SAP Claims Management in FS (FS-CM) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP FS-CM sub module is an application component stands for Claims Management in FS. It is coming under the FS module (Financial Services). Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP FS-CM module


Here is the list of sub components coming under the SAP Claims Management in FS application component with the package name they belong to.

  1. ITB0000001 → FS-CM → Claims Management
  2. /GSINS/E5M3000002 → FS-CM-LC → Financial Services Localization

SAP FS-CM (Claims Management in FS) TABLES

Here is a list of sample 15 tables coming under FS-CM component. Full list will be available from the mentioned link after this list.

  1. TIAM110T → Activity Management: Tasks – Texts
  2. TICL010 → Evaluation of Witness Report
  3. TICL296 → FS-CM/FS-PM Interface: Parameters
  4. ICLUS → Claim Handler
  5. TICL297T → FS-CM/FS-PM Interface: Value Assignment Source/Target Value
  6. TICL847 → Assignment of Reserve Groups to Reserve Group Clusters
  7. TICL004 → Subclaim Type
  8. TICL551 → Tax Payment Type
  9. TIGN221 → Settings for Search Criteria in a Search
  10. ICSREF → Coverage Referral in Claim
  11. ICLDRIVER1 → Example 1 for IBNR Driver Table
  12. TICL022 → Claim Item Rejection Reason
  13. ICLLITITEM → Litigation Level
  14. ICLITEMDD → Damaged Object – Damage Descriptor – Assignment
  15. TICL019 → Navigation Targets in Claim
  16. View full list of SAP FS-CM Tables with description

SAP FS-CM (Claims Management in FS) TCODES

See some sample transaction codes used with SAP FS-CM sub module. I have added Full list with details in another tutorial (see the link after this list).

  1. S_KK4_08000366 → IMG Activity:
  2. ICLWM1 → BDT ICL: Applications
  3. S_KK4_08000028 → IMG Activity:
  4. S_KK4_08000239 → IMG Activity:
  5. ICLEBLKINV01 → Collective Invoice: Create
  6. S_KK4_08000450 → IMG Activity:
  7. S_KK4_08000250 → IMG Activity:
  8. ICLSCWM7 → BDT ICLB: Events
  9. SFCMT → IMG: Structured Facts Capture
  10. ICLE102 → BDT-Event: Authorization Type
  11. ICLE4 → BDT-Event: Sections
  13. ICL_ULAEPEREDIT → Edit Reserve Parts Manually
  14. S_KK4_08000293 → IMG Activity:
  15. S_KK4_08000085 → IMG Activity:
  16. View full list of SAP FS-CM tcodes with details