter / ID

Transaction allocation – Date / Transaction / Number

Transaction code – Correspondence activity allocation

Table with Dates for Auto Debit Run

Auto Debits, Historical Data

Result Table for Auto Debit Collection

File with documents for loan allocation

Admin. Table for Reorganization of Loan Document Data

Index Table for the Loan Document Data Archiving

Carryforward Records for Reorganization of Loan Doc. Items

Carry-Forward Recs of Loan Doc. Item Reorg. bef. EURO Convsn


Print and dispatch control data for VDARL

Do Not Use: Insurance Policies for Loan (Relationship Table)

Loan objects relationship table

Collateral for loan (relationship table)

Loans: Currency Data Before EURO Conversion

References from Premium Plans to Relevant Objects

Direct Debits Per Contract

Loan Contract – Data of Repayment Plan

Drawings on Disbursement

Disbursement Drawings Before EURO Conversion

Payment advice note table

Selection conditions for loans

Flow Data: Document Header for Actual Record

Shadow Table for VDBEKI (Restrictions)

Document relationship between FI and subledger document

Posted line items for document header

Flow Data / Actual Position Before EURO Conversion

Shadow Table for VDBEPI (Restrictions)

Flow Data – Planned Item

Flow Data / Planned Items Before EURO Changeover

Bill Control

Billing History

Billing Items

Collateral Value Building Value

Administration costs

Land value collateral value

Revenue value collateral value

Debit types-Header data

Debit types-Items

Collateral Value Gross Revenue Value per Building Part

Collateral Val. Real Value Other

Collateral Value Real Value Resid. Prop./Part-Owners.

Business Operation: Entered and Activated Flow Data

Flow Data / Planned Items Before EURO Changeover

Business Operation: Header

Business Operation: Header

Business Operation Insurance Data

Data for Capitalization of Overdue Items

CAPTR: Master Data of Capital Transfer

Data Selection for Credit Bureau

History of Data Supplied to Credit Bureau

Table of Data Reported to Credit Bureau (Per Loan)

Header and Totals Records for Data Reported to Credit Bur.

Partner Data Reported to Credit Bureau (Pro Loan)

Cash Flow Management

Processing Characteristics: Change Documents

Change Pointers Loan

Storage of unique links between FI and CML doc

Payments to be Posted Later

Data Storage for Report RFVD_GROSS_TO_NET

Results of Interest on Arrears Check

Check Interest on Arrears – Open Items

Table for Global Parameters


Business Operation: CLI Rescission/Notice

Rescission of Business Operation

Display Interval for Cash Flow

Loans: Search Index for Correspondence (Document Finder)

Control Table for Creation of Correspondence

Condition Table

Texts for Condition Table

Versions of Condition Tables

Conditions in the Condition Table

Texts for Conditions

Condition Items in the Condition Table

Assignment: Product —> Condition Table

Data Transfer – Loans – Flows – Actual Records

Table for entering loan numbers and customers

TR-EDT: Transfer Loans

Loans: Header Data – Lines Layout

Loans: Header Data – Columns Layout

Loans: Header Data – Version Layout

Borrower Change Without Capital Transfer

Deferral Data

Number of Times in Arrears per Days Past Due Category

Disbursement Specific Header Data

Disbursements That Were Not Released

Dunning run data per loan and dunning run

Parameters of Dunning Run for Treasury Loans

Dunning run data per loan and dunning run

TEMPORARY USE: Escrow-Specific Master Data

Escrow Reference Table for VDARL

TEMPORARY USE: Escrow Condition Headers

TEMPORARY USE: Escrow Condition Items

Master Data Extension and Skip

Loan: Relationship Partner/Role Object

Encumbrances on real estate table

Loans Interested Parties

Collateral Objects

Determination of collateral value/Expert report of object

Object building parts

Main file header

Do Not Use: Insurance – Header Data

Do Not Use: Insurance – Fields with Changeable Content

Original Documents Without Model Account Int. on Arrears

Progress (Interest) of Model Account IOA Calculation

Calculation Details for Interest on Arrears Calculation

Condition Header Data Before EURO Conversion (Loans)

Condition Item Data Before EURO Conversion (Loans)

Worklist File for Bal. Sheet Transfer / Acct Assignment Ref.

Processing Characteristics per Loan

Contracts/Credit (life ins., build.savings etc) basic data

Maturity data for collateral (Life insurances)

Loans: Mapping Table Data Fields for Descriptions

Condition Table: Header

Condition Table: Modification Item

Condition Table: Variant Item

Message Type for the Condition Type

Note to Payee

Borrower’s note loan order data

Order Data for Borrower’s Note Loans Before EURO Conversion

Prima nota number

Customizing prima nota number

Assign prima notas to super prima nota

File header

File item

Customizing table for Reference Interest Rate

Assignment of Partner to Remittance Code

Payoff Master Data

Risk Classification for Individual Value Adjustment

Loan collateral in acc. with BAV/PRF4

Collateral in securities in acc. with BAV/PRF5

Records for new auto debit (SEPA direct debit)

SEPA DD – Lead Time Determination

Settings for Access Sequence (SEPA Direct Debit)

Overview of mandates used in Loans Management

CML specific Customizing for Payment Method (SEPA)

SEPA Return Codes

SEPA Return Codes (Text)

SEPA Return Reasons

SEPA Return Reasons (Text)

Special Arrangements for Collateral

Status table for loan CATT procedures

Assign Stop to Loan

File documents for loan allocation

Table for preemption conditions

Loan carry-forward totals

Rule Set for Waiver Profile

Texts for Waiver Profile

Waiver Profile Header

Loan Worklist for Postprocessing

Assign Partner / Correspondence Class not Required

Pmnt Postproc.: Header for a Payment Postprocessing Activity

Payment Postprocessing: Payment Inform. for a PPP Activity

Payment Postprocessing: Payments for a PPP Activity

Recall of SEPA Credit Transfers

Payment Postprocessing: Usage of a Payment Postpr. Activity

Relationship Agent/Activity Type/Object

Payment Details for the Loan

Table for Writing Off Trivial Amounts

Release data (Informative data for the release procedure)

Central entry table for release procedure

Table of Links Between Loan and Insurance Policy

Insurance Tracking Vendor Portfolios

Customizing Table for System Settings

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