SAP Localization in FI (FI-LOC) Component Details & Tutorials

SAP FI-LOC sub module is an application component stands for Localization in FI. It is coming under the FI module (Financial Accounting). Here is a quick overview tutorial about its sub modules, transaction codes and tables for your training purpose.

SAP FI-LOC module

SAP FI-LOC (Localization in FI) TABLES

Here is a list of sample 15 tables coming under FI-LOC component. Full list will be available from the mentioned link after this list.

  1. PTSAFT_MATPRE → SAFT PT : prefix for material numbers
  2. IDCN_ZJFSKIPACC → Skip G/L Account from P&L Account Closing Posting (China)
  3. IDUAE_FUND_TST → Settings for Fund Transfer Systems (Text)
  4. J_3RF_CORR_INV → Define Correction Invoices (Russia)
  5. J_1IEWTCALID → Calendar for Payment Due date-EWT India
  6. EPIC_C_FORMCONF → EPIC: PDF Printing Form Configuration
  7. IDCN_DOCTYP → Assign Account Document Type for Vorcher Type
  8. IDREPFW_O_CSV_E → Rep.Framework: Output CSV Versions
  9. TIVXCJPPRGROUP → Grouping of result in Payment Charges Report
  10. FIITC_CONFIG → Italy Generic Configuration for Reporting
  11. J_3RFSECTYPE → Define Secondary Event Types
  12. J_1IEXCDEP → Excise information of vendor at detail level for depot
  13. J_1ISTATECD → State Codes; e-Filing, Localization India
  14. J_1ISRGRPS → Excise Document Series
  15. IDREPFW_REPLI_T → Rep.Framework: Lines mapping
  16. View full list of SAP FI-LOC Tables with description

SAP FI-LOC (Localization in FI) TCODES

See some sample transaction codes used with SAP FI-LOC sub module. I have added Full list with details in another tutorial (see the link after this list).

  1. J1INCRT → Customizing for Certificate Printing
  2. S_AL0_96000118 → IMG activity: J_1IEXSRDET
  3. J3RFNKSSTARTUP → Verification of Invoices (Russia)
  4. J3RFDEPRBONUS → Depreciation Bonus Calculation
  5. J3RTAXAE → Assign Tax Hierarchy to CC/ledger
  6. J2IUN → Monthly utilization
  7. J3RFCNT → Maintain Internal Contract Numbers
  8. S_AL0_96000159 → IMG activity: J_1IEWTSURC
  9. S_AL0_96000154 → IMG activity: J_1IEWTCALID
  10. J3RSDP → Deal Passport
  11. S_P6B_12000301 → RFCNGAIS
  12. FIWTSA_CERT → Withholding Tax Cert.for Ven(SAU)
  13. J3RFF4V → Define Cash Flow Statement Versions
  14. /KJRTAX01/PUPLOAD → Upl. Migrat.- Data from LY XML (JP)
  15. S_AL0_96000120 → IMG activity: J_1IVTTXID
  16. View full list of SAP FI-LOC tcodes with details