SAP Value Adjustment in FS (FS-RBD) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 51 transaction codes used with SAP FS-RBD component (SAP Value Adjustment in FS) coming under SAP FS Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP FS-RBD tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.


RBD: Automatic Account Creation

RBD: Assign Administrator

RBD: Assign Administrator

RBD: Dev. List Value Adjustment

RBD IRP: Creation Process ECF

IRP: Deletion Report ECF Gate

IRP: Filling Report ECF Gate

IRP: CSV Filling Report ECF Gate

IRP: Initial Run ECF (PPF)

ECF Balance Sheet Transfer

IRP: Unwinding Run ECF (PPF)

IRP: Unwinding Reclassification

IRP: Update Run ECF

IRP: Initial Run ECF

IRP: Update Run ECF (PPF)

IRP: Unwinding Run ECF

RBD: CML Pos. Monitoring: Update Run

Fill RBD-Gate

RBD: Pos. Monitoring: List of Notes

List of Notes for Multiple Sce Syst.

IVA: Filling Report IAS Gate

IVA: CSV Filling Report Ft. Analysis

IVA: Posting Run – Future Analysis

IVA: Unwinding Posting Run Future

EWB: Aktualisierung Zukunftsbetr.

IVA: Initial Run for Future Analysis

IVA:Ind. Acc. Update Future Analysis

IVA: Update Run Future Analysis

RBD Dialog: Display RBD Account

RBD Dialog: Create RBD Account

RBD: Reactivate RBD Account

RBD Dialog: Change RBD Account

RBD: Posting Log

ECF: Manual Contract Management

RBD: Monitoring – Plnd Rec. Change

RBD:Clearing Actual Recs (Rev. FIVA)

RBD:Clearing Actual Recs (Rev. FIVA)

RBD: Gen. and Post Plnd Recds (FIVA)

RBD:Create FIVA For Several Sce Sys.

RBD: Decision Template ECF

RBD: Decision Template GCC

RBD: Decision Template IAS

FVA for Consumer Loans

RND: FIVA with Risk Indicator

RBD: Fill RBD Gate with Test Data

ECF: Contract Reallocation

Balance Sheet Transfer RBD

RBD: Ind. Document Table Source Sys.

RBD: Worklist – Processor

RBD: Worklist – Processor

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